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  1. Also, Governor Overbite. Ummm, Governor Bite me?
  2. Guess you took the name brand of these quite literally huh?
  3. As Ahhnold said in the "Predator" movie, "you is one ugggly m$%&*ker!"
  4. Because there isn't one. Ermey was never on Survivor. It was Rudy Boesch, the Navy Seal that was on the first Survivor season in Borneo. Dagnabbit, I guess my memory's getting as bad as my hearing! Sorry guys, my bad. If he wasn't on Survivor, I'll take your word for it that I *^%ed this one up. I still maintain the other part of my comment.
  5. I remember him from WAY back when he was on Survivor, back when the show was still worth watching. His gruff attitude was a pleasure to see even then. He WILL be missed.
  6. I was less than thrilled to see that phrasing too, but I'd rather be behind someone like that than in front of them! I just don't want to pay for this and find out from the guy doing the pinning that it fails to pass muster. We have enough trouble here as it is. I was also considering the so-called "archangel" stock, as it seems to avoid the "pistol grip" EVIL FEEEEATURRRE" we have to be so terrified of.
  7. Okay, I went back thru posts to page 11 trying to do the search thing, but didn't see this in there so,,, Is the AR-15 stock built by Fab Defense, that holds a magazine underneath/inside it, NJ legal? When I looked in the legislation on this stuff, I saw where it said a "handgun" cannot have a magazine mounted outside the grip, but I failed to find the same phrasing regarding rifles. Since we have to have a fixed stock, I thought at least this was a desirable option and worth looking into. https://www.fab-defense.com/en/category-magazines-and-accessories/id-272/m4-survival-buttstock-w-built-in-mag-carrier.html
  8. If it's popcorn, you'll need a noise suppressor if ya wanna take a dump before 8:00 a.m. Guess that means you have to leave Jerksey to use the pooper.
  9. As PD2K says, this is disgusting. It would be regardless of what party the shirt supported. I think I'm gonna get a shirt with a crowbar on it.
  10. Hey, my kinda guy/(gal?)! Good to know ya.
  11. Good friend, for sure. Coincidences do happen, that was my son's first purchase, in 9mm! Great firearm for new AND experienced shooters.
  12. Yer okay dude, no matter wat dey say 'boutcha! Truth be told, that graffiti artist did some pretty decent work there.
  13. Krdshrk, great muzzle control, nice job. I wanna try that too!!!
  14. Sounds like you are yet another who'd like to live almost anywhere but in Jerksey. Or who'd like to change which lawmakers we have. I hope you are a voter!!
  15. It's great to see another gal getting interested in firearms, yay!!! Thank your husband for us if he's who pointed you in the right direction, or whoever it might have been.