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  1. 345Sire

    Magazine Ban Upheld

    Yeah, sux big time. So much for democracy.
  2. It even allows carry in the national parks, a good thing IF it happens. I am mildly hopeful this would happen before i retire from the state, but,,,,,,,,,
  3. 345Sire

    Assault Weapon Ban of 2019

    That guy Jerry Miculek can shoot a revolver at automatic speeds. 8 shots in something like 1.2 seconds, or similar. He did 6 shots and a reload then another 6 in under 3 seconds. They gonna ban fingers? Ban practicing good technique? I know, he's special, but it still makes the point I think. The gun-ban-nuts will never get wise to the fact that guns CAN be a good thing. Instead of wasting allll that money fighting against guns, it would be far more effective using it for hardening the "soft targets" with training and equipment and planning that would "SAVE THE CHILDREN" .
  4. 345Sire

    S333 Double Barrel handgun

    WOW is not sufficient to express my reaction. That's fricken COOL! It looks like it's a top break, I've long had an interest in those, but have yet to find one in my price range/condition. Man oh man, thanks for sharing THAT!
  5. 345Sire

    Anybody want to work at Picatinny?

    Is there a 2 drink minimum?
  6. 345Sire

    Magazine Ban Upheld

    Isn't that kind of a double negative?
  7. 345Sire

    Magazine Ban Upheld

    Mebbe ya wanna expand yer circle of frenz?
  8. 345Sire

    Good 22LR Revolver

    Just the thing to hang on our walls in their lovely display case. As soon as I have 8 grand plus to burn, I'm gonna get me one. NOTTT!!!! I will concede it's an interesting setup. Obviously not New Jerksey legal,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Thanks for the link, I love seeing new stuff.
  9. 345Sire

    Boulder Co will not comply

    I'd much prefer to have oxen in my neighborhood than democrats, generally speaking. At least most oxen are NOT morons.
  10. 345Sire

    S333 Double Barrel handgun

    I've seen the 4 barrel one before, and saw a 1911 type double shooter similar to what you put up. I like the 4 barrel better just from an aesthetic standpoint. This is the first revolver I have seen with double barrels. I know the applications are limited, but the concept, as Griz said, is just to see if it can be done. Looks like it can. Like RayRay, I appreciate the brainstorming it took.
  11. 345Sire

    Anybody want to work at Picatinny?

    Sorry to butt in, I'm a carpenter so have no need to look at this other than nosiness at the posting title, BUT!!! I really never expected to be getting chuckles reading this particular thread. Thanks for keeping the uplifting spirit of the forum even here. No wonder I spend "way too much time looking at all that gun stuff!" (quote from the better half)
  12. 345Sire

    Boulder Co will not comply

    “The firearms community in Boulder — they may be Democrats but they love their firearms,” said Ms. Hollywood, herself a former Boulder resident. If they love their firearms why are they voting in the very people who will try and take them away? Seems we are getting close to "oxymoron" territory here.
  13. I'm with you, BUT, remember, the laws(sucky as they are) of this stupid state are written so as to snag everyone they can possibly hook their teeth into. Ignorance being no excuse, everything being illegal unless it falls under exemption, and the piss poor distribution of the information regarding those laws to the general public. People are expected to know, yet it hardly gets the publicity that the weather report or lottery winners in the state get.
  14. 345Sire

    Want to rent, house apt unit in multifam

    Yeah, 30 years ago I was still into buying "handyman specials" or worse. These days I'm a little tempted sometimes to hire out stuff I'd once have jumped right into back then, just too fricken cheap(frugal? ) to do it. Too many aches and pains in the morning nowadays. 4 years ago I actually hired an outfit to replace my shingled roof. Mixed feelings? heck yeah,,,I'm glad I didn't have to hump all those bundles up the ladder, but the mess these guys left , especially when cutting in the vented ridge, reminded me of how good quality workers are lacking these days.

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