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  1. I'm pretty sure they also wrote laws saying that they are exempt from any court action for things they do in office.
  2. The article states 3 attackers. 2 were killed, one was injured. I see no indication that anyone innocent was harmed.
  3. Mr.Stu

    TLR-7A on a USP 45

    If I'm understanding this correctly, you have no lateral tab or block any more. I think you're going to find the light creeps under recoil. Fire a few rounds through it and let us know.
  4. NJSP has an Office of Professional Standards. File a complaint with them. That may wake them up.
  5. I personally know 3 people who live in PA and have their NJ carry permits. It is not just lip service.
  6. Holstered on my belt - if I have to exit the vehicle in a hurry, the gun is coming with me.
  7. Liability pays out for injury or property damage in the event that you shoot something you shouldn't have. USLS covers legal expenses if you are charged criminally, or sued in civil court. Some options also cover expert witnesses, etc.
  8. Regardless of the legality, what's the point?
  9. Another couple of weeks most likely. It will still need to pass the Senate before it goes for Governor signature.
  10. For one, we gained a defined framework for deciding all future 2A cases where interest balancing is not allowed. That has been the excuse for the gun grabbers for all these years. You're almost certainly right about them. Are you aware that the NJ mag capacity case was GVR'd back down to the lower courts? It is working its way through the process and will be decided according to Bruen eventually. They are on a losing footing now and it really is not the time to give up to them. As I said the mag limit is going to go away. Carry restrictions? I don't know. If you'd asked me 15 years ago if I thought half the country would be permitless by now, I would not have believed that it would, but here we are. What would you have us do? Just roll over and keep taking it? If you don't have anything positive to contribute, I would ask you to step back and quietly wallow in your misery while the rest of us try to make things better. Doom and gloom is not a winning mindset.
  11. Right. Of course it's completely hopeless and a waste of time and effort. Let's all give up now because NYSRPA vs Bruen was a flat out loss. Just because the gun grabbers didn't lie down when they lost, doesn't mean we should. It means quite the opposite.
  12. Have you applied for a carry permit? Have you filed suit challenging the statutes? If not you, who? If not now, when?
  13. It is the result of conflating the rules for RPO permits with the rules for civilian carry permits. RPO have to qualify every 6 months with the actual gun they carry. You know, these highly trained professionals who would put a civilian shooter to shame. /sarc The NJ elite just don't want peons being able to carry. God forbid they get the idea that they might just be able to pull off self sufficiency and no longer be dependent on the government to provide for their every need.
  14. You have to apply all over again through FARS. The PD in your new town will do the background check all over again, including the mental health records check all over again. Most towns don't require fingerprints all over again, but a few did before FARS. I don't know if they still do. In case you're wondering, yes it is duplicating the costs, work and delays all over again. ETA, you may as well apply for a few pistol purchase permits at the same time (while they are still cheap) as it is the same set of checks, all over again.
  15. It doesn't, but it won't be accepted. I'm pretty sure if you were a notary, you couldn't notarize your own application either.
  16. Doing the full HQC1 for each handgun would have been 1320 rounds. Doing an abbreviated CoF was worth it. Just to make sure, because it sounds like you might be thinking this, you can't qualify yourself. You need another instructor to sign off for you.
  17. Yes. My court order includes the instructions to add more handguns. Essentially, it is just write them a letter requesting the guns be added, listing them with make, model, caliber and serial number accompanied by a copy of your qualification with each one. The CoF is completely undefined by the State, so my instructor agreed to an abbreviated CoF for each additional gun as I had already shown perfectly good safe gun handling and accuracy with the guns I originally qualified with.
  18. Do you really think they don't have your name already? Even if you're not on the lists you're thinking of, you're certainly on the list of people who don't appear on any other list.
  19. Only if you neuter it in other ways.
  20. Thinking slightly out of the norm, but would your original idea of the SecureIt model work if you laid it on it's back with the hinge along the back wall of the closet - lift the door away from you to open. With a total weight of only 100lb, I can't imagine the door is so heavy that an average person couldn't lift it in its hinge. Free bonus is hanging space in the closet is all still available.
  21. If the repair shop send you a label on their account, are you shipping the gun, or them?
  22. Your username is kinda ironic, because this is why I hate NJ. Is there any particular reason the rules don't apply to you? Do you have special driving skills? Is there something about your vehicle that would make it clear to someone waiting to pull out into traffic or change lanes that you're going to arrive much sooner than expected? My guess is probably not. Having people in a position where the rules don't apply to them is bad enough, but to then crow about it as if it is funny instead of disgustingly corrupt is demonstrative of why this is such a shitty State.
  23. If you click on the club page in practiscore you will see his email address. https://practiscore.com/clubs/hellertown-sportsmen-s-association
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