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  1. I do not think the posts in the ads section count towards the post count. If @OJ North Jersey participated in the discussion forums he would gain the ability to send PMs. I think it is 10 posts minimum.
  2. If you were running a commercial range, would like the risk of having to call "clean-up on lane 3" when someone knocks their bottle of solvent over? They would have to shut down the entire line if any of it spilled forward.
  3. It seems pretty simple to me. Many politicians are lawyers. They push these dumb laws through, full in the knowledge that they will be challenged in court. That means their lawyer buddies get a lot of money - none of them work for cheap. The Judges get paid to listen to the BS. The lawyers in the AG's office get paid to defend the BS. Our lawyers get paid to challenge the BS. It is a huge money making scheme that benefits no-one but the lawyers. ...and lawyers wonder why they are one of the most despised professions.
  4. If any of them have a bayonet lug, that has to go too. The key features are the VFG and a minimum overall length of 26". The barrel length is not a problem. There are longer than milspec receiver extensions that will make an AR with a shorter barrel legal as a non-NFA Other.
  5. Clinton rifle range is now rated for up to .30 cal. I believe Stafford Forge is the same.
  6. It's a waiting game. The attorneys argued their sides to the judge. He can sit on it for just about a long a he wants. He's not going to decide quickly. He hates guns and will find any excuse to keep the ban in place.
  7. Before you fire them, please check for bullet setback if they have been chambered multiple times.
  8. Commercial manufacturers don't claim their ammo can never malfunction. It can and does happen. The chance of contamination isn't restricted to the the last person to handle them. I'm happy you've been lucky enough to avoid the problem.
  9. Do you test every primer before seating it too?
  10. Great! Regular shooting glasses with side protection are best. The backstop at P-burg is steel so there is a possibility of frag coming back. We have rubber sheets to block it, but there is always a small risk.
  11. That was more than 18 months ago. He ordered "discovery". Discovery of what? Heller laid out the text, history & tradition requirement. Nj had already had ample opportunity to show the historical support for this if it ever existed. History from the time of the founding cannot be created anew in the last 18 months. I am sick and tired of the so-called justice system pretending that they know best.
  12. No it isn't. Solid copper is 100% copper. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. Beryllium copper is an alloy of copper and beryllium. All 4 have copper in them. Only 3 are prohibited. One is not.
  13. JFCOAB! When is that jackass going to start doing his damn job? This case is coming up on 6 years old and he's still going with delay, delay, delay. Whichever way he decides, it is going to be appealed to the 3rd Circuit, so why can't he just shit or get off the pot?
  14. Are you from New Zealand? Their accent uses vowel rotation. For example, they fry food in a "pen" and write with a "pin". Using a NZ accent, Biden truly is a "deck"
  15. Nobody mention the election!
  16. I am not sure if they are legal if they are placed as designed. I think the statute is poorly phrased (what a surprise!) It reads: A holder of a valid and lawfully issued permit to carry a handgun shall not leave a handgun outside of their immediate possession or control within a parked vehicle, unless the handgun is unloaded and contained in a closed and securely fastened case, or gunbox, and is not visible from outside of the vehicle, or is locked unloaded in the trunk or storage area of the vehicle. The subject of the sentence is clearly the gun. If it is in a locked container the gun will automatically be out of sight. They probably intended that the container must be out of sight, but that is not what they wrote. I looked into the RapidSafe as I have them inside my home for staged guns. The quick access RFID function is very good. It seems from the reviews that they are very unstable when you use the air cushion to hold them in place and I do not see the need for quick access in a vehicle. I opted for the less expensive Hornady key safe which slides easily under the seat to be out of sight. The key safe got a not terrible review from LPL. Bear in mind he picks the lock on everything.
  17. Mr.Stu

    Pistol sales

    You don't need an FPIC to transfer a handgun, only a permit to purchase a pistol. Having said that, they give you a new electronic FPIC when you apply for pistol permits in FARS.
  18. Got a link to a web site? I don't see it on practiscore.com.
  19. Initially I thought it was the quarry across the road doing another blast, but I didn't hear the horns first and it went on too long.
  20. The old 15 round limit was modified to be 10. It is the statute that is being challenged, not the number of rounds. When the statute falls, there will be no limit.
  21. I'm doing my part. I just ordered some 10 rounders for the DWXc that I'm buying. Murphy's law dictates that the law is reversed as soon as I get them.
  22. Revolver holsters were exactly what the OP was asking about. I don't think they are quite as unsafe as some might expect. Remember that a double action trigger on a revolver is in the region of 10lb. Add to that the resistance created by the friction of trying to rotate the cylinder while it is in the holster, it would be pretty difficult to fire the gun by accident - not impossible, but also not very likely.
  23. They are out there. ...and made famous on TV...
  24. ...is pretty self explanatory. The revolver holsters that do not cover the trigger are not sufficient under NJ statute.
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