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Good Evening from Sussex County

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Good Evening All,

New to the Morris/Sussex border area, and coming from an even more restrictive place than NJ, happy to finally have (some of) the ability to exercise my 2a rights. 

I have participated a bit here and there on the Reddit /njguns forum but figured this might be a good place, as well. 

Currently have 4 items in my growing "collection" (2x 9mm handguns, 2x 5.6/.223 AR-15 variants), and certainly excited to add more in the near future (most pertinently, a PCC AR). 

Nice to meet you all!

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Welcome. I'm now in Sussex, formerly all in Morris since the age of three.

More restrictive than NJ eh? Must be suffering PTSD. (Post Traumatic State Disorder)

Good luck with the recovery. If you haven't already, apply for your FID and some handgun purchase permits. It may take six months or more depending on exactly where you live.

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20 minutes ago, kc17 said:


What State is more restrictive? Even California allows CCW if you pay off the Sheriff. 

It's hard to say who is worst.

You can get a CCW in much of CA and NY, but it all depends on where you live.  If you're in the wrong place, you have no more chance of getting a permit than you do in NJ.

California passed the bill requiring background checks for all ammo sales while blocking mail order sales and even bringing in ammo purchased out of state.   It got overturned by a judge, then re-instated on appeal, and to be honest I don't know if it is currently in effect or not.   CA also has that wacky list of 'approved' handguns, so a lot of handguns that are legal here aren't legal there.

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Thank you all! 

While it ain't much, we in NJ still have it a lot better than folks in NYC and CA have it; my experience of a 3.5 month turnaround time on my FID/handgun permits and being able to then purchase (even limited) AR-15-style weapons would be a dream for anybody in NYC and would be problematic for most in CA, as well. 

Plus, the Sussex-area is actually a nice place to live, can't say that for the most part about NYC or (much of) CA lol

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