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Completed my new build! :)

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Finally got an opportunity to spend some quality time with my new AR, over the last few days. A buddy of mine has a place out in the mountains of PA and invited a few friends for a couple of days of shooting, hiking, and fun. He's got a bunch of property out there and we were able to setup targets out to 150 yrds. I was finally able to properly sight in my AR at 50 yrds, which should be good for shooting out to 300 yrds. Once I got the rifle sighted in and shooting great, this is what I was able to do at 100 yrds (upper left and right corner diamons are about 2" wide and center is about 3" wide):





Big difference when compared to my results from a few weeks ago on a 12" target:







We also had some fun with some of the XM855 ammo I had brought along... He had an old 3/8" thick steel plate (3' square) in his shed, that he had no use for... so we set it up at 75 yrds and shot at it with the XM855 to see what it could do, just out of curiosity... and man, we were shocked. 10 out of 15 shots went through the plate!!! The 5 that didn't go through had created a nice bulge out the back of the plate and were close to going through. Pretty damn impressive as that was a pretty damn thick plate of steel!

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