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  1. how about just lacey and not worry about forked river lol. I live in the surrounding area and we just call it lacey
  2. OP - if you've got any questions on law enforcement or getting into it for younger guys feel free to shoot me a pm. as for the first car as a retired police car or a crown vic in general - I would avoid for a few reasons. They're beat up no matter how they look on the outside. They get young kids who drive them in trouble (well mostly the driver gets themselves in trouble) Most guys on the job view most people that drive vics or retired police chargers (other than elderly people driving the civ models) to be clowns.
  3. I have the HS503 mounted on an ak74 clone, works fine and never lost zero
  4. Already have but can't really get a good feel for it. It looks like i'm leaning more toward the 18" but i'd like to see some
  5. I've done quite a bit of googling and now I'm wondering what you guys have. I'm building a new upper for my .308 and I'm in between an 18" barrel and a 20". Can you guys post up your ARs (preferably 308s) with 18" and 20" barrels. I have the option between a 12, 15, and 16.5" handguards. I'm looking to see what a 12" looks like on the 18" mostly but post what you've got and note what length everything is.
  6. They have recharging stations at ocean county college of all places so I'm sure there's a whole handful more out there
  7. Welcome from south jersey!
  8. Greetings from Manahawkin as well. If you have any questions/concerns feel free to PM me!
  9. For ammo I usually purchase online, P&K Firearms, or I'll pop in Shooters in Little Egg Harbor if I'm desperate. For transfers and all FFL related - I use TJSportingArms and no one else. He's 10/10. Nice guy, reasonable prices and always calls back in a timely manner if he doesn't answer. P&K Firearms in downtown Manahawkin (Stafford Twp.) is also good for guns. It's a small shop but the owner and few staff he has there are all friendly. Prices are definitely good. I've bought a long gun and a decent amount of ammo from them. Sometimes I'll just stop by to see what they've got. I'm all for supporting small businesses and when they are friendly and helpful it always makes it a better experience so 10/10. Howell Gun Works I've used for some gunsmith work and they've got a good crew there as well with pretty good prices on everything from what I've seen.
  10. Remember guys, it's not really for gun control, it's for total control.
  11. I think it looks pretty awesome but for $500, I can find other things that I could get with $500 haha. I'll wait until the price drops. There's no reason it shouldn't be legal considering the trigger resets after every shot which makes it a legal semi-auto regardless. I watched a shot show '14 video and the guy from Tac-Con said it's compliant with ATF.
  12. You only pay tax if you live in their state i believe. I've bought quite a few things on gunbroker and I continue to shop there. looking for some .308 AR parts on there as we speak. i recommend it for sure
  13. Yeah I can see that. I know there are plenty of dickheads on here as well just like every other forum. Shore shot imo is great and has a great staff, just sucks you gotta use frangible ammo for rifles. When they're simply asking for suggestions, clearly they care about what their customer base thinks, but someone's always gotta blow shit out of proportion.
  14. They used to do a call ahead list but they stopped in the past 8 months. I usually wait about 10-25 minutes and that's usually Sunday around 12-1pm
  15. I'm laughing at all the negative feedback about this place. I hope the owner and/or employees see this thread.
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