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Ray Ray

Let's see those wrist clocks

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5 minutes ago, dilbert1967 said:

Has the dial been treated with tritium or is there a built-in light?

Nope, it's just the factory Omega dial and lume paint. I charged it up with a bright flashlight before taking the picture...I guess I cheated a little bit. Seiko lume is even brighter when fully charged  

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2 hours ago, Mreal75 said:

Awesome IWC Pilot! Looks great on the brown leather

Thanks @Mreal75 ! This IWC Pilot has quickly become my favorite higher end watch. The history behind it, the readability of the dial, and the obscure ness of what it is to the masses puts it high on the list. 

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OK, I'll play. I am somewhat of a watch junky, although those for daily wear are generally inexpensive to mid-range...


Top row (L to R): Torgeon / Wenger (Swiss Army) / Tag Pro / Bulova Precisionist / Techno Marine

Bottom Row (L to R): HOH Bedlam / Seiko / Victorinox (Swiss Army) / Lum Tec

I discovered how comfortable silicone watch straps are, so have converted all my daily wear watches to them. They also come in a wide variety of styles and colors.

I have a couple old-style (small case) Omegas and a number of Seikos that are all gathering dust on my dresser, but the nine pictured are in the regular daily rotation.


Pizza Bob

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