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NJ CZslinger

How often do you clean your handgun?

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So far... every time, except on saturday where I shot 9 rounds for the Safety class at citizens rifle club.


the rimfire 22lr, after every time no matter how many rounds as it is high maintenance but a cheap date. =P


centerfires... I usually clean every time only because I am cleaning the 22 anyway.

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Don't know what you mean by {need to shoot more}, I'll bring 4 or 5 guns to shoot at a time. Spend about 4 hours shooting and drinking coffee at the club.


There we go. =) As long as you are putting them through the paces. Typically most people I shoot with, just take out one or two guns... and 200 rounds... just seems like a waste of time... need to put at least 500 rounds between a few guns... hence why the 22 sees quite alot of range duty.

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After every shooting session, sometimes may take me a few knights, depends on how many i shoot. :lol:





You have a few knights to help you??? How do I get on the program? J/K


Thats funny, i do that from time to time.. once you become king it is very easy.. :lol::lol: :mrgreen:

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