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Go Eagles. Go Eli. Go Giants.

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How timely. So here's a slice of real life. The following text exchange tonight between my daughter (a HUGE Giants fan for the last three decades, until Kaepernick pulled his kneel job) who really likes Eli Manning:

Me: Bulletin... Eli's starting against the Eagles tonight!

Her: Whatever.

Me: Hahahahahaha!

Her: Not watching. Obviously.

Me: The NFL has no idea how much damage Kaepernick did to their fan base!

Her: Started with the wife beaters, murderers, drug addicts, then Vic and Kaepernick were the icing on the cake. They're all millionaires.

So I took a good look, and I do see a lot of empty seats at the Link. I did start watching some pro ball the last month or so after a long hiatus. I do like the game. And in the college games I've seen this season the players are starting to mimic the NFL stereotypes. As I've mentioned before.

I like football because I sucked at basketball and baseball. It was the only game I played competently.


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Eli lost it. His bank account is full and he has no Eye of the Tiger.

Strive for 1st rd draft pic.

I have not watched a NFL game since the Anthem Protest.

I have found a lot of productive things to do instead of sitting in front of a TV all day Sunday.

Former NYG fan 1 time superbowl attendee.


piss on nfl.jpg

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