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    • Long winded to cover details, TLDR version at the end... I have a fair knowledge of networking, mostly just as it relates to my profession. I have Fios 300mbps up/down plan. I go from the Fios Router to an Asus router. I have no devices attached to the Fios router, just the Asus. I like it this way for additional firewall and Verizon can not see my network. I do have two switches attached to the Asus. All told Ive got 40 devices on my LAN, not all active at once. I keep as much hardwired with Static addresses as possible. This morning I was getting 40mbps hardwired to the Asus. First step was to reboot the Fios & Asus which yielded no improvement. When I connected hardwire to the Fios Router I got ~170mbps. When I then unplugged the Asus from the Fios router my speeds went back to ~300. There was no high demand usage on my network (unless my network was compromised & I'm not aware of it). So I believe the Asus has given up. I'm thinking of getting a managed switch to eliminate the two smaller switches, connected directly to the Fios router, then a wifi unit connected to the managed switch. I believe the managed switch will allow that, yes? I'm not a gamer, typically my high bandwidth is from two hardwired streaming devices occasionally going at the same time and three Nest wifi cameras, I plan to add a fourth. My usage has been much greater these last few months like many from working from home. I have been running virtual training classes where I'm both broadcasting and connecting to devices in the office. To make matters more fun, I need a new setup in place ASAP. My wife starts her summer work from home job soon and I am taking a small road trip on the same day, which means I can't fix/workaround any issues. TLDR: Is it better to go Fios Router -> Wifi Router -> standard switch or Fios Router -> managed switch -> wifi router?  
    • I just got off the phone with ATF.   My application packet should be here in a week or so.   I also spoke with the superior court judge's clerk.  She has my  retail license and will be turning it around to NJSP either tomorrow or Monday.  So that "shoulddddddd" be in my hands in a week and an half or so.  
    • Congrats on the PPQ, where did you get it? I have 3 permits coming my way, and wanted to add one PPQ
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