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  1. There are still 2 Frozen Nutz (300yd prone) matches at SJSC (Feb 27 and Mar 20) left to shoot. Then the TriCounty League (100yd across the course on reduced targets) and monthly NRA Matches (200yd across the course on reduced targets) start at SJSC The 600yd range at Cumberland is reopen (after total reconstruction last year) and ready for the 200-300-600yd across the course matches that start soon. If anyone is interested in participating in any or all of them, give me a shout. Good shooting, guys!
  2. If XD-45s were wives, I'd qualify to be an extremely observant Mormon
  3. Whale oil FOREVER !!!! http://cwm.firetrench.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/whaling.jpg
  4. It's the punishment we bear for having elected total a$$hats as governors, including, but certainly not limited to: William Franklin, the loyalist illegitimate son of Benjamin Franklin Woodrow Wilson, king of the 20th century progressives (Barry Soetoro is king of the 21st century class) and James Joseph Florio, who as an amateur boxer, had his brain bounced around in his skull so much that he lost all sense of reason and called for a permanent "assault weapon" ban that served as the model for the failed and expired 1994 Bill (let me stick my cigar in there) Clinton version.
  5. I can hear Sheila Oliver (in my mind's ear) having multiple orgasms over this bill. Steve Sweeney, on the other hand, better kick this one in the nuts and never let it get out of the Law and Public Safety committee ... ... or he's feckin' toast.
  6. Actually, one table of nazis snuck in, along the wall between the entry door and the hot dog cart. No deals at the show, but all in all, a decent gun show (considering the shows we get here in the PRNJ)
  7. That picture looks like fractured toes just waiting to happen! I have my Rock Chuckers (one in my apt, one in my office) mounted to pieces of 2x10 and bolted to the top of folding workmates. When there's a high-force stroke necessary, I just put my foot on the front crossbar of the workmate to hold it down.
  8. When I moved into my town eight years ago, I did the change of address thing and not only did they not put my print on the new card, they mailed it right to my home address. They've done the same thing with ALL my pistol permits since.
  9. Blow it out your a$$ Loretta Oh, I forgot ... that's what you were doing at the podium
  10. Then the handgun is still in their name That leaves you free to do some urban cleanup projects with it!
  11. With the interminable FID and PPP delays coming from CHPD, I suspect they are a result of a mayoral edict. Too bad Bernie won't check out one of his boxes for size!
  12. As regards the bic-pen firearm, if he was shooting .177 BBs he could do some damage. Are there plastic 177s??
  13. It's the county seat, typical of south jersey's county seats in general And I expect it may be a target rich environment before it's all over
  14. Yeah, right Sure the pols will open the Registry They'd sooner eat their own s**t than to make new FA available again And at 1976 prices (maybe!) even!! Can you imagine? ... well... a man can fantasize, can't he ????
  15. Just watched a phone vid from Cairo and wondered what happens when the noisy one's head explodes from a well placed round? http://strongmail.real.com/track?t=c&mid=3358&msgid=407&did=1288904496&sn=1244662364&[email protected]&uid=70449&extra=&&&2001&&&rtsp://v7.cache5.c.youtube.com/CjgLENy73wIaLwm4nGMSILmNxRMYESARFEIJbXYtZ29vZ2xlSARSB3JlbGF0ZWRgwsnzhKLgxv9MDA==/0/0/0/video.3gp
  16. That's cause you live in America and we're on the other side of that magical Delaware river in the Glorious Peoples Republik Snow, sleet and freezing rain predicted over here.
  17. Come shoot hipower or f-class at Cumberland Riflemen There's a practice xtc match on 27Mar 0800 for only $5 coming up
  18. If you're interested in practicing for HiPower rifle, for example, you can shoot through the doorway of both the 100 and 300yd ranges. One lane per range. You can also fire prone, either from the concrete in front of the line, or on the grass in front of the shooting house, provided no one else is shooting behind you. My first couple of winters at sjsc, I shot offhand 100yd through the doorway and when the season started in Spring, the practice showed. IM me for more
  19. I'm just up the road in hoodbury Put me in for a pink card when you're ready
  20. No, Christie hasn't changed And she's a Dem AG, so did you expect better??
  21. Just like CCW is open carry is cased carry here in the Glorious PRNJ
  22. I set it up to DVR the whole series With the rest of the really great AMC Sunday night lineup between seasons, this one looks to be a bloody(fun) mess!
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