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  1. Clean shop towels and gloves will do in a pinch.
  2. Back to the OP . I do not have any medical expenses, however, I did receive a check today for my truck. Good luck with collecting on your claim.
  3. On Friday, March 8, I was hit by a sleep deprived driver. 2 tickets were issued to him. He admitted fault to his insurance company, Progressive. My garage kept 1999 Ford F150 4x4 is totaled. Progressive has said they will pay all claims associated with the accident, including medical. Fortunately, I'm okay
  4. So, if someone asks a legitimate question, you're going to take your knowledge and experience and run away with it?
  5. There will never be a good time to pass reciprocity. The shootings are going to increase in frequency.The MSM will see to that with glorification of the shooters and promoting competition among would be shooters.
  6. Not true. There is a case decided by the State Appellate Court, where a New Jersey resident had a New York City, carry permit. He applied for a permit to carry in New Jersey and was denied, however, the judge said it was legal for him to transport his gun to New York City, because he had a legal purpose for it at his destination.
  7. Some older deeds ran the property lines to the center of the roadway. The area contained within the right-of-way will need to be subtracted from the overall lot size, if the deed runs to the centerline of the roadway.
  8. As a back up this looks promising. Www.rvshare.com
  9. Antonin Scalia's replacement is not set to be named until February. I doubt he will sign any controversial legislation before the Supreme Court is in place with a conservative majority.
  10. Brownells, Midwayusa, and youtube have a number of good vids on how to assemble an upper.
  11. www.pafoa.org Will have a specific section on open carry in the state. It will also explain to you their view of legal transport between the states.
  12. Welcome, Honda Shadow Sabre rider here.
  13. J frame in 22 caliber is manageable for small people. J frame in centerfire is not manageable. Size of the firearm can be intimidating for small people.
  14. If she wants a gun something like this is good for small hands. 22m has low recoil. http://www.galleryofguns.com/genie/Default.aspx?item=103351&&index=1&mfg=All&mdl=All&cat=All&type=Revolver&cal=22M&fin=&sit=&pid=&inv= If she will not get some training, no gun.
  15. Since the AG agrees the 2A includes weapons not in existence when the 2A was written, why do we have an AWB in NJ? Should the AWB in NJ go away now?
  16. IANAL About the only states that would not have reciprocity, are New Jersey, New York, Maryland, the District of Columbia. This keeps Bloomberg a little happier, and is a bill that may have had a chance at survival. Forcing reciprocity on the 4 or 5 states that do not issue carry permits, would have greatly offended Bloomberg, and would have been more difficult or even impossible to get past. Legal challenges to excluding New Jersey, New York, Maryland, etc. would certainly follow
  17. That's the way it's supposed to be. How did it feel to have to be unarmed when you returned home?
  18. This is what I sent. Governor Christie has recently proposed changes to A3689 that would grant citizens of New Jersey the same rights to defend themselves as citizens of 47 other states. I urge you to consider these changes and to vote to implement them. The state of New Jersey is currently wasting our tax dollars to fight several lawsuits at the federal level that would grant us the relief Gov. Christie proposes. The changes Gov. Christie is proposing will cost nothing, and will increase the safety and security of all New Jersey residents. Why are you wasting our tax dollars, and keeping us in harms way? Approximately fifteen million Americans carry firearms in their everyday lives. They do so legally, responsibly, and safely. Moreover tens of thousands of New Jersey residents hold concealed carry licenses in other states. We deserve the same trust and consideration from our own legislature in our home state. Respectfully yours,
  19. If the political posturing of a Rino trying to stay relevant on the national level, opens the door to elimination of justifiable need, where is the harm in that?
  20. Wow,Ask and you shall receive. The NRA ILA has already sent out an email.
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