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  1. Just as title says, looking for a modern materiel rifle. PM me or DM me what you have. Have cash ammo Colt LE6920, to trade.. Will also provide a $50 finders fee
  2. That is the worst thing Inhave ever seen.
  3. Prolly not. They are 700 deep right now.
  4. NICS is at least 300 deep as of 3pm. Good luck.
  5. Having mine for about a year and a half, I would say think about incoming transfers. You'll have guns show up when your not there. Some need signed for some not. Something to think about. Good luck!
  6. I will also be going out this year. Can't wait. I wanna see a Trij mini RMR, or Green RMR.
  7. I think there is some Tin Foil hat with this. As a LEO most classes I have taken most students are civilians, with the exception of a very few LE only classes. Most cops won't/don't want to spend money on Firearms classes for a variety of reasons.
  8. I have 21 RMR'd guns and 2 with Holosuns. That's all I use. I have used them in a shit ton of classes and competition and carry one on a 43X for off duty so yeah I only buy Trijicon.
  9. L&M Precision. Mark does excellent work, one of the originals in the biz.
  10. Me too! I'm thinking of grabbing that 407c @High Exposure
  11. Word, I just had QLS Forks on Duty and competition gear now. 3 belts and done.
  12. I've used DP for a bunch of guns. Doug does great work.
  13. There are only a handful of companies that make parts, springs etc. So it really comes down to QC. I know SOT should have the same QC as some of the more well know AR builders.
  14. It's not even new. Brakes have been mitigating recoil forever. I'd carry one on my duty gun if we could.
  15. SOT is good stuff. They were started by some guys that left Spikes.
  16. The reason why I carry a comp'd 43X...
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