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Tunaman's Feedback

  1. eyeinstine left Positive feedback   

    Good buyer! great communication and super fast pay.. Multiple deals in both directions... always a pleasure to deal with

    Tunaman was Trading

  2. eyeinstine left Positive feedback   

    Nice to deal with! Got a good deal on some dies and a few freebies before that to help me get started!

    Tunaman was The Seller

  3. Scorpio64 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    WTS- Mec Grabber and lots of stuff
    Good guy and a fantastic deal. Met me half way on a rainy day, now THAT's a great seller!

    Tunaman was The Seller

  4. Ray Ray left Positive feedback for a topic   

    WTS/WTT Hornady dies
    Great guy, easy transaction. No issues.

    Tunaman was Trading

  5. Topshot56 left Positive feedback   

    Great to deal with and met me halfway! thanks!

    Tunaman was Trading

  6. halbautomatisch left Positive feedback   

    Great to deal with!

    Tunaman was The Seller

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