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  1. am currently looking at 3 options: Rossi Circuit Judge 45lc/410 ---Its an expensive novelty, with many associated problems that you are unaware of; including gasses escaping at the cylinder/barrel connection. There's a reason that gun mfgrs did not go down this path...forget it. Rossi Model 92 357/38 special ---Nice lever gun. I have one myself. It's also a bit of a novelty, as it doesn't fit into any category well. It's also not particularly easy to shoot...lever guns do take time to learn. Not a very common rifle either, and relatively expensive when you do find one. It is however a nice companion for a 38 or 357 revolver. Henry H001 22s/22l/22lr ---Beautiful, well-made, and relatively expensive rifle (for what it is). Levers are an acquired taste. A .22 lever rifle's greatest advantage is cheap shooting. For home defense? A decided 'meh'. I What would I recommend? That's kinda tough, as you haven't given us a whole lot of info to work with here. Don't like semi-autos, don't like handguns. Haven't shot much at all, and just got into the arena because the world is getting crazy. Hmmm...to just have "something" around, that doesn't cost much or take much training or practice to 'defend the realm'...ugh....A difficult question. First -- do you realize what you're getting into? In NJ, even carrying a rifle/shotgun outside the home can be considered assault; depending on what you're doing. You need to get yourself informed. These aren't toys, and this isn't the movies or tv. It's a sobering topic to think about. A cheap and easy primer would be one of Evan Nappen's lectures. Yes, he is trying to sell a pre-paid legal plan, but you don't have to buy into that...he does cover the legal aspects (and potential pitfalls) well. Second....what do you plan to do with this firearm? It does matter. If you want to have something, and might want to take up hunting or shooting trap/skeet/sporting clays ....you want a shotgun. If you want to take-up paper target shooting...you want a rifle.take Third ... Who is going to be shooting this firearm? Just you? You and the wife? Kids? It all plays into answering the question. the answer of "what to recommend" hinges on these and other related questions. Without further info....I'd say a pump shotgun is more what you need.
  2. Matthew Beard, Pete the Pup, and Bobby Hutchins in the Our Gang comedy School's Out Yes, Petey was an American Staffordshire Terrier, or Pit Bull.
  3. Was just thinking the same thing. If life slows-down for awhile, it might just be time to get the reloader up and running.
  4. So LaPierre gets a reprieve......
  5. Yep. look at the records This gentleman hasn't been around since Aitken was arrested; now he shows up again (doing much the same thing). And calling himself DonkeyPunch? Sounds more like Democrat Provocateur...
  6. It's kinda interesting how concerned he's getting over local/county actions he calls "meaningless". If they're so "meaningless", why does he care...
  7. Their prices ARE going up...and I am going less and less because of it. Smaller, non-chain resturaunts and diners are a much better value and have become more competitive price-wise. The fast food joints are pricing themselves out of the market.
  8. Um....no. The difference is those who are on the conservative side abhor this nonsense. And the Statue of Liberty? In case you've missed it, the Left has been pulling-down statues, attempting to re-write history, for several years now. The view from the NYC ivory tower depicted in the New Yorker has been 'celebrated' for years...and is as accurate now as it was in 1976. You really do need to get out more.
  9. You answered your own question. I had a similar issue with a brand new Browning BPS 20 gauge. Bought a bunch of Rio ammo for it; and it jammed on every other shell. Changed to Winchester/Federal/Remington...no problems. Gave the Rio shells to @Smokin .50 ... His 20 gauge loved 'em. So I have a great 20 gauge that doesn't like Rios. You have a great .22 that doesn't like 36 grain Remington hollowpoints. The solution is simple...
  10. You forgot structural issues. FLW never let mere details like structural integrity get in the way of his designs. Also, some short commentary on his life. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2019/nov/22/plagued-by-fire-paul-hendrickson-review-frank-lloyd-wright
  11. "To the victor belong the spoils" William L Marcy "Elections have consequences" Barack Hussein Obama
  12. I noticed that as well; but the rest of the meme covered things nicely. Chicken Little is alive and well.
  13. This just popped on my FB feed and, I think, covers it perfectly
  14. That's not a shower; that's a playroom!
  15. I have a CZ Sharp-Tail in 12 gauge that I've used several times for sporting clays with good results. @Smokin .50 has what I believe is a CZ Drake in 20 gauge that has done very well for him.
  16. I would also agree with the previous posters. If slide manipulation of a 1911 is that much of a problem; you may want to re-think your choice of sidearms.
  17. It was election time and the politician decided to go out to the local reservation and try to get the Native American vote. They were all assembled in the Council Hall to hear the speech. The politician had worked up to his finale, and the crowd was getting more and more excited. "I promise better education opportunities for Native Americans!" The crowd went wild, shouting "Hoya! Hoya!". The politician was a bit puzzled by the native word, but was encouraged by their enthusiasm. "I promise gambling reforms to allow a Casino on the Reservation!" "Hoya! Hoya!" cried the crowd, stomping their feet. "I promise more social reforms and job opportunities for Native Americans!" The crowd reached a frenzied pitch shouting "Hoya! Hoya! Hoya!" After the speech, the Politician was touring the Reservation, and saw a tremendous herd of cattle. Since he was raised on a ranch, and knew a bit about cattle, he asked the Chief if he could get closer to take a look at the cattle. "Sure," the Chief said, "but be careful not to step in the hoya."
  18. I've been telling Emma that for more than a year.
  19. Lehigh Valley? Best sporting clays place in the area.....
  20. Wawa has always been a good company; and cheating at the gas pump is not the way a company like that stays in business. Its more likely the pump had issues...and even then; not very likely.
  21. from: https://www.sportsmansoutdoorsuperstore.com/products2.cfm/ID/197824/pa1750203/glock-17-gen5-9mm-17-round-pistol "What's in the box?" Glock 17 Gen5 9mm 17-Round Pistol (3) Magazines (2) Interchangeable Back Straps Speed Loader 9mm Bore Brush Back Strap Disassembly Tool (MBS) Cable Lock Hard Shell Case Owner’s Instruction Manual
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