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  1. Hold on.... Are you guys saying it’s the weight of the projectile?
  2. I drove into Assunpink WMA today to see about fishing. Few boats on the water, some people fishing from shore, a few people even hunting. Archery and clays field seemed to be closed off, caution tape hung up half assed.
  3. ^^^^^ This.^^^^^^. I build my first AR last year, can’t wait to do the next one.
  4. Nah....around 30lbs. Heads about knee cap high. He was around 6-7 yrs old in the pic. He turned 15 in January. His hips have gotten real bad lately and we have to carry him up and down the stairs.
  5. I would definitely say depends on what your getting. 2 of my 1911’s have totally different ways of breaking them in per the manufacturer. Did you decide on what your getting?
  6. My first go around 2 years ago with Hamilton State police was interesting. Filled January 4th. I called after 30 days and whomever I spoke to said permit wasn’t in. I called back 30 days later, told still not in. Called a third time with same answer. Fourth time after 90 days was told it was there and has been since February 5th. Permit was expired and I would have to file for extension. When I went to pick it up I spoke with the trooper and told him I called several times, he had no answer to why I was told they weren’t in but showed me the date written on the envelope when they called, with my number, and that they left a voicemail. Only problem was that they replaced the last 4 digits of my phone number with my social security number. So I’m not sure who they called. All I got from him was an OOPS with a shoulder shrug. FARS worked out great for me this time. 28 days and I could see where things were at. If you call them again always get the name of the person you spoke with and write it down for records. The next time after that I ended up asking for the person in charge of permits and they would alway transfer my call. It took just under 2 months. I think the guy answering the phone either doesn’t know or doesn’t care.
  7. Update: Online app submitted 2/9 for 2 permits. 2/10 got email 2 references submitted questionnaire. 2/18 History check complete 2/24 permits approved 2/28 call from Hamilton Station Trooper permits are in No check needed. Just signed for them and went home. All in all I’m very impressed with the ease of the FARS process. Fastest turnaround yet.
  8. Joe Bob Spartan which is rebranded New Frontiers upper and lower. Running Foxtrot Mike BCG with buffer and spring. Probably 4k rds thru it with zero problems. Shot 3 matches with it already.
  9. Having a hard time finding it in stock. Everyone seems to out. Anybody know where to get some?
  10. I second using those signs. I would just staple my target to the coroplast. It was always windy when I shot R14 and those signs would just wave nicely. I went through the trouble of making a pvc target stand, one day got it all set up just to have it blow over once the range went hot. Had to wait 20 minutes for the cease fire. While waiting looked over to the guy next to me with his targets all set up on those wire based signs and that was all it took.
  11. Good deal on the Romeo plus some other specials https://lockedloaded.com/product/sig-sauer-electro-optics-sor52001-romeo5-1x-20mm-obj-2-moa-red-dot-graphite-cr2032-lithium
  12. Tony13

    Rookie mistake

    Took it back to the smith today. Comp might get trashed. Barrel should be good to go. We’ll see.
  13. Tony13

    Rookie mistake

    Not enough meat on it to this. I like your thinking though.
  14. Tony13

    Rookie mistake

    No gas block. 9mm blowback. Comp is 1.2" diameter. I'm assuming all barrel nuts are the same diameter to fit over the barrel collar.
  15. My first build is an AR9. Had the compensator welded/pinned to the barrel. Brought it home today to discover the barrel nut doesn’t fit over the comp. The comp is aluminum. Is there a chance that it could be drilled and removed or I’m I screwed? Comp is a KAW Valley slim line XL. Handguard is KAW Valley Konza. I’m assuming I’d run into the same problem with all the handguards? Man I’m stupid.
  16. Have an AR 9 build going on. Looking for front and rear BUIS. Let me know if you have a set lying around and are looking to get rid of them.
  17. Why single stage? What are you looking to load?
  18. What town would that be? Did they move? The one listed in Bethlehem says permanently closed.
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