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9-10-23 Clay & Rifle Shoot *Stafford Forge WMA*

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Howdy folks!  It's about time we get together again to turn some money into noise.  Come join us XXXXXXXX at the STAFFORD FORGE WMA shotgun and rifle range for a morning of freedom! 

If you will be joining the fun, please let us know how many will attend and what you are bringing so we can plan for supplies.

Clay Pigeon GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY

Shooting commences at 0900 and keeps going until we get bored, run out of ammo, or hear mom calling us home.    Shoots go until at least 1300, leaving plenty of time for everyone to stop in at any time and join the party.

As always, these clay shoots are informal gatherings, just plain old fun to promote clay sports and encourage training.  Please feel free to bring friends and family.  Shooters of all experience are welcome, if you have never shot clays before, or want some tips on improving your skills, this is your chance to dust off that shotgun sitting in a dark corner of your closet and gain some needed experience.

What you will need.

Bring your shotgun(s), as much #7.5 or #8 lead target/field loads as you want to shoot, and depending on how much you want to shoot, a carton of clay pigeons would be great.  Targets (ie. clay pigeons) are available at Shooters in LEH and Solomon's Shooter Supply in Farmingdale.   Some Walmarts carry targets.  Don't forget eyes and ears.  Also recommended is a chair, sun screen, insect repellent, and something to drink.  I will be bringing an automatic trap machine, if you have a thrower, please bring it as a backup or second station.

If you don't have a shotgun and just want to see what clay shoot'n is all about, a loaner pump action will be available.

For those who plan on shooting rifles, you must have a firearms hunting license, or be on the rifle range with someone that has a license.  In addition to the traditional rimfire and muzzle loaders, Stafford now allows center-fire up to .30 caliber.  I'll be bringing my .308 DMR to sight in a new scope.

Basic Checklist

  • Shotgun and/or rifle
  • Ammo
  • Firearm hunting license, if you have one (not mandatory, just helpful)
  • Eye and ear protection (mandatory)
  • Clay targets (optional but recommended for volume shooters)
  • Shell pouch (optional)
  • Folding chair (optional)
  • Hydration

County Rd 539, Barnegat, NJ 08005, USA , Little Egg Harbor Township.    GPS Latitude: 39.58980 Longitude: -74.35647

Stafford-Map-1 copy.jpg



1) Scorpio64

2) Air Traffic Controller











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5 minutes ago, Redeye65 said:

Are steel targets allowed on the rifle range?

I have not seen any prohibitions on using them, however, we had a bad experience with someone using steel and several ricochets were close enough that we heard the bullets whizzing by.   It's only a 100yd range, while it's not prohibited, I would not advise it.

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Are there shooting benches at the rifle range?

I have a case of 20g #8 shot I could bring but sadly no shotgun to go with it anymore, would it be possible to borrow a 20g shotgun?

Sorry for all the questions.  

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:( 9/10 CLAY SHOOT * * * POSTPONED * * *

The weather forecast for Sunday looks dismal, there is a 50% chance of rain and thunder storms.  Actually, the whole weekend looks gnarly.  With the odds against us, I'm calling off the shoot and will reschedule.



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