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AK-47s: Soon to be made in USA

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AK-47s: Soon to be made in USA

How to get an AK-47 despite the Import Ban.


"The gun will be made by American company RWC, which is the official importer and distributor of Kalashnikov AK-47s. The company had to stop importing the guns after the U.S. imposed sanctions in July against Russia for its role in the Ukraine crisis."

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Saw that last week. US made Saigas, lmao I love it. The variety of manufacturers and quality is awesome. A big F.U. to price raising panic pre-ban dealers and politicians. Did they really think the oligarchs were going to stay out of the biggest gun show on earth?

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From Reddit:



Based on results from SHOT show, it looks like Kalashnikov Concern is opening a U.S. plant to produce and release KC products from their Saiga, Baikal, and Izhmash product lines. Looks like we can have all the goodies that the Russians and Europeans enjoy that we previously did not, because they will be made here in the U.S.

This could mean that we can have all the 100 series rifles, AK-74M rifles, and perhaps even U.S. made Tigr rifles from the U.S. Kalashnikov Concern plant

Pictures here

http://i.imgur.com/FcFQh4P.jpg [1]

http://i.imgur.com/aX1j7Nb.jpg [2]

Will edit if more info comes up



it Looks like it's real guys.

Kalashnikov concern is opening a U.S. plant here to make domestically made Kalashnikov products




It looks like this is the doing of RWC Group. RWC owns the licencing for Kalashnikov, and it looks like they are opening a new plant (probably Pennsylvania) under Kalashnikov USA.

RWC Group was the importer of all KC brand products before the sanctions hit the U.S.. Because of Sanctions, RWC Group could have been very well out of business and so they've taken a turn to keep the company going.

So basically what they are doing is this: creating a new manufacturing facilities for U.S. made AK pattern rifles under the Kalashnikov name.

It doesn't look like they will have much contact with their "Parent" company

This leaves me with several questions.

  • 1) WHAT TOOLING WILL THEY BE USING? This is probably the biggest question I have. I am interested in CORRECT Izhmash features on my rifles. For example, having the proper, new style type C parts on my AK-100 series rifles. Will they be using original Russian blueprints for the parts they will be creating? or will this just be another "All american made AK rifle" like the Centurion with "Kalashnikov USA" stamped on the side?

  • 2) this question relates to question 1 but WHAT PARTS WILL THEY BE REPLICATING? WHO'S ENGINEERING THESE PARTS AND NEW RIFLES? If they come out with the Saiga 9, as AK Operator's Union claims they will be releasing, will it have all the features the real Saiga 9 has? [4] . let me use the rear sight block as an example. In this picture we have the Saiga 9. In it, we have the type C style rear sight block, with the proper type C gas-tube lever. All aks in the U.S, except for Saiga imports, do not have a gas tube lever like this. The saiga 9 also has the unique rear sight block that has a hinge to allow the dust cover to rotate on it, which is different than say an AKS-74U hinge block. Will they be replicating this to the detail?

  • 3) Will we be seeing the same products KC produces in Russia come out of Kalashnikov USA? I mean they are using the Baikal promo images and names on their display at SHOT show. does this mean they will be coming out with Baikal products?

  • 4) related to question 3 but it need's it's own point. WILL WE SEE U.S. MADE SVD RIFLES? I mean I have two but I would like to own more.

there are so many questions in need of answers now.

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      Media bias and sensationalism. Mycentraljersey.com reports of a bank robbery, no mention of an AK-47. Then along comes nj.com who plasters "Men with AK-47 assault rifle rob Wells Fargo Bank in Middlesex" in their headline. A police spokesperson would not confirm the report that an AK-47 was used. Obviously the bank has video of the robbery and if one was used it will be on there but why put this unconfirmed nonsense out there? To push their leftist agenda!
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