NICS During A State Shutdown

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3 hours ago, cabalrayz said:

In the event of A State of NJ government shutdown on July 1st,2018 forcing state offices to close, we would like to inform you that the NICS Unit will continue to process checks during the shutdown and office closures.



I'm surprised that they would have stayed open. Wouldn't think that Murphy would consider anything firearm related to be essential.

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I checked my FFL on Friday, and NICS said they're staying open. That is an income source. And part of the NJSP.

Good. My 30 day wait is over July 5. Hahahaha! Another pistol purchase. Suck it Murphy!

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Taxes going up include:

  • A "millionaire's tax" that will be hiked to 10.75 percent. The tax will start at a threshold of $5 million, rather than $1 million. Murphy said the tax hike will generate around $280 million in revenue.
  • A corporate tax surcharge will also be imposed. The surcharge will be 2.5 percent this year and next, and then lowered to 1.5 percent for the next two years. It is believed this tax will generate $425 million in annual revenue.
  • A higher tax on Airbnb-style homeshare rentals.
  • A tax on e-cigarettes that is still being finalized. The assembly passed a bill recently that would impose a $0.10 per fluid millileter tax for the sale of liquid nicotine. The Office of Legislative Services estimates the tax could mean more than $4 million in revenue for the 2019 fiscal year and more than $6 million the next two years.

What taxes are not going up:

  • The sales tax will not be raised from its current level of 6.625 percent. Gov. Murphy had wanted an increase to 7 percent.
  • There will not be sales tax imposed on short-term home rentals on the Jersey Shore as had been proposed by legislators during last-minute negotiations.
  • The new budget also does not include gun-related fee increases the governor had sought during the negotiation process.

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