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Lucky Bullseye

Remington R1 1911

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1 hour ago, Lucky Bullseye said:

Looking for some info on this pistol from anyone on here that might currently own/shoot one. Mostly overall performance/reliability, and parts issues, etc.  Looking at a couple different models with this being one of them, any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Fwiw, I almost bought one at Ramsey Outdoors in Paramus (close to when they came out). I paid for it, but was waiting for permits to come in. In the mean time, I read a lot of mixed reviews online. Not all pertaining to function, but more fit and finish issues.

Long story short, I convinced the guy to let me disassemble it in the store, and we discovered a hot mess inside. A lot of tool marks and left over flashing, some of which in the dust cover was actually scratching the slide.

The clerk instantly began saying "well you can file this and stone that." Needless to say, I got my money back.

2 Colts later I am a very happy camper. 

Maybe Remlin got better, but I would say try to inspect (like any other firearm purchase) before buying. For about $750 you can get a Colt GI style 1991, or for that number or less you can get a Ruger, Springfield Armory or Rock Island which would have more features (upgraded sights, commander hammer, etc...).

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Are you looking for something in 45 or 9?  

I would for sure tell you to take a long look at Springfield (I sound like a fan-boy, which I'm actually not) for the price, quality, and customer service.  I also must say that Kimber CS has been wonderful.  Ruger is also fantastic, probably the best.  Remington is not great from the folks I've heard from nor is Colt.   

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Just now, Lucky Bullseye said:


Take a look at the Springfield Mil-Spec.  A great gun, relatively inexpensive.  Also an awesome base to build on if you decide to go that direction.  

Good luck.

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I've had a Remington R1 Enhanced in Stainless for a couple years now. I thinks its a great gun for the price I paid from Buds (around $700 plus a factory rebate, if I remember correctly). I don't have an exact round count on it,  but it functions flawlessly with new and reloaded ammo. I also enjoy the the factory upgrades you get for the price (FO front sight, slide serrations, beavertail, etc).

Looking back, I definitely have no regrets or concerns about the function/fit and finish of the pistol. Aesthetically, I probably would've liked nicer looking grips and the Remington branding on the slide to be smaller, but that's just nitpicking. Good luck with your search. There's a lot of great 1911s in this price range like the Springfields mentioned above. 


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