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    is a safe citizenery. at least according to us, and now to the fbi. also, not sure if this shoulda gone somewhere else, so i dropped it here. https://www.mrctv.org/blog/new-stats-show-armed-civilians-bring-down-more-criminals-cops?fbclid=IwAR38E0dBGUN8aGkUCIgTIccwywPcQD_D09y5qLtCg9L46NefGitemlFNLuI
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    I am selling a Para Ordnance C7 LDA Companion Pistol. It is .45 acp and is officer model sized. The gun has crimson trace laser grips. I do not have the original factory grips. The gun also has meprolight night sights that are a few years old , but still glowing. The gun comes with 2 Chip McCormick 7 round magazines. The gun is in great condition. I also have the original factory box including the Para Ordnance instructional video tape. I am asking $750 for the whole package. I can meet at any ffl in Camden, Gloucester , Burlington or Mercer County. The first " I'll take it" wins the sale. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
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    I won't let this day pass without acknowledging this important holiday... yes, we can celebrate the person whose intrepid journey brought Western civilization to this land...at the same time, giving a deserving nod to the many Italian-Americans who've contributed to this great nation. Let's not politicize this thread since it's outside of 1A... just leave it as a positive affirmation of ethnic & national pride... in line with the original intent of this Federal Holiday! Ciao!
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    I mentioned it. It gets quicker as you get more confident. Until you get an ultrasonic cleaner!
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    Well I just cleaned my firearm (or at least I think I did) took about 45 minutes to do but I think I covered everything. Thanks everyone here for your support.
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    @brucin you are correct. But that's a Liberal scumhole for years. Politics in Chicago trumps everything. There's a lot of that shown on "Chicago PD". A prosecutor makes their rep by their conviction rate. Their are many prosecutors that dismiss cases (malum prohibitive crimes, no one was hurt, no one was robbed) because they serve no cause for justice. PM me and I'll give you examples. You have to understand an asst prosecutor in NJ may have a few hundred cases on his plate. A defense attorney makes their rep by getting defendants off or getting charges reduced. If you have a good defense attorney you will never go to trial. Your attorney will have the charges dismissed or plea to reduced charges. The best criminal defense attorney I know told me (paraphrasing), "The best training for a defense attorney is to be a prosecutor for a few years".
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    Most currencies have no real "substance" or "value". They aren't backed by anything except the promise of the issueing country that they are indeed worth something. The government of the issuing country controls the amount and relative worth of thee currency by printing more of it or taking it out of circulation. The main allure of bitcoin / crypto is it takes that control out of the government's hand (unless it is outright banned by a country). It also levels the worth of different currencies. One bitcoin is worth one bitcoin no matter what country you are buying or selling something in. I wouldn't by any means put a large chunk of my networth in it. But then I wouldn't but a large chunk of my networth in one investment ever. if the bubble does burst in crypto, there will still be millions and millions of people who made money. For every buyer there has to be a seller. If you buy some and it doubles or triples and you sell the amount you orginally invested and let the rest "ride" then you wouldn't have lost anything at all. It's not for everyone. It is HIGHLY speculative. But as others have pointed out, we are already at the point that you can complete transactions for a variety of different products and services in bitcoint / crypto. It's no longer the future. It's here. It's happending NOW. It's just a matter of if governments allow it to conitnue and compete with their fiat currencies and if it's popularity and use continues to be adopted by more and more users.
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    Not in theory, in fact. How many trials have you been through?
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    but goddam this is cool. This Wild Quadruple V8 1981 Buick Wagonmaster Is Up for Grabs (msn.com)
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    Literally. Safety check it's unloaded and have at it. Unless it's a ruger Mk 1 2 or 3, it's hard to screw up.
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    Being nervous about your first cleaning is absolutely normal, and maybe not a bad thing. I must have watched different YouTube videos a zillion times (ok, maybe a million) before my first time. Just go slow with a basic field strip and you'll be fine. If you get stuck don't panic, just let us know. Helped my son with his S&W 2.0 and it was a piece of cake, relax you'll do fine.
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    there are 2 people on planet earth that should know you have a gun, you and the person you got it from. if you are skilled enough to build your own than that reduces the the number to 1
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    There is nothing that I can see anywhere that stipulates this. There are too many possibilities for a gun to come into someone's possession legally without any official paper trail. In eyeinstine's example the gun was inherited through marital shared property so most likely was never recorded as a transfer anywhere - and frankly it is none of the government's business what happened before they decided to take control.
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    And.... You do not need a P2P or a FPID card to legally inherit any gun. Just make sure the gun and any magazines are NJ legal.
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    Yes. You do not need to have any permission slips to part with a firearm, only to acquire one.
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    You do not need to go to an FFL. The instructions on how to execute a pistol permit that is exempt from the NICS check can be found here: https://www.njsp.org/firearms/pdf/Person_Person_transfer_NICS_exemption.pdf
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    There is no NJ statute that defines a knife by size. If you carry a knife every day you just need an explainable lawful purpose. There is no limit to what lawful purpose you use, so long is it is not self defense. My knife is used to open boxes frequently and there is tape residue on it which could be proof if it is ever challenged. Your knife has a seat belt cutting blade at the back of the handle - perfectly lawful in case of emergency.

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