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  1. Adelphia Wine Company in East Brunswick is good. They used to be in the stop and shop strip mall, but built their own store this year. Used to be names Marketplace Wines & Spirits
  2. No, I can attest to the fact that i use the NICS system constantly and never put in anyone's social. I dont even like it when they put it on the 4473.
  3. Sig will win this with the 320. Mark my words. The 320 is a reboot of the p250 idea except striker fired in response to the trigger complaints. The gun was designed around the requirements for the pistol trials.
  4. the troy canadian over run deal is hard to beat right now
  5. Same setup as Atech on a STI Lawman.
  6. Because you are not going to fully repeal the NFA. Best case scenario, they will strike down the tax stamp fee and maybe, just maybe the '86 rule on mgs. None of this will have any effect on us because NJ still has statutes that prohibit those items. Just like the repeal of the Federal AWB and ours still standing.
  7. I can do it as well. East Brunswick.
  8. I'd ditch the stag, salvage what ever parts you need out of it, and use the money that you have budgeted + the stag money to build out a very nice SPR. The spr will do everything the stag would do, just better, and you already have a carbine/gunfighting gun.
  9. A white base coat under the neon colors helps
  10. Same if he needs anything in Central Jersey
  11. henrym

    Thank you CMP

    Thanks Pete. Good luck with the new gun!
  12. Were you shooting 223 or 5.56? Grain weight? I couldn't get mine to run reliably on the normal piston setting with any 223. 55gn and 62gn 5.56 worked fine with the non severe gas piton setting though.
  13. henrym

    My New Rifle Build

    Nice. Way to find a barrel nut that still has the slots instead of the new smooth one
  14. All of this is true, and if you have an intention to reload your brass, know that it dents the hell out of the case necks and case mouths.
  15. henrym

    LEO Ammunition?

    East Brunswick shoots 200 Gn 45+P gold dots
  16. Personally I think its worth it. The class is almost entirely hands on and you get a good operations manual to take home that would answer 99% of any issues you would ever have.
  17. Looks like you need a comp to replace that A2 flash hider.
  18. show me a 10mm that an individual of small stature, compromised strength from a traumatic injury, or any other limiting factor will be able to shoot well under stress. Everyone loves the 10mm for terminal ballistics. Show me what 10mm offers over 45 or 40 in a load with ball instead of hollow point bullets. You will get serious over-penetration with pretty minimal energy loss. The real answer is that their isnt really a good option with the bullet technology that we are limited to (ala 1899). When you consider the conditions a pistols are used in combat like primary weapons failure, injury making shooting a long gun impossible, etc, the priority should go more towards shootability
  19. henrym

    Colt CK901 7.62x39mm

    Non piston? no thank you.
  20. I've had great luck with the blade tech products. The adjustable retention system they use is well thought out. Where do you plan on carrying? What do you plan on wearing? all of these are important to consider.
  21. As far as competition, if you are shooting anything besides IDPA you are going to be at a significant disadvantage using an inside the waistband holster.
  22. Thanks for the great class. Brief review: The class started promptly at 930 and after the short introduction we got right into the course content. This is the perfect class for anyone involved in the shooting sports because their are real world examples of what works and what doesn't in regards to wound care. Where this class really differentiates itself is the teaching style. Instead of a 5 hour didactic course where you take notes in hope of retaining some information and one day being able to use those skills in a hands on environment, once the short powerpoint is finished the students apply all of the skills learned to see what works for them and what doesn't. This seems to have been the theme throughout the whole class. Find out what you like and what works for you. It was stressed that if you don't like the way a certain product works, don't buy it because you wont be comfortable with it or it wont get used. Along the same lines, it was also stressed that all the skills were going to be explained to everyone, but it was your decision if you were comfortable enough to practice them in field. During the hands on portion, the selection of equipment encompassed just about everything that is on the market. Being able to handle and try each of the products led each individual to decide which product worked best for them instead of the class pushing a specific brand or product. The instructor neutrality made the decision making process about changes I'm going to make to my personal rig much easier. Overall the class was a great way to gain a some more knowledge. It's probably the only way you can get your hands on and test out the gear you may be carrying or thinking of purchasing. I know that after the class, my med kit will get some adjustments, and that seems to be the same among all the students.
  23. I have a Honda self propelled walk behind mower that runs like a top, and has the last 13 years with a yearly maintenance I do in the winter. The line trimmer is a 4 stroke honda that works really well. As for the blower Ive go with the stihl. I had an echo for a couple years and it just didn't hold up.
  24. henrym

    The AR purge

    Personally, id stay far far away from them. A lot of these rifles were slapped together with sub par parts just because they were available. Add that to the fact that they are usually priced sky high and I'm out. It seems that post sandy hook everyone and their brother decided they needed one yesterday. Now people are starting to understand the reality that their indoor range wont let them shoot it without special ammo, or they want to move a safe queen that have never seen the light of day. In 3 or 4 years we will see the same influx of panic buyers who haven't learned from Obama election scare 1, Obama election scare 2, or sandy hook.
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