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  1. Very rarely..but it does happen
  2. Depending on my new schedule in my new unit I maybe able to attend more weekend events now. Only took 10 years
  3. Since its now legal and I don't have one I am getting one. Shocker..i know. Want to get in on the window before they change their mind
  4. Welcome to the forums
  5. More like pure Columbian cocaine
  6. I'm planning on going as well. Not sure what day. Right now I'm planning on Sunday but my work schedule may change, new unit, so I have to wait and see
  7. My guns and I are going to watch it together
  8. If there is an October one hopefully I can make it
  9. Plus they are phasing out production of that gun. The x95 is way better
  10. http://berkeleyhumidor.com They are available to order now. This is the place I order from. You can pick them up in store too. Nice place.
  11. They are phonomenal. He has a second lancero out as well..the probable cause.
  12. Cubariqueño cigar co. The make the protocol, probable cause and themis line of cigars. Made in the La Zona factory in Nicaragua
  13. I've met Eric Espinosa a few times. My buddy has a cigar company and is really close with him. He's a really nice guy. Very down to earth
  14. Yeah but if there is nothing supporting the slab because of settling then that needs to be addressed. For a wall crack dry groove out and add hydraulic cement
  15. I'm partial to Nicaraguan cigars as well. Lot of good stuff coming out of LaZona nowadays