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  1. I have a set of selectech dumbells that go to 90lbs. Bought new from bowflex. Takes up a lot less room
  2. Would love to take my lifted pickup off road somewhere. Its just so damn big
  3. Wasnt the ruling supposed to be on the 15th
  4. I will have a Z06 but won't sell my guns to get it. Will be a couple years but I want a grand national first
  5. Im torn. As a gun guy I don't want murphy. Opposite is my union is backing him because he is supposedly pro law enforcement. As a union delegate I had to attend a rally for him yesterday knowing full well that if he gets elected its a big blow for gun rights in NJ. Already making plans for a new address
  6. I actually have to do this. Will probably just do it in a notebook
  7. I'm partial to products out of the La Zona factory. Espinosa makes lot of really good sticks
  8. How do I get it to automatically jump to the last post instead of the first post in a thread
  9. That was a sparring session for Canelo. Chavez shamed the family name with that fight. I think GGG will easily beat Canelo though
  10. Somebody tell what ffl to ship one to that will transfer it
  11. Welcome to the forums
  12. You know as well as I do that gun owners are painted with very broad brush strokes by the liberal media
  13. Not the poster children for gun rights advocates. This crew of buffoons just makes all of us look bad
  14. Welcome to the forums and to NJ. I'm local to you in Bayonne.