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  1. Very interested, check pm
  2. Great guy to deal with. If anybody needs anything packaged he's the guy, scope could of survived an explosion
  3. My beater is an 02 Jetta TDI (diesel). 280,00 miles and runs great, I drive about 100 miles round trip everyday to work and average 50 mpg. Keeps the miles and wear off my 2014 Ram 2500 Laramie diesel
  4. Actually Matt Emmons shot at USANA in Elmer with me. I shot along side him for years. Still have awards with both our names on it from various team matches.
  5. This was our rental car, most uncomfortable damn thing I've ever driven
  6. Glock was the only semiauto
  7. I hope these videos work IMG_82011.3gp
  8. Me and my better half decided to go for our 10 year anniversary. Awesome place but VERY hectic. Figured you guys would appreciate this 20180218_115623.mp4
  9. I'll take you up on that Lou
  10. I'd like to stay around 500ish
  11. I'm always open to opinions. I don't want a red dot. Talk me into a good scope that resembles the strike eagle. At least an 8x scope
  12. Pics of the Cobalt so far
  13. I was going to but it was another $170 and I figured I already pissed enough away on a wall hanger. Im building a Cobalt Kinetics rifle now and Im gonna have the scope mount cerakoted but not the scope. Think I'm going with a Vortex Strike Eagle
  14. So its raining and I'm bored so i figured I'd share one of my newer toys. Daniel Defense stock Sharps Bros The Jack lower Gibbz G4 side charger Vortex red dot Cmc single stage trigger Fortis Night Rail Faxon Firearms .223 wylde All cerakote done by Blown Deadline