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  1. Way more crimes with >.50 cals than I thought. No wonder they want to ban em. Look at that chart, 9!!! .556 cal guns, 5! .762 cal, plus a .65, a .6 cal, and a .57 cal! It IS a goddamn epidemic. Im surprised any of us are even alive. I understand the need to ban those weapons of war, each obviously capable of taking out an entire refinery, plane, or school with one shot.
  2. Re: Training - Since it is a "right" (hahahahahaha...this is NJ...oh, I made myself sad. ), will we be implementing training for any other "rights?" I'm guessing the state of NJ will also manage to set some sort of fee for this training as proof of completion, and that fee will of course be a reasonable sum of only $500 (to the state) and that courses will obviously only be available february 29th or the 5th Wednesday of any month. Safe storage - *I* feel a reasonable person would think ones own home would be a secure location. .50s - We see so many drive by .50bmg shootings in this state. Sure would be nice if I didn't have to coat everything in 5" thick AR500 to prevent getting shot daily. So yes, lets ban all weapons over .50 cal. Coincidentally, lotta shotguns would become immediately illegal, so bonus for them! Those damn kids - Government can send em off to war at 18, where I'm sure no one handles any guns ever. Maybe NJ should mandate that no NJ soldiers handle guns until 21, either. After all, they aren't with a parent or guardian. Strange how that being an adult thing shifts around depending on what it is you'd like to do... Electronic ammo bullshit - I know of competitors who order multiple cases of .22 - 5000 per case. Just think how NJSP will salivate over going after that potential mass murderer with a single shot .22... Besides, ammo is so cheap and plentiful these days, whats some more layers of bullshit to add to that? Microstamping - glad things like millions of pistols in circulation, files, and spare firing pins don't exist. And better police your brass. Just go to ranges and collect free brass and spread it wherever you see fit to waste your own taxpayer dollars on useless investigations which will go nowhere anyway.
  3. Maybe they are like NJ with redundant background checks, except they have to go above and beyond. One to apply for their version of FID. One to do actual background check by police. Two if they involve state police *and* local police. One to pick up FID. One to buy the gun. One to fill out 4473/forms. One to transfer the gun. One to pick up the gun. Throw in one a month to check up you are still an upstanding subject. Some innocent angels who will certainly become doctors and lawyers may skip a step or two.
  4. "No, no, no....yes" I do believe that you just have to have an FID to travel with long guns all the time, not that you have to have it on you. I carry my ID all the time anyway, so obligatory im not a lawyer/ymmv/do so at your own risk/etc
  5. Obviously the gun jumped into his hand and/or waistband. Likely without the innocent child's knowledge. It, or another sentient gun, also fired itself 8 times with no involvement by any outside forces or people. This also proves limpwristing is a myth, and malfunctions are simply your gun having a bad day. Thankfully it wasn't one of those dangerous AR15s with the shoulder thing that goes up, it would have murdered everyone in Chicago all on its own.
  6. They always have liked playing fast and loose - throw a bunch of crap and see what sticks, let the courts figure out if it was constitutional (only 8 years later). Meanwhile the law abiding get screwed for years, and probably forever cause even if the government gets bitchslapped, theres always a slightly different set of bullshit ready to go. And so much of what has screwed everyone in the country was based off NJ's crap at the time. Think of it like a buffet, taking the worst bits of each state. "Oooh, bullet button, I'll have one of those." "10 round magazines, one of those." "Handguns directly to and from range, big helping of that please." "10 day waiting period, gotta have that." "Different laws for different towns, sounds good." "Assault weapons ban and evil features? That sounds amazing!" "Pistol permits, FIDs, and rediculous amounts of extra background checks, I want all you can give me!"
  7. Its been shotgun for a number of years, since at least before I took you to said WMA. My friend recently went through this. He had to do the online bit, then scheduled the in person part. Test is simple enough most people would likely pass without having ever even studied any of the material IMO. Live fire, I did not notice anyone having significant problems. Gun I used was not one I am great with, and I missed at least one, but they were more concerned with safe handling. My instructor specifically was more interested in talking about my shotgun since it was similar to his. Course is also for kids as young as 10 or 12, so there may be a youth shotgun available which will greatly help you. Unfortunately, a lot of us do not have options ideal for *you*. I will say that a super light single shot 20ga is considerably LESS pleasant to shoot than a normal weight 12ga. That mass of a 12ga helps make it more of a fast push than a sharp kick. I remember your issues with a front heavy gun, so you may have to endure some extra kick for a few shots. You might want a semi auto 12 or 20ga if you can access one, will help absorb more kick. I have a few shotguns you are more than welcome to try (and a thrower) but none are really short models that would fit you properly, nor am I good at explaining how to hit with a shotgun. I am also very low on target loads of 12 or 20 (or .410), so you will need some of your own, but offer stands.
  8. "Sorry, the state of New Jersey E-FID system has a server outage. Try accessing your E-FID again in 24-48 weeks." Nice option for those prone to leaving their ID at home and finding a new toy at the store they want, I guess. Especially since we all have to use an FFL for virtually all transactions most of us would do.
  9. I paid $6.97 in Boonton on the 17th which seems similar to what I have paid for quite some time, if memory serves me. May have been a year since I did last get some though.
  10. I have a LC9S pro and it always surprises me how little felt recoil there is - possibly because I always expect more from such a tiny, light gun. I am certainly not saying its a .22 heavy barrel target pistol which doesn't move when fired, but that my expectations were different than actual results. That said, it is still *not* a gun I would start a new shooter with. I have taken girlfriends shooting, and they have tried my Sig P226, Sig Pro 2022, 1911, and Glock 23 (and .22 pistols, but we will ignore those). Working the slide has been a bigger issue for them, even on larger pistols. Grip fit has been surprisingly less of an issue, especially since I do have bigger hands and they have not. Their inability to safely lock the slide back manually has been one of my biggest concerns and is something I now concentrate on before taking new shooters out. Whatever you get, make sure it fits you well and that manipulating the slide is something you can do. If you have to shift your hand all over to reach controls, or cannot pull the slide back somewhat easily, probably not the best gun for you. Unfortunately, now is a bad time to try a bunch of guns because both guns and ammo can be hard (or at least expensive) to find. Do take Mrs Peel up on her offer to help, she is very good people. Some kind of formal training is not a bad idea, whatever you get. Do not feel pressured to get something which does not fit you well. It is a personal thing, and you need to be comfortable shooting your gun. Something uncomfortable will get shot less, meaning you'll be less prepared if you ever had to use it. Take everything you read online with a grain of salt. There is a lot out there which is very subjective (like my LC9S comment above.) And while gun store employees *can* be helpful, they can just be telling you what you want to hear. If you decide you want something a bit heavier and less compact, especially since you won't be concealed carrying all around NJ, Sig P239 or P225 are metal framed pistols which may fit you due to slimmer grips. You will get 1000s of suggestions as to what is best for someone else. Narrowing things down to what works best for you will always be the hard part. Good luck.
  11. I mean, if they come take you away and put you in a hole, it's not like they give you a cell phone or computer to post, "hey guys, won't be posting anymore for 10-30 years, NJSP nabbed me lolz" We all know this state is wasting tax dollars keeping tabs on this place in some manner or other. All of us who can pass a background check are obviously the problem ones, not the guy who is out on parole or bail for the 14th time in the last 4 years with a multi-page list of felonies on his record. Unlike Mr. ABSOLUTELY reformed THIS time who DEFINITELY won't get arrested and bailed out a 15th time in a few months tops, I'm willing to bet that the level of interaction most of us have with a cops is still at worst a speeding ticket. IMO, do whatever level of permanent you are comfortable with. If you choose not to fully comply, that's on you. I'd suggest in that case to avoid drawing attention to yourself. If you've made efforts to make the mag compliant, I highly doubt you're gonna get further scrutiny unless something else has gone seriously wrong, in which case, you are probably screwed no matter what you do, because they can always try throwing whatever bullshit they want at you and see what sticks.
  12. Price has probably doubled+ at this point, but a Benelli Nova used to be in that price range. I have a Supernova which was under $500 out the door years ago, and I constantly get told how smooth that action is. Mine is one of my favorite guns. Only mentioning these because it is possible they are less popular than say a Remington 870 or Mossberg 500/590, meaning maybe slightly more available. Of your list, I owned a Stevens 320. Only gun I bought that I ever sold off. It liked to eject live shells out the bottom sometimes as you racked the shotgun, usually if going too fast if I remember correctly. Sold it to a friend who knew it had issues and he has been happy with it. It worked well most of the time, felt cheap because it was, and was overall a simple, basic shotgun. If I hadn't had those issues, I still woulda suggested going for an 870 or 500/590 or Nova/Supernova over the Stevens, though for their price points, some woulda been used guns vs a new 320. Mine was like $230 years ago, and I would hate to see anyone spend much more than that for one.
  13. Its those Chinese spies. Much more thorough. Hope you finally found the problem(s).
  14. You can send a .22LR down an AR barrel with the correct conversion parts (the bcg looks different from your linked one) and stock barrel, but don't expect much in way of accuracy. Only .22LR that might be OK in a standard barrel is the Aguila 60gr SSS rounds. Virtually every .22LR barrel is 1:16, while most AR barrels are 1:7, 1:8, 1:9, or occasionally/rarely 1:12. Those SSS rounds tend to shoot poorly out of most .22 barrels because they are 20-24gr heavier than most .22LR Model you linked to requires a specific barrel to work with that BCG. Others i have seen have a 223 shaped protrusion at the front of the BCG, far as I recall. I don't own a .22 conversion but have been considering one for training new shooters. I'd probably do a complete upper.
  15. Eaten by a cougar would be the logical guess.
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