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  1. This doesn't have the effect of law. it is not criminal to violate it. NJ statute allows you to keep a firearm in your home. As long as no one knows you would be OK. In the event the landlord discovers you have a firearm he could break your lease. So get rid of those Glock bumper stickers and tee shirts . It also might make for a nice court case for infringing on your constitutional rights.
  2. lies, damned lies, and statistics I wish everyone would stop using state by state or country by country statistics. It really tells us nothing about crime rates. There are many factors that account for crimes. For example: poverty and gangs. In order for a statistic to be valid there has to be some causality between the factor being considered and the crime. The ease of citizens getting guns has been pretty much shown to have no negative effect on crime. Just look at the crime statistics over the last 20 years in states that have allowed citizens to carry guns. There are areas in each state that account for the vast majority of the crime. If one averages in the "good" areas, states can boast that they have lower crime rates. This is bogus. End of my rant.
  3. Following this logic maybe NJ should turn down 37/50 th of all federal aid that comes from the citizens of these gun friendly states.
  4. Very nice article that will get read and understood by not one of the anti-gun people. It should make us feel good to know they are not telling the truth but it is worthless knowledge until the MSM loses their political agenda and tells the country the real story which is not going to happen. The one takeaway should be the difference between correlation and causation because the misuse of statistics depends upon us not knowing the difference.
  5. Ever the worst anti 2A Republican is worth something in keeping the Senate (and House) majorities pro 2A.
  6. I always have this in my pocket along with the bit set so I can handle most size/type of screws.
  7. Why do I have to pin it? Once the spring is cut it cannot be used without the block.
  8. Does cutting the spring and adding a block make it a permanent modification? This would allow us to open the mag for cleaning/repair.
  9. Also remember that Serena DiMaso of the 13th voted NO so we need to support her. We need a primary challenger to Handlin. Our US Congressman Chris Smith also supports the federal AWB and voted against carry reciprocity so he also has to go.
  10. Two possibilities (assuming you don't want to change calibers to something like a 45): 1-G43 Pocket 9mm Glock 2-An MOS version so you spend some more money and get an optic.
  11. Telling us what you have will make it easier.
  12. First I don't buy at Dick. Send letters, etc. Then only buy their loss leader sales. They probably don't make any (much) money on these so you are not really helping them anyway (and maybe hurting them).
  13. Yes. If you are on the right side of the conflict. You sound like you given up on freedom. Think about the Bundy standoff. Does that happen if everyone is unarmed? This is not a sure thing. We are no where close to this in our times. Think about a ragtag group of rebellious colonists that stood up to the most powerful army the world had ever seen. The first step of every dictator is to disarm the populace one step at a time. The 2a was not put into our Bill of Rights just for fun. This is part of our heritage. Diane Feinstein told us their end game and it doesn't include the word compromise. It is up to us to allow it to happen. My reality doesn't include having some elite in the government telling me what to say, what to print, what God to pray to, or what gun to own. It doesn't allow the government to search me because if I was not guilty of anything I would have not problem being searched.
  14. Watch Wayne live at CPAC2018: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1vOxwAmpAQqGB
  15. President Trump: "What many people don’t understand, or don’t want to understand, is that Wayne, Chris and the folks who work so hard at the @NRA are Great People and Great American Patriots. They love our Country and will do the right thing. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!" 6:31 AM - 22 Feb 2018
  16. SCOTUS only needs 4 justices to take a case and 5 to win. It is possible they have the 4 but not the 5th so they aren't going to take a case and possibly lose. Assuming the 4 left justices are no votes the question is which of the 5 is the problem. I would like to believe it is Kennedy who is ready to retire and might at the end of this term. What scares me is that it is Roberts who will be on the court for some time. I doubt any of the 4 will retire with Trump as President so we will wait and see next term. Until then, as Thomas said, our rights get trampled on, particularly in NJ. btw: I believe Trump has only appointed one judge on our 3rd circuit court of appeals: Stephanos Bibas. I don't think he has any previous rulings on 2A.
  17. MSM is obsessed with guns. It is not rational. Where is the outrage over automobile accidents. On average 100 people die everyday from automobile accidents. That include around 3 children. Everyday. Where are the calls to stop the carnage, restricting who can drive, where people can drive (like a car free school zone within say 1000 feet of any school), electronic id locks on cars so only the registered owner can drive the car, restrictions on the weight of the cars, the size of the cars. If only one child can be saved wouldn't it be worth it?
  18. Also the doctors that work for the large conglomerates are limited in how much time they can spend with each patient. Trying a doctor that is in a standalone or small group practice might be better.
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