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  1. I have a friend who lives in Parsippany. Took her 8 months. Parsippany PD just sucks.
  2. Just to be clear I'm not implying that a Beretta 92 is a POS. I have an Italian made 92F that I'm quite fond of. Whenever a product is mass produced some are bound to be finished late Friday afternoon. I've had to return a Sig, a Henry and a Savage for repair. I never did return the Savage though, it was a loose fore end and Savage wanted me to pay the return shipping so I traded that Savage and another one I owned for a Ruger. I'm now a bit hesitant to purchase another Savage product.
  3. All charges will be dropped except for speeding. You heard it here first.
  4. For you streaming service I recommend FUBU. They have all three major networks in their packages plus Paramount TV for Yellowstone. They also have many other channels almost like a cable tv service. You also get a cloud dvr that allows you to record up to 500 hours of programing and no limit on how many recorded at once. PBS is an issue. I think they have a monthly streaming subscription but I passed due to the expense. This is through PBS not FUBU. In addition you do not get TBS or Turner Classic or CNN or any other networks affiliated with them. FUBU offers a free trial so you can check them out. I like that I can watch anywhere I'm at with the FUBU app so I don't need a TV subscription for the vacation home just an internet connection. Feel free to PM for more detailed answers to your questions
  5. Sorry forgot to get back to you. The RAK 9 was flawless. I however was not.
  6. brucin


    I can wait a year and they'll be selling for less that MSRP. I still really want one though.
  7. Receipts, we don't need no stinkin' receipts.
  8. Pin must off the table for rimfire too. As long as firearm safety is practiced I don't think it will be an issue. I've seen several young girls shoot there. You don't have to be a member and I believe you are limited to 20 rounds or 2 mags. It makes things move along quicker. Usually it's $5 per try and 5 tries for $20 The table is only about 2' x 5' and the distance is 10 yards. For PCC and rimfire carbine there are also 5 plastic pins hung at 25 yards that only have to be hit in addition to the 5 at 10 yards that must be off the table. That's how it was done last year. If any one comes to the shoot come and say hello. I have long rather gray hair.
  9. Check out my post in events and meet ups. If you want more info PM me.
  10. I'm using it this weekend in a bowling pin shoot. I'll let you know how it performs.
  11. I got to fondle one of those at a shop in NY a few weeks ago. Completely legal there. I Could have had it for a cool $270 but was half way home and didn't want to risk bringing into NJ. It was quite heavy for a BB gun. After watching the video I may pick one up and leave it at the NY house. Just seems like too much fun to pass up.
  12. I agree they certainly have to pick their battles but what is going on in Dem run cities is dereliction of duty plain and simple. After watching the video of several gangbangers shooting at each other and no charges brought I would hope the voters of Chirac WTFU and run Kim Foxx out of town on a rail.
  13. EAST BANGOR SPORTSMANS ASSOCIATION Bowling with Bullets - Bowling Pin Shoot. October 24th 2021 - Classes for Rimfire and Centerfire Revolvers and Semiauto pistols, Rimfire carbines and PCC. $5 fee per entry. Practice at 9AM shoot will start at 9:30AM. Memberships for the 2021-2022 membership year will be available during the shoot. 152 Bangor Vein Road, Bangor, PA
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