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  1. With an adaptor the RAK 9 will take either Beretta 92 or Glock magazines. It's a different adaptor for each type. I have the Beretta adaptor and it ran them flawlessly. It also moves the release from the traditional AK behind the magazine to a side release. They did not drop free but I think with more use that will change.
  2. I put about 100 rounds using both the factory magazines and with the optional adaptor Beretta 92 mags. Not a hiccup. While not the first thing I'd grab, in my limited experience I think it would be fine as a home defense PCC. I have only put ball ammo through it. I have not tried self defense rounds.
  3. Yes It's pretty fun to shoot. I changed the furniture to something more classic AK. he polymer stock it comes with is just fuggly.
  4. Say what you want about a rotary phone, you could use one to beat an intruder unconscious and then call the police with it to come and clean up the mess. Try that with and iPhone.
  5. E-mail it to him and he can print it out. I can see some establishments refusing to accept the digital ones because "ya know, It's the law"
  6. I would definitely come to the next shotgun shoot to try different guns but I will say the only shotgun I bought new I sold. I have purchased a few used ones at gun shows for a reasonable price and I'm happy. If you must have brand new then by all means do so but if you're patient you can get a good deal on a pre owned model. I saw a few at a PA gun show 2 weeks ago that were reasonably priced.
  7. Mine is not quite that bad but I do have to give her directions to places we've been going to for 20 years. By landmarks not North South East or West
  8. My wife does not think this is funny.
  9. If you have your mail forwarded you'll get your unsolicited absentee ballot so you can still cast a vote for Ed.
  10. I'm going to be staying in Cape Coral so I'll have to check out that shop. My brother in law also mentioned going to the Cecil M Webb shooting range. Are you familiar with it.
  11. I have my appointment but had to go to the local Dept. Of Agriculture office in North Port. None of the tax assessors offices in the area are accepting non resident applications. I had to take appointments on the day I'm leaving because everything else was booked and I'm not going for a few months.
  12. I will take one lot of the m855 if we can meet at the same place as last time next week.
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