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  1. Another vote for the Sig. It's next on my list as well. I would also add that "there really is no purpose for a DA/SA hammer fired pistol today" is a topic for a separate discussion.
  2. laabci

    GLOCK 19 or...

    The Sig P320 and HK VP9 look interesting and time will tell how good they are. For now it's PPQ.
  3. Congrats ! I bought my M&P 45 from them last year - they offered the best price.
  4. Just curious what is a Destructive Device in this context ?
  5. Congrats on your decision. Last year I was making a similar decision. Chose the Beretta mostly because of price. I love it and I have absolutely no regrets. I still would like to own a Sig one day but it won't be a 9mm. I'm thinking P220 or P227.
  6. Sportsman's Rendezvous in Flemington won't let you handle a gun without a Purchase Permit. They claim "an auditor" told them it's required.
  7. I've always liked Breakfree CLP but EEzox is becoming my new favorite.
  8. I have an M2 which I really like but if I had a choice I would definitely go with an M1
  9. I have the Mark III - prefer the heavier feel and I'm very happy with it. If you do buy one follow njplinker's suggestion and buy a model with replaceable grips.
  10. I second the PPQ recommendation ( and the P99) It also appears that SA XD meets all your criteria - if you like it go for it.
  11. Given my somewhat large hands I was surprised that the Shield was more comfortable to me than the Compact.
  12. I picked up Champion at Heritage last week for $30.
  13. My current favorite handgun is PPQ but not because it's striker-fired. The firing mechanism does not influence my gun preferences. 92FS was my first and I still enjoy shooting it.
  14. I'm not a Glock owner but I'd guess that it's not the age but the mileage that really matters. As long as it was properly maintained I don't see a reason an older polymer gun would be any differently than an all-metal gun.
  15. So I finished shooting at EFGA,packed up my stuff and get in my car. I turn the radio on and and that's who is playing. Coincidence ? Destiny ? I thought it was funny. And yes, I did use my revolver.
  16. With the manufacturer, that is I'm wondering if it is beneficial or just used for sending out marketing info. Can you send a gun in for repairs without it being registered ?
  17. I recently decided to purchase a polymer gun as well. I wanted something smaller than my 92FS but still comfortable in my hand. I was never a Glock guy but wanted to give G19 a shot. Unfortunately it really bothered me that most of my pinky was hanging below the grip. I ended up getting a PPQ and I'm very happy with it. Fits my hand really well, has 15-rd mags and shoots like a dream. So I vote Walther.
  18. laabci

    Walther ppq

    Saw one last week at Heritage/Branchburg.
  19. I was set on exactly the same 2 guns a while ago. I wasn't able to find M&P9 (full size) and ended up getting a Beretta 92FS - very happy with it. I had initially thought about getting the 686 (stainless steel) but when I saw the 586 with the wood grips I knew I had to have it. Found the first 586 in Hackettstown but surprisingly they refused to keep it for me even with a full payment. A week later found another much closer to home at Heritage. You won't be disappointed with any of those. Keep calling/visiting the stores. Inventories are much better now than they were a few months ago.
  20. 45 Auto usually refers to 45ACP (the A in 'ACP' stands for Auto)
  21. I'm keeping my info in a spreadasheet but have recently come across Rangelog.com and I'm debating whether I should switch.
  22. Congrats ! Now I really appreciate the fact that I was able to get mine in 20 days. Having so much time I'm sure you already have your picks.
  23. You can probably get by for now with the TL-WR1043ND. However, at some point down the road you will have to upgrade. Bandwidth and computing demands only go up. I believe it was Bill Gates who said: 'no one will ever need more than 640k of memory' An AC router will set you back around $200 but it should be good for the next 2-3 years.
  24. Howard, When I click on the link the top of the page shows their latest offering - AC 1750. However, the TL-WR1043ND is "only" an N router.
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