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  1. Does the x compact use the same trigger mechanism unit as the regular p320? I could just install a flat trigger on it. if so, I could just do a caliber xchange and not have to waste a permit.
  2. I think I want one.... we have a price yet?
  3. I have a big boy in 357. Color case hardened steel.... beautiful gun. It has a custom serial number also. got it last May, ran 50 slow rounds through it perfectly. Ran another 50-100 last night, but a lot quicker, and the hammer screw started to walk out, about an 8th of an inch before I noticed it. after tightening it , I checked after every tube, and it was looser every time and needed to be screwed back in tight.
  4. Find out the issue yet with this Henry? went to the range last night and had a problems with trigger screw walking out on my Henry big boy. Every time I cycled the gun fast the trigger screw would become loose. wonder if their quality is going downhill.
  5. Im indifferent to finger grooves, I dislike the “cut out” on the bottom of the grip.
  6. I have a gen 5 g19 I’ve been looking to get rid of. Has factory night sights
  7. Sweet looking gun. mine is still at remixers. Have a bunch of revolvers waiting for pick up.
  8. I rather have a blued gun. not to many out there, and he had one available at the time.
  9. Pleasure meeting @M4BGRINGO today and picking up a nice Smith and Wesson 13-2. PM me/text me other pistols, I might be interested!
  10. In old bridge you don’t have to drop off anything but payment. And they are working on a system for online payment , so you don’t have to go In at all until you pick up.
  11. This isn’t just the background check, this is the whole application process.
  12. all my permits are accounted for. Colt official police and smith and Wesson Highway patrolman coming your way.!
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