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  1. You used to have to sign it in front of them. With the introduction of FARS I'm not 100% sure what the new procedure would be.
  2. If you've lived in Jersey for 10 years or more there is no additional forms you need to fill out for the Mental Health check.
  3. Anthony Colandro, the owner of GFH is on here, hopefully he can clear it up and give you some suggestions. If you're on FB, hit him up. I'm sure he'll be happy to help you out.
  4. I have my own guns, so I've never rented but I've always heard places like RTSP rent by the caliber/hr. Meaning you can rent 9mm for the hour and switch the gun out for another 9mm. Personally, I'd go with 9mm, .22LR pistols tend to be finicky and can jam often. Ranges will require you to use their ammo if you're renting. They want to be sure you aren't using reloads in them. Also, like mentioned above, they make more money that way. I'd try out a H&K VP9, S&W M&P9 2.0...there's others but those have fit my hand the best with the same grip as I assume you have.
  5. Check out this thread for some ideas and more info....just sayin' FireARm Build and Picture Thread
  6. I've been checking them the last few days...out of stock
  7. @Underdog my MIL and SIL camp here annually. They're open and should be close to you. https://campthegreatdivide.com/
  8. Thanks a lot...now I want to build a Glock 19. Gold barrel, ported slide, gold accents like mag release, slide stop, mag plate, etc. If anyone has a site I can get a frame for a Glock 19 from let me know. I'm also looking at the NOMAD G19 frame. A bit more expensive but is a really nice piece.
  9. InFamous


    This. It happened to me too the first time I used FARS. My one reference didn't get the email and my PD had to resend it, they also said if for some reason he didn't get it the second time they would send one via snail mail for me. I just applied for new permits last night and this time the same reference received it right away so it seems to be just a glitch.
  10. I ordered some from sportsmansguide.com earlier in the week. Check to see if they still have what you want in stock.
  11. It's possibly on the FARS application. I'll have to check where I saw it when I get home from work later.
  12. I'm tired of having to load multiple cases into my truck when I go to the range. If I can fit two rifles and 2-3 handguns in this it'll be a win. I go the 42" one in black. My longest AR is in a 40" hard case right now so it'll be fine. I wanted as small as possible.
  13. I just ordered one yesterday because of this post, can't wait to get it. It looks awesome.
  14. If you have resided in NJ, even at multiple addresses, for over 10 years the mental health check form is no longer needed. They have the information already. If less than 10 years they will require it.
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