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Bklynracer's Feedback

  1. Lawnmower2021 left Positive feedback   

    Nice and friendly, very simple transaction.

    Bklynracer was The Seller

  2. TommyGun left Positive feedback   

    Excellent seller and super nice guy, glad to meet and deal with. Thank you for the hat!

    Bklynracer was The Seller

  3. boypirate left Positive feedback   

    Great seller! Spent time to explain how the thrower works so I dont lose any limbs! Thanks John!

    Bklynracer was The Seller

  4. My1stGlock left Positive feedback for a topic   

    WTS - For the Whiskey / Bourbon drinkers.
    Smooth transaction and he was even early! Great chatting with ya!

    Bklynracer was The Seller

  5. ajr576 left Positive feedback   

    Great transaction and conversation... thanks, John!

    Bklynracer was The Seller

  6. brucin left Positive feedback   

    Another smooth easy transaction.

    Bklynracer was The Seller

  7. kc10dave left Positive feedback   

    Great doing business! Very good communication. Flexible with meet-up for transaction. Trusted seller and recommend to all. Definitely conduct future business. Thanks

    Bklynracer was The Seller

  8. Stuntman22 left Positive feedback   

    thanks for driving up to unity arms to make the sale.

    Bklynracer was The Seller

  9. njgun24 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    WTS .22lr
    Pleasure to deal with. Smooth easy transaction. Thanks!

    Bklynracer was The Seller

  10. bossnagy left Positive feedback   

    Easy transaction. As described. Great guy to do business with

    Bklynracer was The Seller

  11. brucin left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Any Bourbon/Whiskey Drinkers out there
    Great guy who made the transaction easy. A pleasure to do business with.

    Bklynracer was The Seller

  12. CAL. .30 M1 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    SOLD: Champion Easybird Trap Thrower (07418)
    Nice easy transaction.... even for some from near the Hook.... :)

    Bklynracer was Trading

  13. Maksim left Positive feedback   

    Great guy, polite, great convo! Thanks.

    Bklynracer was Trading

  14. TheMan left Positive feedback   

    Fast payment, great communication, item shipped out today.

    Bklynracer was Trading

  15. Malsua left Positive feedback   

    Great guy, nice to meet you! Hope you enjoy it!

    Bklynracer was Trading

  16. 67gtonut left Positive feedback   

    Great Transaction!!! Enjoyed the talk

    Bklynracer was Trading

  17. JT Custom Guns left Positive feedback   

    Excellent person to do business with - could not be nicer people Thank you for your business! JT

    Bklynracer was Trading

  18. diamondd817 left Positive feedback   

    Excellent buyer. Smooth transaction.

    Bklynracer was Trading

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