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  1. Not Surprised The Cancer from NJ CT NY will spread to the free states hopefully their gun owners will stand up and fight these bs bills.
  2. Poll says nope. In NJ if you have unpaid parking tickets you will get denied.
  3. My vote is for a H&K VP9 9mm in FDE ;-) i Love mine :-)
  4. Hello @badbaj For NJ Legal AR, The Barrel has to be 16" minamal. You will have to get the flash hider removed and a muzzle break pinned and welded on the barrel. If it has a folding or telescoping stock that has to be pinned to unless u build one with a fixed stock. I had complete uppers shipped to me in Nj and just took it to my gun store to do the muzzle brake pin and welding. You could do a 14.5" barrel with a Muzzel Brake that is1.5" to make it 16" total since the measurement includes the Muzzle brake :-) Hope this helps you friend.
  5. WHOA we Got Keyboard Warrior! Why can't we all just be friends? OK everybody hold hands and ready? Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
  6. Im pretty sure he can not give you any gun handgun rifle or pellet gun in Jermany state. I beleive he can sell them to you after you get your FID and permit for each pistol. but simple answer nobody can legally give you any firearm Without you having the proper forms and going threw a FFL gun store.
  7. He got what he deserved. I don't care if you lose your life. you signed your death the moment you pull a gun on police. Just another dip Sh*t Crazy Antifa Member off the streets.
  8. Before Rick and the Gang beat negan Negan was using a factory to reload ammo so atleast they did it in one season. they had the Smart mullet guy as boss of the reloading factory. thus in the end mullet overloaded the ammo and boom! helped rick gang win. *spoiler alert* LOL
  9. And who mows the darn grass? i have always wondered. if sound attracts zombies why are they not using .22's are more silent and can kill the brain. as i was told years ago a .22 will just bounce off inside the skull making brain shredded
  10. Cant even sell my crossbow on FB cuz its a ASSAULT Weapon of War in the eyes or FB Liberal Leaders. But you can sell Ammo on FB. like wth
  11. Yeah im just not able to go tonight got other life problems came. But i did finish watching WWII in HD season one threw amazon prime video. great series to watch also.
  12. SOB! i wanted to see this and now i cant grr. hope somewhere online i can rent it.
  13. Samsung Note 8 Or if you want the lastest upgraded version Note 9! Beast of Phones, or Phablets as we call them. :-)
  14. I bought 2 10 round mag blocks from magblocks site, went bought jbweld epoxy removed the floor plate as instruced and epoxied the mags closed. over night hard as cement and cant open. without messing the mag up. even did my 10/30 hexplates that has removable floor. ppl said they are ok in NJ but i dont want to take the chance, too many Anti douchers to keep em non epoxied. This is just me. when i move to a free state i might sell or pick a random unlucky nj gun owner and give em away lol that is if they dont pass the bill for 5 rounds in a month.
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