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  1. lilred121986

    Amazing WWI Documentary

    Yeah im just not able to go tonight got other life problems came. But i did finish watching WWII in HD season one threw amazon prime video. great series to watch also.
  2. lilred121986

    Amazing WWI Documentary

    SOB! i wanted to see this and now i cant grr. hope somewhere online i can rent it.
  3. lilred121986

    For Sale: RIA VR-80 S.A. Tactical Shotgun (NIB)

    Oh my my my <3 pardon my drool!
  4. lilred121986

    Recommend a Smartphone (Verizon)

    Samsung Note 8 Or if you want the lastest upgraded version Note 9! Beast of Phones, or Phablets as we call them. :-)
  5. lilred121986

    epoxy mag pistol floor plates with magblocks

    I bought 2 10 round mag blocks from magblocks site, went bought jbweld epoxy removed the floor plate as instruced and epoxied the mags closed. over night hard as cement and cant open. without messing the mag up. even did my 10/30 hexplates that has removable floor. ppl said they are ok in NJ but i dont want to take the chance, too many Anti douchers to keep em non epoxied. This is just me. when i move to a free state i might sell or pick a random unlucky nj gun owner and give em away lol that is if they dont pass the bill for 5 rounds in a month.
  6. lilred121986

    Sad time for NJ

    TO Nazi Germany pretty much! Just waiting on the ban everything and try to come take the guns.My advice Get out and leave this shithole of a state and go where they are not gun hating douchebags. Im myself in the saving up planning to escape this hell hole. NC or Tnn is some of my option to move to a free state
  7. lilred121986

    new SCAR 20S

    Unless i hit the lotto i can never see myself paying 4,500 on one gun
  8. lilred121986

    Greasing your AR???

    I used to use reg gun oil, But then i came across SLip2000 EWL and never looked back. I perfer this over reg oil, as it sticks and last longer in my opinion. I can clean and lube and let the ar sit threw winter and when i go back to the range after winter its still lubed and ready for some freedom rings.
  9. lilred121986

    7.62x39 ARs

    I use Wolf steel case in my 7.62 AR Cuz i got them for a good deal.
  10. lilred121986

    Selling 15 rounders

    25 for one! i have 6 shit guess i aint paying to get em pin them. Anybody has a boat i can come on a ride ;-) haha An PA ppl looking for VP9 mags lol
  11. lilred121986

    7.62x39 ARs

    I built my AR-47 Anderson lower stock lower parts only non 5.56 parts is the barrel, Mags,Bolt carrier group. Things eat steel round like butter, I recently had the extractor break but 17 dollar part and back in business. This is my build: I bought the upper complete assembled from MAS defense with the Bolt Carrier and charging handle https://www.masdefense.com/ And this is the mags i have https://gunmagwarehouse.com/asc-ar-15-7-62-soviet-5-round-stainless-steel-magazine.html#92=176 When i built mine i saw some ppl say it wont run or youll have problems some called them the problem child. BUT i havent had any problems besides the extractor broke last week. but like said 17 bucks and its back shooting. I love the 7.62x39. not expensive ammo for target shooting and i like to have different caliburs.
  12. THIRD CIRCUIT DENIES INJUNCTION IN MAG BAN CASE 2 DAYS AFTER PAPERS SUBMITTED October 12, 2018. ‎The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit denied ANJRPC's motion for an injunction pending appeal in our challenge to New Jersey's magazine ban, just two days after both sides submitted their initial briefs. The denial was "without prejudice," which means that the motion can be made again should circumstances warrant. The denial came with no opinion or explanation, and may indicate that the Third Circuit‎ intends to rule in the appeal itself before expiration of the 180 compliance period on December 10. ‎Please watch for further updates and alerts, and for ANJRPC's guidance to gun owners coming later this month. https://www.anjrpc.org/page/ThirdCircuitDeniesInjunction
  13. From what i understand from the law that Mayor Ahole signed we have til December 10th to destroy, forfeit to cops or block to 10 rounds. Can i sell them before the 10th? legally?
  14. lilred121986

    Magazine Ban Upheld

    Next stop 5 rounds! i wish the Nazi anti gunners in power of NJ will stop saying nj citizens, we are its subjects and just here to bend over and take it up the butt. Sorry for my language but unless they all kick the bucket which we can all hope for right? lol next is 5 rouns then gun will be taken. Save money move out of this shit hole called NJ.
  15. lilred121986

    Fake Surpressor Legal or Illegal?

    Im Looking into doing another AR15 Build. I couldn't find any other post about fake surpressors on here. so i figure i will ask You guys and Gals! The barrel will be 16" and the Fake surpressor will slide over the last 6" of the barrel. Are they legal to have i know i have to have it pinned and welded like a muzle break. Are they NJ Legal? Can they Be Pinned and Welded? For example like this one: Fake Suppressor Slip Over Thanks yall!

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