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  1. Meant that shipping would be included. Price would be “make me an offer”. I should have been more specific Also, it’s actually: 3x PMags 4x MFT 3x Hexmags
  2. My safe is one of the small, under the bed types (able to fit my AR with a mag and a few handguns), so the moving company had no issue with it. Regarding the guns and ammo, I took those with me in the car. With the guns, ammo, and range bag in the trunk, I had almost no room left back there. Looking back at it, I should have had the moving company haul my car (company was paying), and gotten a one way rental of an SUV or something like that. We all gotta make sacrifices.
  3. I would guess that there is no lawsuit because ANJRPC, NRA, et al know that they need to pick their battles due to finite resources.
  4. You can just as easily kill someone with a shot to the leg...Just need to hit an artery. Lethal force is lethal force. Besides, if I’m in a situation that requires me to shoot, I’m aiming for whatever part of them gets me a hit and incapacitates them, whether that’s center mass or their forehead.
  5. I like my Streamlight TLR-2G on my VP9. I always laugh when I use it at the range. It's like using cheat codes. My VP9 happens to be my main HD gun. I'll take a laser at 3 AM, thank you very much.
  6. I have some 15 rounders that I would like to part ways with. Should be: 3 Gen 2 pmags (pinned by Remixer) 3 Mission First Tactial 2 Hex Mags I'm not local anymore (got a job in a free state) but I could throw them in a flate rate box, no charge to you if you take them all.
  7. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were to write it in a way that is similar to how the 2C:39-6 exemptions were. As Nappen has pointed out in the past, those exemptions are defenses in court and the onus is on you to prove that you are within the exemption. I’m sure the onus will be on all of us to prove without a shadow of a doubt that the mags were owned prior to the ban, and if you can’t, say hello to being a felon. TL,DR - I’m not getting excited about them possibly grandfathering anything, as I guarantee they’ll find a way to screw us.
  8. I would add a good sling to that list. You never know when you'll need to carry that AR, and I use it to aim and steady my rifle. My shooting either standing or kneeling has vastly improved since adding my two point sling.
  9. Most of your story sounds like more hassle than it's worth, so I'll stay far away from HG. With that said, I can understand the eye protection thing. The vast majority of sunglasses make for extremely poor eye protection. About the most they'll protect you from is ejecting brass. I'm assuming that HG doesn't want to get sued if something happens and you lose an eye or two. I'm actually amazed that more people don't spend the few bucks for actual shooting glasses from someone like Smith Optics or ESS. They really don't cost that much in the grand scheme of things and you can get both clear and tinted lenses.
  10. I watched it live, but I don't remember hearing if they'll be calling out whether the guns were purchased legally or were stolen. I doubt that they'll publish THAT data. Even if they do though, they'll just turn it against us anyway. "You legal gun owners aren't responsible enough" or some nonsense like that. They'll find a way to use it against us...
  11. Rhetorical question.
  12. So if we know that the guns being used in crime aren't being purchased in New Jersey, why exactly do we need more/stricter gun laws in this state? Edit: Rhetorical question alert.
  13. Minimum barrel length is 16", but a 14.5" barrel is good to go as long as it has a 1.5" long permanently pinned/welded muzzle brake.
  14. I've had my Sig M400 for about a year now, and after 1000+ rounds, it's treated me well. If this is your first AR and have only shot one a few times prior, you probably don't know exactly what you want yet (I didn't know exactly what I wanted when I bought mine). My suggestion is to get a mid-priced AR for your first one, with the expectation that you'll do some upgrades, and build your second (you'll want a second, trust me). My biggest regret with my AR is that it's not a free float barrel. I would definitely recommend that you make that a "must have", simply because once you have that muzzle brake welded on, it's a bit of a pain to change the gas block and other hardware to free float. Edit: Now that I have a better idea of what I like, I'm thinking that my next AR will be free float, 18" with 1/8 twist, feature a mid-length gas system, and be chambered in .223 Wylde. The existing AR can remain as the carbine.
  15. I don't plan on selling mine, but my 15 round AR magazines will be relegated to the spare parts bin in about a month.