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  1. I think I paid $11 each or something like that for my Hexmags. When you consider shipping, I’m not sure if it’s even worth sending in for warranty for one finicky mag. I’ll probably continue to use them at the range, so if the others start giving me issues I’ll send them in. I’m hoping it’s just this one though.
  2. I should have added that you should be good to go on the Spike’s lower you posted, as it is not banned by name. My comment was just regarding “a lower is a lower”. The full auto thing shouldn’t be an issue since the switch wouldn’t even go to that position anyway. Purely cosmetic. Of course, this is subject to change, and they do like to ban cosmetic features...
  3. I’m not so sure about that. I was under the impression that a Colt lower labeled “AR-15” is a no go in NJ, because it is specifically banned by name in the law (NJSA 2C:39-1).
  4. I was loading the mag with the bolt open. Also, I had shot 3 or 4 full magazines with it yesterday before it starting doing this. The other Hexmag I had with me at the range was fine. Today, I tried loading it to 15 with 3 brands of ammo, and the same issue.
  5. I had a Hexmag shit the bed yesterday at the range. 14 rounds went in fine, but the 15th needed a little extra push. When I finally got that last round in, it swelled the magazine's width to the point it wouldn't fit into the magwell. I took it apart and cleaned it, and still the same. Still able to use it with 14 rounds, but what's the fun in that? On the plus side, I got to run some new Mission First Tactical mags and they didn't give me any issue at all. I think I'll pick up a few more of those. I just wish they could come apart for cleaning...damn New Jersey.
  6. It seems that way for every package that I get. Every package I’ve gotten in the past few years has showed signature required when I tracked it with FedEx or UPS, but the drivers almost never ring my doorbell. I believe that the last time they rang my doorbell was a set of tires from TireRack.
  7. I’m sure there’s plenty, but the last nail in the coffin seems to be Alex’s Facebook expose the day before NJSAFE Conference. Alex basically accused NRA/ANJRPC of collusion with certain other ranges (mainly GFH if you read between the lines) to squash the Ramsey range for business reasons. I’m honestly surprised that I haven’t read of a pending defamation suit against Alex. I certainly didn’t see any proof to back what he wrote. As for magazines...attempting to compromise probably won’t work, since they hold all of the power at the state level. Maybe it’s time for NRA/ANJRPC/SAF/every other 2A organization to ready a legal team to sue the state into oblivion?
  8. I’m not sure there will be anything left to salvage at that point. Welcome to New California.
  9. Absolutely disgraceful. This state deserves what it will get.
  10. I wonder if we can all claim asylum in another state due to impeding political persecution?
  11. I voted this morning. Easy choice to vote for Kim. Let’s hope it’s all the antis who don’t show up, like Christie’s last election.
  12. Looks to be FedEx home, which sounds like that’s my problem. I didn’t opt for it, it’s whatever Brownells chose for free shipping. Maybe I’ll try to avoid it going forward.
  13. Seems that FedEx won’t allow me to have it held anywhere, including a FedEx hub. If it wasn’t scheduled to be delivered on Halloween...simply too much foot traffic for my liking.
  14. I'm assuming that a "FedEx Hub" is the same as what FedEx calls a "FedEx Ship Center" on their website? Maybe I'll just go direct and work from home the day it's due back.
  15. I’ve bought ammo online before, but this shipment is shipping FedEx instead of UPS. FedEx usually gets to my house in the morning or early afternoon, while UPS usually delivers after I get home from work. I believe that I could digitally authorize the release, but needless to say, I don’t want a case of ammo sitting outside all day. Is there any issue with having FedEx hold the package at one of their drop points (such as a Walgreens)? It’s handgun ammo if that makes a difference.