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  1. I actually quite like the P365's trigger. It's similar to my P320's trigger in many ways. I've shot and handled a few 365s, including the one I own. While it's not that crisp of a trigger, it is relatively smooth and I find it to be highly controllable. Oh, firing or dry firing the trigger a few hundred or thousand times will help to break it in.
  2. Same here. I either have one on me or in my car pretty much every time I go anywhere.
  3. Which pocket holster do you like for the 365? I usually carry 5 o'clock IWB, but I thought that pocket might be nice on occasion. Easier with a t-shirt.
  4. Nice looking build! What optic is going on it?
  5. I’m almost done with an SPR build. I think I just need some offset MBUS sights and a nicer bolt catch, and I’m gtg. I had a spare SSA in there when I shot it a few weeks ago, but now I have an SSA-E in there instead. It was a bunch of fun to ring steel and hit pop up targets at 300 yards. If only my range went further. Ah well.
  6. That's a pretty sweet lower! I might need to get my hands on that bolt catch if it can be used on Aero lowers. I've seen the light recently and have been buying Radian Talon safeties. Once you go short throw, you can't go back. I might have to give the Raptor charging handle a try for my current .300 BLK pistol build, although the MSRP isn't much different than the Geissele SCH and ACH I have in my other rifles.
  7. Sorry to revive a dead thread, but I live in an apartment and I came up with this. DeWalt folding workbench (got mine at Home Depot) 4" Irwin vise (probably from Lowes) Trigger clamps 20" x 7" x 3/4" oak board Bolted the vise to the center of the 3/4" thick board. The bolt holes on the vise happen to line up with an X pattern on the bench. Clamped the vise to the bench with the trigger clamps. I take the vise off of the bench when folding it for storage. Portable, folding work bench that easily fits in a closet when not in use. I've built a few ARs with this. Never had any issues torquing on or removing barrel nuts. Finding a good gunsmith here in SC was kind of a pain. Either they're not open when I'm free, or are part time because it's just a hobby and aren't available since their primary job comes first. I used one highly rated "smith" to swap the barrel on my AR and after I got home found that nothing was torqued to spec. After that, I vowed to do it myself from here on in. Sure, I spent hundreds on the bench, vise and tools, but now I can do all the work myself whenever I want and I know the work is done correctly.
  8. PSA definitely has a sense of humor.
  9. Agreed! My first gun was a VP9 from Howell Gun Works. For a first time buyer, I HIGHLY recommend them! I was able to put a bunch of guns in my hands and see what felt best. I haven't been there since moving to SC, but their selection on 9 mm handguns was very good when I lived in the area. For central NJ, I can also recommend Monmouth Arms since they tended to have better prices, but Steve didn't have the selection of HGW, which I think is important if you aren't sure what you want. Again, may be different now...
  10. When I moved to SC I wanted my muzzle brake removed and a flash hider put on. After some research, it just didn't seem worth the hassle of getting the Dremel out to do it myself or getting a gunsmith to do it. Wound up with a Faxon that I've been quite happy with, and wound up using the old barrel and other spare parts to build another AR.
  11. Cool video! Subscribed to his channel!
  12. I also have a Model 52, and it's pretty good. The straight line access is much nicer than traditional safe designs, and it wasn't too difficult to get it up to my third floor apartment. It isn't an actual safe by any means, so there's no fire protection and isn't going to stop someone who's determined, but that's what my supplemental insurance policy is for. Paired with my alarm system, I'm confident that it will stop a smash and grab thug, which is what I am concerned about. Anyone savvy enough to disable my alarm system is robbing the wrong house. Maybe I'll get something beefier if I buy a house, but until then, it should do the job just fine. Considering that just about any RSC can be cut into with a $20 grinding wheel from Harbor Freight, I recommend layers of deterrence instead of putting everything into your "safe".
  13. If you're in Cherry Hill, do you have any friends or family across the river in PA?
  14. I added a P365 on Black Friday weekend. Local shop here in Greenville was blowing out the P365 TacPacs (3x 12 round mags plus a holster) for $479. I was thinking about getting a second Shield 2.0 as a backup with the massive sales and rebates, but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to carry 12+1 in the same form factor as my 7+1 Shield. The holster it comes with isn't much to speak of, and I already ordered a Clock Tuck 3.5, but isn't a bad backup holster. It also fits very nicely into a small pistol rug, so it works well for those times when I can't carry, but still want something in the glove box (AKA every day since work doesn't allow CCW). Once the Cloak Tuck comes in, I figure the P365 will be my main carry with the Shield as my number 2. With the P365, I will likely retire my P320 compact from the rotation. If anything, I can add a 15 rounder to my P365 and be about the same height as the P320, but still thinner.
  15. When I was going, you had to own the chamber flags. They sell them, but they're cheap online.
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