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Home Range

Found 28 results

  1. Hello, new owner of a handgun in NJ. Had a question for all of you experts out there! I keep seeing all these different things online so I have an suv so the trunk area is accessible to the back seat area. From my understanding, it needs to be locked in a case and its fine to be in the trunk of my suv? Also my other question.. the ammo.. that needs to be in a separate case? Does it need to have a lock on it or can it just be a bag with a zipper?
  2. A fellow forum was asking about a display case for his wife’s pistol I believe. So I decided after seeing some display cases for insane prices, to make my own out of more or less cheap prices. This one will be for my Nighthawk Custom Falcon 1911. I started out with a humidor I had when I was on a cigar kick with the club. Humidors make perfect cases for your gun. Why? Its designed to keep moisture in so your cigars don’t dry out. Ones that are well made have a nice tight seal. ‘But John, we don’t want to keep moisture in. It will hurt the gun’. Correctomundo! But using it to keep moisture out works too! If you are not a cigar smoker, a humidor keeps the cigars from drying out by putting a moisture pad inside. We simply won’t be using the moisture pad nor the cheapo humidity gauge they usually give you. So lets start. One used but still in great shape humidor with glass lid. If you don’t have one, you can pick up something decent for about $50. I added a lik leather NH tag to use to open lid. They are air tight and easier to open with something to grab. If you use a humidor, they sometimes come with a lil shelf and divider. Toss them. Next, we added a little antique bronze clasp. 5 for $12 on Amazon. They come with tiny wood screws. You’ll need a jeweler type phillips head and a small awl to start a hole. Do not screw in without a starter hole. Also a mini pad lock with skeleton key. Next, you’ll want something to lay in there like velvet. I chose purple velvet. Rather than buy it by the yard, I actually got 2 - 14”x14” pillow shams with zippers on Amazon for about $11... This is a lot cheaper than buying it by the yard plus you don’t gave to sew anything. Just stuff it and zip it. You will need something to stuff it. That is your choice. I already had a bag of poly fill from another project. You can even rio open al old pillow and use the guts. Next is rechargeable Silica packs. I got a 25 count bag cheap also on Amazon. I chose to line the bottom of the case and also throw some inside the sham. Once you beat it and adjust it to get in the right position, you can see how the gun sits and adjust as needed. Next is optional and not cheap. I picked up 2 - Sensor Push bluetooth temp/humidity sensors for $50 each. One for the box and one for my safe. After calibrating them and pairing them to my phone, I inserted one into the display case. You don’t have to do this but I’m a bit of a tech nerd so.... [emoji6] You can also use a cheap digital one too. This one transmits data and stores 20 points which you can set alarms in the app if moisture increases. Kind of more important in my safe but....[emoji16] Here is a sample of the data. I just put them in so it will take time to level off. That’s pretty much it. Outside of the sensors, its cheap, easy and looks great. You can fo crazy with it or go simple. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Guess the state has a new system for pistol permits and FID cards?!?
  4. Upcoming Costa Ludus courses at Cobra One Tactical in Great Meadows. 5/4 to 5/6 Carbine Elements Theory 1 5/8 to 5/10 Handgun Elements Theory 1 8/31 to 9/2 Handgun Elements Theory 2 9/4 to 9/6 Vehicle Elements Theory Contact me directly for more info [email protected] NOTE: The May courses are almost filled.
  5. Pre-Owned Sig Sauer P320 9mm Compact RX with Night Sights $575.00 plus NJ Nics (15.00) and NJ Tax Gently Used. 100% Condition, Low Round Count. Sig Upgraded Trigger Original Box and Accessories. Stock Photo, Actual photo to be uploaded shortly.
  6. For Sale: Hammerli Xesse 115mm 22lr - Pre-Owned $570.00 plus NJ Nics (15.00) and NJ Tax Mint condition. Universal Hi-Grip, Adjustable rear sight, Positive double-pull trigger ,10-shot magazine, Disassembly possible without tools ,Comes with a plastic case and second magazine
  7. New in Box Beretta 92 INOX $690.00 plus NJ Nics (15.00) and NJ Tax these have been impossible to find for months.. PRICE: $690.00 MODEL: 92FS Inox CALIBER: 9mm CAPACITY: 10+1 BARREL: 4.9" ACTION: Double / Single Action LENGTH: 8.5" SAFETY: Slide Mounted Manual/Decocker SIGHTS: Fixed FINISH: Stainless
  8. Factory New Glock 19 Gen 4 with Laser $565.00 Plus NJ Nics and Tax. CALIBER:9mm STOCK/FRAME:Black Polymer CAPACITY:15+1 BARREL:4 ACTION:Safe Action SAFETY:3 Safeties WEIGHT: 24 oz. SIGHTS:Fixed FINISH:Gas Nitride EXTRAS:Includes Viridian E Series Red Laser Installed.
  9. Remington has announced a new full-size polymer striker-fired pistol, the RP9, which will be followed by the RP45. MSRP is still to be determined for the pistols, which feature double-stack magazines, but we’re getting a closer look during their official launch at the NASGW Show this week. In the meantime, more features and specifications are outlined here: DISCUSS ........
  10. I've started perusing 1911's and I've noticed that one I'm considering comes with or without a threaded barrel. Is there any point in spending extra cash on the version with the threaded barrel in NJ?
  11. Let me just say I am a huge fan of Blue Bloods.... On the show, Donny Wahlberg's character carries a Kahr K9 or T9. Pretty good looking gun, and I've read that trigger is great and it's a great feeling pistol. Anyone own one or shot one? Been saving for my next purchase and this might be a contender.... What do people think? Easy to find?
  12. Hey guys, My name is Frankie. I am new to firearms all around and I am excited to start my journey into the world of firearms. I am from Monmouth county and I am currently waiting on my FID and Permit so i can purchase my first handgun, the Glock 19. Here is my experience so far with the application process with the Middletown PD: 5/13- Filled out FID and Permit application 5/21- Got fingerprints done 5/23- References received and sent back letter to my PD 5/24- Went into PD and followed up with copy of my finger prints receipt becauseI wasn't sure if I had to bring that back. The women at the desk told me I did not have to however she took my papers and made a copy for their records. 6/7- Called the records department in Middletown PD and kindly asked for an update on my application. The women was very nice and more than happy to check my status. She told me that they had recieved all my paper work a couple days ago and that they are processing them at the moment. I am hopeful that they will be done soon. A couple of my buddies have told me that my PD is fairly quick so my fingers are crossed!!
  13. Just to be clear, the 30-day rule between purchases is for handguns only, right? And that purchase would have no effect on buying a long gun? So if I legally used one of my handgun P2Ps yesterday, I could legally buy a long gun today and tomorrow and every day between now and doomsday and I'd be legal? I just want to make sure the rule isn't 30 days between "any" gun purchases. Thanks.
  14. Hey Guys, I am thinking about buying a Salient...But before I spend 4 times the price of a new glock, i need some intel and opinions...Please text me 732-245-7844... Thanks in advance, Joe
  15. AugustWest

    Glock Sights

    Hello everyone I was wondering if any Glock owners could give me advice for the following: Due to eye strain I want to get larger sights for my Glock handgun , can you recommend any that have worked well for you. Also I am in South jersey and would need someone to install the sights, is this something a typical gun shop can do or is there anyone specific you can recommend. Thank you for any advice.
  16. Anyone on the forums a certified Smith and Wesson armorer? I am selling my M&P40c, which has an APEX FSS trigger, and want to take out it and put back in the stock trigger. Matt from Shore shot installed it, he was a certified armor, but has since moved away from NJ.. I am decent enough to mess with my glocks, but don't feel comfortable enough to mess with the M&P. Thanks for looking.
  17. Bought the p226 Classic a few years ago, and have put off buying the 9mm conversion since then... I work hard, and have decided to give myself a Christmas present and buy one... I know shore shot has them, and I rather not give them my money, anyone see them sold local? Anyone seen a good deal for them online? Looking to buy ASAP!
  18. When it comes to cleaning things I'm a bit neurotic. I like to make sure I do so at the proper time, with the proper tools, and with the proper agents. I've been using Ballistol. I currently clean my handgun every time I go to the range at which I fire 100 rounds. I will spray, let sit for 5 minutes, and send down a patch (until clean) and send a brass brush down at random cleanings. I wanted to try something new so I purchased Hoppes No. 9 spray. I sprayed patches and sent those down until clean. No, brushing this time. I oil with a little needle tipped Remington oil. So, am I doing it right? Overkill? How do you clean? How often? Can you tell I can get into specifics? Thanks guys. KCCO
  19. I have set up an NRA First Steps Pistol Class at Shooters in Little Egg Harbor, NJ on Feb., 8, 2014 from 2pm - 5:30pm. The instructor is Kharis Sepulvida who is a NRA certified instructor. Kharis has hosted a number of training courses that forum members here have attended, he is very personable, safety conscious and very easy to learn from. Class size is limited to 6 people for this class. Here is the course description from his website: Course Description The NRA FIRST Steps (Firearm Instruction, Responsibility, and Safety Training) Pistol program is designed to provide a hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation of one specific firearm model. This course provides an introduction to firearms safety, handling, and shooting skills. It is an ideal program for new pistol owners. This course satisfies the requirements to obtain a concealed carrying permit in various states. (Please check your local laws and regulations for information pertaining to the application process.) Textbook and course material are provided. It is recommended that the student bring their own handgun with at least 50 rounds of factory loaded ammunition. If, for an extra fee, a handgun and ammunition needs to be provided, please provide advanced notification. Cost: $160 ($50 deposit required to register for the class) If you are interested please post here and I will inbox you with registration info.
  20. My dad retired after 37 years of being a LEO and is moving down to South Carolina in a few months. When he first started working back in the 70's he had to purchase his own firearm. He used the Colt Lawman mkiii in .357 magnum. Because of the move, and my love for shooting, he said he will give me the firearm. Remixer will be handling the transfer, but does anyone know a good gunsmith in central NJ that would be able to inspect it and possibly reblue it? Though it's a family heirloom, it won't be a safe queen, I want to take it out, and I want to know its safe. He said he hasn't used it in over 30 years and I rather it not explode in my hands. I am located in Old Bridge if this helps. Thanks in advance for the input.
  21. Hey, guys. I was having a discussion with a coworker about private transfer of handguns in NJ with a PPP. As we all know, one copy gets submitted to the NJSP, one to the buyer's PD (if not under NJSP jurisdiction), the buyer keeps one, and the seller keeps one. Nothing gets submitted to the seller's PD. Considering that this paperwork is used explicitly for registration by your local PD, what happens to the pre-existing registration at the seller's PD? They would have no knowledge, unless contacted by NJSP, that he ever sold that handgun. Obviously he'd have to keep a good track of his own paperwork in case they ever came knockin', but it's definitely possible for duplicate registrations of the same handgun throughout the state. Similarly, when one moves to a different township and applies for a change of address FID, does the registration paperwork from the previous township get forwarded to the new one? Obviously, if he/she never applies for an FID, it would still sit at the original location. I'm just wondering how accurate the municipal registration records can actually be with these caveats. I think it's great, personally, if their registration system is useless since I feel that it serves no legitimate purpose other than confiscation, but I'm still curious as to how they handle these different situations.
  22. I am in the market for a second handgun and have never bought "online" before. I think I have the process down but if someone could set me straight I'd appreciate it. 1.So I find what I want at the price I want online (I know gunbroker is huge but are there any other good, reliable sites?) 2. I order it online, pay for the gun and shipping to a local FFL 3. I call the local FFL to let them know to expect a handgun coming to transfer to me 4. When it arrives I go to the FFL with ID and P2P in hand, pay the transfer price + NICS 5. Walk out the door with my new pistol Do I have the steps right? I would prefer to buy local and help out the "little guy" but cash is a little tight right now and the pistol I'm looking at is going for $500 online (plus $25 shipping) (plus $35 transfer and NICS) so I'm looking at $560 out the door buying online vs. $550 plus 7% sales tax plus $15 for NICS at a LGS so $603 out the door at the lowest local price I could find. If it was a $5 or even $20 difference I'd eat it and help the local guy but $43 is a lot. I suppose I am also helping a local guy by paying them the transfer fee.
  23. My handgun has to be sent back to ruger for repairs... Do i have to send to a FFL to be sent out or can I fed ex it?
  24. New to the forum, I wanted to start a topic regarding FPID and Handgun Purchase Permit wait times for applicants going to a municipal/local police department. I understand that those that have no choice but to go straight to their regional NJSP barracks/office has a ridiculous wait ahead of them. I was wondering if local P.D. application would be any different. My two references have already received their letters from my local P.D. and have mailed them out. Does anybody know if this process is done after all background checks through NJSP and FBI have been completed and is almost complete or if this simply means the process has just begun? Also for me, this is not an initial FPID application, just an information update on the card. Does anyone know if this process is any shorter or longer than an initial application? Please share any information regarding up to date standard procedural steps and your most recent wait times with your local P.D., etc Thanks in advance
  25. Hey guys, So I purchased this little gun in order to be able to get more range time without breaking the bank. Unfortunately, things just didn't work out that way as I still just go the range about the same as before. I really have lost interest in shooting 22lr and I am looking to make some room in my safe for a new toy. This little revolver is a 8-shot 22 lr with fiber optic sights, I have a wolfe springs kit for it as well that ill include (I put the stock springs back in however). Asking $450.00 and the gun is practically brand new as I've shot less then 1000 rounds through it. Kevin * Edit * Just so that everyone knows, this gun has been shipped back to Ruger in the past because spots were appearing on the stainless that I concerned might have been rust. Ruger, (who has awesome customer service btw) had the gun back to me about a week later (6/5) completely refinished and all components replaced (Cylinder, Pawl, Trigger plunger, Firing pin Assy, Hammer strut Assy, & rear sight base).
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