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Texas Shooter

Howdy from a Bergen County noob

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Hello All,


I'm just getting back into shooting after a bit of a break. I'm still in complete shock about all the ludicrous gun laws in NJ. I got my FID card during the summer and am looking at getting a new home defense gun (replacing my not-always-reliable Taurus PT-99AF), possibly a Glock 19 or Walter PPQ. Anyways, thanks for all the informative posts!



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Welcome! Where in Bergen Cty. are you? I'm right near Paramus and looking to get my first pistol after the new year.


Good luck with your search.




I'm in Mahwah. You'll always remember your first girl, err, pistol! There are so many nice choices out there...must...get...a..bigger...wallet

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Welcome, I'm right next door in Ramsey.

Awesome! We'll have to get together after I heal up some. Hurt my back so that even leaning forward while aiming hurts.


It's great seeing so many like-minded folks around here. Funny thing is, here in Jersey I don't know anyone that owns a gun. In Texas, I didn't know anyone that didn't own one.

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