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Brownells Suddenly Requiring FID To Ship Ammo To NJ

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targetsportsUSA still doesn't charge tax. Ordered something from them last week and didn't get charged tax. Most of the big box retailers are going to (brownells, midway, PA etc.)....all the discount codes on Brownells used to be great, now you just end up saving $5-10 and get free shipping

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10 hours ago, Indianajonze said:

i find the implementation across the internet to be wildly inconsistent, and not just from gun-related sites

edit: see the guy above for examples

Assuming the business doesn't have some sort of presence in the state, which if they did they would automatically be required to collect sales tax... but for companies like brownells... it depends on how much total sales has been done with the state in the previous quarters.. so yes some merchants you may still be able to buy things online and not pay sales tax. This is why it may seem to be inconsistent to you. This went into effect  as of November 1st 2018.

"New Jersey’s new law will require online retailers and marketplaces like eBay to begin collecting sales taxes and turning the revenue over to the state if they have gross revenues over $100,000 a year in New Jersey, or if their in-state sales volume exceeds more than 200 transactions annually."


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