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    • By Smokin .50
      January Hunt already SOLD-OUT, so we asked for an additional date from the Guide Service (Sunday February 19th, 2017).
      Go to:  http://www.cnjfo.com 
    • By Smokin .50
      The Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners ( http://www.cnjfo.com/store ) is holding a Hog Hunt on Sunday April 24, 2016 at 7:45 am on Mohr's Island, located just off Bainbridge, PA in the middle of the Susquehanna River.  The 150 acre island is home to Mohr's Exotic Island Hunts:  http://www.mohrswidowmaker.com and features farm-raised 250-300 pound Hogs that are harvested via a walking and stalking professionally guided Hunt.  
      I've used only black powder reproduction firearms to harvest the (3) Hogs I have thus far hunted on this great excursion, because I enjoy History and believe using antiques added more to the "fair-chase" aspect of my Hunts.  Twice with nothing more than a brace of Uberti Colt Dragoon and Colt Walker Cap and Ball Horse Pistols!  The third time I used my .50 cal Lyman Trade Rifle w/ 72 grains of Black Powder pushing a 370 grain T/C Maxi-Ball.  In the modern gun arena I've witnessed Hunters using compound bow w/ broadheads, .30-06 bolt-action, 12 ga. slugs, 8mm Mauser, .44 Magnum Ruger rifle, .44 Magnum Ruger Super Blackhawk hand gun, AR-15's w/ .223 and 5.56mm, even a TC Contender w/ a 7 x .30 Waters wildcat cartridge.  They all work with good shot placement! 
      This Hunt is good for a seasoned pro looking to get some exercise OR for the complete Noob that's never hunted before.  There's something for everyone and lots of friendly ball-bustin' too!  I've hunted the island with teenagers, Moms, and old men.  The Guides keep everyone SAFE and well-fed to boot as LUNCH on the island is included.  All animals are field-dressed, rinsed-out on the boat ramp and then it's your responsibility to pack in ice (available directly across the street from the boat ramp) and transport to your Butcher.  They have a Butcher near them that they recommend, as well as a Taxidermist, and these services need SEPARATE scheduling with the Mohr's Guide Service.  ALL services other than the guided Hunt itself are YOUR financial responsibility.  Of course a "Hold Harmless" must be signed prior to start of Hunt.
      Your investment in this FUN Adventure is just $400 per animal, payable to CNJFO's online Store:  http://www.cnjfo.com/store .  This fee does NOT include butchering, transportation, ice bags for the animal's cavity OR a generous tip for our handsome Guides, so please plan on these additional expenses.  To reserve your spot on this great experience, please have your credit card ready and give us at least a $200 deposit per animal.  You'll be invoiced again in late March and mid-April with an additional payment of $100 due for each installment.  FULL payment is also an option, so it's entirely up to you!
      My Hogs were all processed at V. Roche and Son, Whitehouse Station, NJ, and since I want 1/2 fresh and 1/2 smoked, it runs me approx. $240 (payable 2 weeks after the Hunt, upon pick-up of butchered meats).
      CNJFO, New Jersey's only 501©3 (Charitable and Educational) Tax-Exempt 2A corporation, is committed to ending "Justifiable Need" in New Jersey.  A significant portion of the proceeds will benefit our Justifiable Need billboard campaign seen here:  http://www.JustifiableNeed.com .
      Interested parties (corporations and/or individuals) please contact me directly to learn how we can help your business and give you the recognition you deserve as a protector of our cherished Second Amendment freedoms!  Those that either can't go due to scheduling conflict or because they choose not to hunt can still help us with financial support in ANY amount!
      Please forward all inquiries to me either here or on the CNJFO Hog Hunt Facebook Page:  
      Thanks all for your friendship and continued support of CNJFO!
      David J. "Rosey" Rosenthal, Vice President
      Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners
    • By Smokin .50
      As Heard on Gun For Hire Radio Podcast #234  content.blubrry.com/gunforhireradio/GFH_Episode_234.mp3 
      Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners to host Pheasant Hunt Fundraiser on Saturday 3-05-16
      CNJFO is now taking deposits on a guided pheasant hunt that will take place at Giberson's Farm in Pemberton, NJ on Saturday, March 5th, 2016.  We have both morning and afternoon time slots available.  Cost of hunt is $175 and includes donuts and coffee, lunch, use of all Giberson's facilities during the hunt, a guide and a hunting dog.  Each (4) person hunting party will receive (20) pheasants to hunt.  Proceeds to benefit CNJFO's "Justifiable Need" project:  www.JustifiableNeed.com .  Beginners WELCOME!
      Spots are filling-up fast and we have a limited quantity of spots available, so secure your spot by making a $75 NON-REFUNDABLE down payment to www.cnjfo.com/store .  The balance will be invoiced and is due on 1/15/2016 and 2/15/2016.  To pay in full select Payment in Full option.  
      Vendors, friends and sponsors interested in displaying their wares are invited to attend and donate a PRIZE for our RAFFLE!
      All NJ hunting and firearms laws apply without exception.  All hunters need a license.  All Giberson's Rules must be followed.  No shot larger than #6.  Upon arrival and check-in you will be provided a safety brief and instructions.  CNJFO assumes no liability nor makes any warrants or representations.  All hunters will be required to sign an assumption of risk statement prior to the hunt.
      This hunt has been widely advertised on social media and therefore is available on a first come, first served basis, so get your down payments in quick!  We already have a few sponsors:  Gun For Hire's Woodland Park Range, Black Bag Resources, Justifiable Force Training.  More will be updated weekly.  
      Even if you don't or can no longer hunt, YOU can HELP:

      CNJFO's mission, as a TAX-EXEMPT charitable and educational 501©3 corporation is to educate the public through awareness campaigns such as our Justifiable Need project.  Getting some billboards up to inform Susie Soccer Mom and Mr. Joe Average that the moment they step-foot off their property they no longer have the right to CCW in New Jersey.  May-Issue instead of "Shall-Issue" has to be STOPPED!  Our Justifiable Need campaign will project a uniform message that should enrage the public to take action by becoming personally involved in the fight for all of our gun rights.  We desperately need the public's help in fighting for the end of "Justifiable Need", so won't you please help?  All donations are fully TAX-DEDUCTIBLE to the fullest extent of law.  Consult your financial adviser for full details.  Thanks from all of us fighting the FIGHT!
      For the membership,
      David "Rosey" Rosenthal, Vice President
      Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners
      NRA Life Member, NRA Certified Instructor, NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
      Hunter, Outdoors-man, Mentor, 2A Activist
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