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    It's been fun---but---its time to go--hello Fl and Palm Beach County. We have had enough of NJ's insane and ever increasing property taxes, municipal assessments, income tax, sales tax, internet market facilitator tax, business taxes, etc--with really no end in sight. I have also had enough of NJ's constant passage of anti-gun laws which makes a difficult situation even more difficult. I expect even further restrictions in NJ in the future. I do see right to carry relief from the Supremes in 22-23 but even then it will be years before it is fully implemented here--because NJ will simply enact expansive laws applying the sensitive place doctrine where carry will be prohibited I do wish all of you the best and do intend to check in from time to time to see what's happening. Steve
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    Jack now has my full, enthusiastic support, even if he didn't 24 hours ago. He's what we have to work with, and nothing is more important than getting Phil out of the Governor's office.
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    I voted for singh, But now MUST support Jack! Have to get rid of murphy!! Little steps people!
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    I guess I don't understand some of the feedback. Fucking Popeye or Bozo the Clown would be a better or at least no worse than what we have now. Anyone that would still consider not supporting the Republican candidate, at this point, has a screw loose. Anyone but Murphy again.......
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    So now, if he is elected, people with REAL DANGEROUS JOBS can satisfy justifiable need! He will be better than Murphy....but not by much!
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    There were violent thunderstorms and flooding in the northern half of the state yesterday afternoon. And what about mail-in ballots? Frankly, low turn in the primary isn't critical, gives the motivated and informed people a little more sway. The general election is where heavy republican turn out is crucial.
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    +1 same here. we need Murphy out at all costs.
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    I just checked the results for all contested seats in the Senate and Assembly. Not one Incumbent lost their seat. This State is truly fucked.
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    Great, another Trenton establishment politician (shitbag) is the nominee. So now a vote for Phil or Jack is basically a vote for the same thing. Just they way they want it. Are that many people in NJ just that fucking dumb or are they just really ok with more of the same corrupt bullshit? Anyway, I more interested to know if any Incumbent D (senate or assembly)lost their seats in the primary. Anybody know? My district had no primary challengers to the democrat incumbents, of course.
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    So....congrats? Jack the Establishment Hack is your Great New Hope! I can sense the enthusiasm and fighting spirit a 1,000 miles away!
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    Not all of them, a bunch of leftover Biden ballots accidently got thrown in.
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    https://www.ammoland.com/2021/06/firearms-policy-coalition-challenges-massachusetts-handgun-ban/#axzz6xJ8BVDHq Still wondering where are the NJ 2A organizations, When do we see this challenged in NJ.
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    We have had a home in Boca since 97, which will now be our perm residence 4 mo will go fast. Going back to Texas?
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    This is where we can make a change IF the opposition party actually wanted it changed. ANYONE can register as non-declared for the primary, If we were organized we could pick a local race to attack, ALL conservatives could primary as democrats and attempt to oust the incumbent, this is the ONLY way in NJ you will change things. because of the RINO establishment it is probably more advantageous to challenge a democrat in a primary than to try and pick a republican. This primary is a perfect example. we got a RINO so even if he does beat murphy things will stay the same.
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    Non-NFA Other firearms are all OAL > 26". Also - Pretty much every Other is 6+ lbs which is 96oz. Remember - this is all proposed..... We need EVERYONE to submit comments once they're open. We need to flood them. We're already over 25k comments on the ATF Receiver proposed ruling.
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    My wife and I both voted for Singh. The way I see it, Jack, being much more of a moderate, will definitely beat Murphy! That's a good thing!
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    I voted for Singh but I will now hold my nose and vote for Jack. Anything is better than Murphy. Chris Christie part deux and that's not a good thing.
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    I voted for Hirsh Singh yesterday, I did the right thing and will not apologize.. Jack, if he becomes our new governer(he's better than Murphy) will hobnob with Sweeney and other Democrats in the the elite class who have the mythical carry permit. I doubt he will do anything worthwhile for us including CCW for people with "dangerous jobs". Driving down the turnpike, 287, River RD etc can be "dangerous activities"!!! He certainly won't work to reverse many of the new gun laws implemented by Murphy, at most he'll veto some new guns laws- WHOPPIE FUCKING DOO!!!
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    I'll keep an eye out in the Florida Man news reports Congratulations and good luck down there.
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    Welcome. Dont be alarmed by a strange sensation soon after arriving. Its just normal sanity that occurs naturally around these parts.
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    Ultimately, none of them.
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    These look too early to have any Jersey built ones from the PMCo. Was going to be my first firearm purchase here in FL (a Jersey one, just because...) but got pricey so on hold.
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    I can't believe how many people don't bother with primary elections. I have been a delegate in VA since I moved here. We had a convention and were able to elect candidates for Governor, Lt Governor, and Attorney General that were not the choice of the VA GOP establishment. I think people were shocked and we actually have very good candidates. It was the largest convention in US history with over 50,000 delegates. Everyone needs to get involved.
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    Ok, just checked current numbers and 319k turned out. We have about 1.5 million registered republicans. While historically turnout is low for primaries, after the sh*tsh0w the last couple years have been here, and the amount of "outrage" from the right, we should have done better than 319k.
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    One of the biggest disappointments I see in yesterday's primary is the abysmally low turnout. Numbers still coming in and maybe i'm missing something but in a statewide primary we apparently only had about 250k turn out to vote! WTF! After all the complaining from NJ conservatives all year that is the best we can do? We are screwed in Nov if we can't even get our act together and get to the polls for a primary.

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