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    Bruce?? I wouldn’t piss in his mouth if his teeth were on fire.
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    Take an old 1940's shot to heck Colt 38 Super and decide to send it out for your 55th birthday...5 months later... slide to frame fit....... match grade supported barrel.... fit match grade barrel..... machine for supported ramp..... NM bushing and fit................. lower and flare ejection port........ refit trigger................ retro beavertail...Harrison Design.... machine/fit/install beavertail.............. bevel mag well.... FMSH and stipple...... stipple front strap......... Novak front sight machined and installed... retro rear sight supply and install.......... Brown thumb safety installed..... Brown extractor..and fit........... Harrison Commander hammer concealed style... cut/recrown muzzle.......... Trigger job....... EGW high mag catch...... dehorn/blend........... parkerize finish.......... Priceless, and an heirloom piece... Karl Sokol's work
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    And on a side note, my house officially went on the market yesterday.
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    I have never shot anyone. I reckon I'm owed 588 months of back pay.
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    most of my family is normal. the only lefttard in the family is my mothers other son.....and he's in florida, stopped talking to me about 8 years ago and only calls mom when he needs something. on the mom note...i take care of her. 4 months ago, she was totally against anyone mandating vaccines for any reason. thanks to the lsm, she now thinks that when a venue requires a vaccine id that it's ok. she's being brainwashed. but i still talk to her, because she just doesn't know any better...and i am the only reason she's not in a home...which i promised her that i'd not let happen.
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    Hey all, Been browsing the forum for a little while now so I decided to post. I live in Manalapan, and I just applied for FID card and my status is as follows: 8/10/21 Application Submitted 8/10/21 2 References Submitted 8/28/21 Finger Printed via IdentoGo 10/1/2021 Approved for FID and 1 permit Is there anything else I should be doing regarding getting my FID and handgun permit? My local FFL said I should have gotten 3 permits but I only requested one. (Lesson learned, I'm kicking myself now) Does anyone know if Manalapan moves fast or slow? Thank you for taking the time out to read this!
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    Got a friend who moved to Sparta, TN in White County. About 12 years ago. From Staten Island, NY. He is a little right of Attila the Hun. So no NY Lib. Got 75 acres on a mountain, with a fishing pond, nice out building and. 3600 sq ft recently build log cabin. For $350k.
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    4 offers as of a bit ago, all nicely over asking. Showings are still booked through Sunday as far as I know.
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    Sadly all of my ammo and firearms were washed away.
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    When will Bucky mandate everyone always wear PFD incase they're trapped in a flood? (South Park reference for those of you not familiar.)
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    I've used references from other states with no issues. Don't know about Manalapan though
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    Those of you with flooded basements (or worse) have my sincere sympathy. I lived with flooded basements most of my life until we moved to our current house in 1994. We're on a 60 foot shale hill, so it's all down hill from here. That plus the 4" gravity drain I had installed under the footings to vent water out the side of the hill. That drain is just weeping this morning. When we had the 18" downpour in 24 hours in the 00's it was gushing. Had an empty garbage can sitting out yesterday. Looks like about 5" in it this morning.
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    Manalapan is usually pretty good. Its been a while since I applied for permits but 30 days or so was typical. Expect a little longer now. Just watch email for notices or anything you need to do. Contact Lt. Drucker if you are not hearing back. He is usually in 1 day per week. He is retired but covers Firearms. Good guy. A good local shop is Howell Gun works. Inventory is low everywhere, but if you want “something”... like a simple 12 ga pump shotgun, they will probably have something like that on hand. Also check out the FFLs listed here in the forums. Many good FFLs that operate small shops or out of homes (yes...legally) and they may have what your looking for. Just ask here. If you use an out of state shop like Heritage Guild in Easton, PA, they will have to transfer the gun to a NJ FFL that you pick. I find it easier to just shop in NJ. Avoid Dicks Sports. That company is an enemy of the firearms community. Just my opinion. If you need a place to shoot, there are a number of Public ranges. But you can also join clubs like Old Bridge RPC and Central Jersey RPC. Both clubs also have competition shoots open to the public that help newer shooters, but get some practice and or training first if you are new to shooting. Its worth the time. good luck and welcome -Kevin
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    Family is tough. Luckly I get along (for the large part) with both my parents and all my inlaws. I couldnt' imagine them being polar opposites politically. If you really can't even stand talking to them and cant separate politics from family than you may want to stay away. Or maybe look for a compromise? They live with you in Tennessee during the winter months and you live with them some of the time in NJ? Don't know how feasible that is with what you do for a living. Do you have any siblings or other family members (younger Aunts or Uncles or cousins) that can help them if they need help? That's a very hard place to be in. Neither of you are going to change. Even if they are in their 70s they could live to be in their 90s. Do you really want to come back here for 15-20 years? Especially if you don't get along with the people you came back to be with? As far was wanting to help people in NJ or help change things in NJ, it's a waste of time. Most of them WANT to be here and live were they do. If I had to guess I would say a large percentage of people in NJ have never lived outside the tri-state area. It's all they know. Their roots are here and they are some times VERY deep roots. Unless you and your parents can put aside politics and just enjoy the time you have left with one another you may want to do some really deep thinking before moving back. Don't know how long ago you moved out of NJ but things have only gotten worse. Do things ever get better in NJ? Think about all the people you know who have left NJ. How many of them say, "Man, I should have never left. I should really go back." Nobody I know who's left has EVER said that. And yes, as Tex pointed out, NJ does some some great things to offer. But they are few and far between. You could always visit a few couple times a year. It's a drive but it's not THAT far. You can see them for short periods. Re-visit the good things about NJ and then go home. I don't envy your position. Good luck with what ever it is you decide.
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    i agree...the prick shoulda kept his mouth shut i stepped away from him for years however he is still NJ and his songs reflect alot of what we grew up with...funny how the liberals take everything good and sh&t on its face as for wp22 im outside clarksville which is very cheap still...if anyone needs help finding property or rent im here...free of charge im in a little town called erin TN..im in the country bout 4 miles from town its totally rural...you are all welocme to put an rv here for few weeks look around....i'll run a cord for electricity
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    Tell them you're not vaccinated, not getting vaccinated, and not wearing a mask coming to or while in NJ. That oughta do it. Invitation rescinded! At least you won't have to buy a gift.
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    I totally understand what you’re saying, I’d do the same for my home state too. I’ve lived in NJ for 20 years, and am finally getting ‘paroled’. We are moving to Texas next month. And I’m looking forward to going home. If I’m being honest, I like SOME things about NJ. I do. South Jersey has some really nice scenery. Y’all have some pretty decent food, although I don’t understand the obsession with Pork Roll (at least I call it by its proper name). I love the change of seasons here. Fall is absolutely lovely. I’ll miss some things like that. I’ve met a lot of nice people here, and I got an amazing wife out of the deal (who was the reason I stayed here for 20). And some very good, close friends, that I would take a bullet for. I will miss them most of all, and hope they will never leave my life. A lot of people here are going to question your sanity for wanting to come back to NJ, as it’s slipped so far, even since I’ve been a resident here. I’m not gonna do that. I hope that you find the NJ you left is still worth fighting for. Fight for what you love, and you always win.
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    The thing about freedom is everybody has it. They were free to go too, but also free to stay where they were.
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    Kudos to you as a son. My mother lived with us for six years until the end. She could be a difficult woman in some respects. Politics wasn't one of them, but the effect was the same. When your scenario concludes you'll be glad you did it, and have no regrets.
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    Dont leave TN Dont come back to NJ My mother got murdered...so can't talk to her... Don't talk to my father for other reasons...only when needed...it gets easier. Don't talk to my sister either....other reasons...only if needed...it gets easier... The old adage is you can't choose your family but you can choose your friends... They *may* be your parents, doesn't mean you need to love them, respect them or like them...
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    And we’ll have none of those dangerous bayonet lugs either. We have way too many drive by bayonettings as it is
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    Murphy live on TV talking about storm flooding and damage. Unprecedented event. Says more needs to be done dealing with climate change.
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    One would think this headline came from The Onion or The Babylon Bee, but no, it was dreamed up by SF's Human Rights Commission and Office of Economic and Workforce Development. San Francisco will pay criminals not to shoot people (or get shot themselves). Starting next month, San Francisco criminals deemed high risk will be paid $300 to $500 EACH MONTH in which they neither shoot anyone, nor get shot. San Francisco modeled their program after one in Sacramento. Promoters of that program boast that ‘only’ 44% of participants were subsequently arrested on new charges, though another 33% dropped out of the program. And presumably, some not-insignificant percentage of the participants shot someone without getting caught. But other than that, it was an unqualified success, at least in the mind of the Office of Economic and Workforce Development. Why they consider this program Workforce Development isn't clear.
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    Liberalism, progressivism, "democratic socialism". What ever you want to call it is a disease. It knows no State boundaries. Once it's ravaged one those tha can look to move on to "better" areas to "improve" them to be just ilke the area they were fleeing from.

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