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  1. My recommendation to start is a lee 4 hole turret. You just deactivate the indexing and you get the simplicity and focus of single stage, but the convenience of not having to change out dies off a turret. Then if you move on to a progressive, you can keep tool heads set up for things you do in small volume.
  2. It's been a while since I shot factory, but when I did, blazer was always quite consistent. And their bullets are decent. Which is basically all that matters. In general, even offhand, I find a difference in jacketed, plated, and coated. With accuracy increasing in that order more or less. Specifically, you will often find some guns like heavier or lighter bullets. Most of my 9s like 115, they all like fast 124 ammo though, so it is what I load.
  3. No you don't have to provide SSN. I doubt the guy is doing anything nefarious. Likely he just doesn't want to deal with name only holds and really doesn't want to argue about the 3 day release. As for his personal forms, I have run into that a lot for NJ as proof that they have informed you of the safe storage laws. It also usually serves as record that their notification complies with the state standard for font size and such. The requirement is notification of a single item that states "IT IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE, PUNISHABLE BY A FINE AND IMPRISONMENT, FOR AN ADULT TO LEAVE A LOADED FIREARM WITHIN EASY ACCESS OF A MINOR." in appropriately large font. I have encountered it stretched out to four items. The above required text, an item explaining what the law considers safe storage, a statement that you have waived an offer to purchase a trigger lock, and a statement saying that you have received these notifications, understand them, and have received a hard copy in duplicate for your personal records. Basically compliance with the law presented in such a way as that you can't claim the FFL tricked you into having to break the law.
  4. You can open up all you want. You can’t make people show up. I expect that they own a cruise line isn’t helping their numbers. I can’t see spending $1k a day minimum for my family of three to just wait in line all day. Or you can upgrade to the waiting less package for double. But still expect to spend most of your day in line.
  5. Do you really? Any time they want some group to be exempt form the full force of property taxes, it is solely to avoid repercussions of continuing to jack up property taxes. AS for redistricting, they currently have one month after getting the census data to redistrict. They want to effectively push that to 3 years if the data is late. The absolutely BEST version of why that is on the ballot is to be lazy. The reality is pretty reasonable estimates have been made, they know what is up, and think it is to their advantage to avoid the redistricting that is coming.
  6. I will never grasp the logic behind the magazine pouch on holster thing with cheap holsters.
  7. I like your selective reading. It fuels your inherent assholishness well. YOU are the one who mentioned dumps as a contributing factor. So I threw it back at you because it's funny. And followed it up within two sentences saying unless you decided to become a lawn guy during lockdown (i.e landscaping) or buying a small pool and being stupid enough to fill it from the hose. Showering at home vs the gym. Lets say you did that 7 days a week and went from 5 minute gym showering to 20 minute showers. But you stuck to using a single government approved 2.5gpm shower head. That's 350 gallons a week. Lets say I have a household of 7 people doing that. A totally bullshit number for your gym scenario. For me that's about a whopping $32 a month assuming I'm using up the base water allocation I'm forced to purchase whether I use it or not. (my rate is ~$25 per 1000 cuft, I know others have much worse rates). Realistically, with say a household of 4 and the equivalent of 1 parent can afford to do the gym thing a day and it's a household with 6 day a week jobs and you shower at the gym like home and do the national average of 8.5 minutes using a single 2.5gpm shower head. You are looking at using up. That's a whoppiong 127.5 more gallons a week. 1000 cuft of water is 7480.52 gallons. Or a bit less than 2% of ONE billing unit. The most egregious place I can find rates for is $75.70 for 1000cu ft, those home showers are $1.70 a month. If both parents did it 6 days a week, it's $3.40. If a household of 4 does it it's $6.80. I presume you can multiply. IF you gave up the gyms 1.5gph shit heads to come home to your regualtion skirting 64 shower head shower and hang out in it for 30 minutes a day, well... To I have 3 gallon toilets. to get me billed for an extra unit, a whopping ~$25, I'd have to shit at home an extra 831 times a month. That's 27.7 shits a day. My co-worker with a household of 9, that's 3 extra flushes a day by everyone. Feasible. But he'd also have to bitch about a whopping $100 a year to go with it. Your average houshold of 4? You need to see a doctor. Bad. You can wash a car well in less than 30 gallons without working too hard. You aren't washing your house every day, and the pros seem to do it with between 250-500 gallons of water. Lets say 500. At 500, I spent $25 to power wah my house EVERY OTHER FUCKING DAY. In short, people aren't bitching about hidden costs. They decided to spend money to do something and don't like the price because when it was shaped like water it didn't look like money to them. You litterally just said WARGHARBLE you are stupid because landscaping!!! While I had in fact said landscaping within two sentences of where you decided to throw a childish fit to prove you are smart. You aint stupid, a lot of things you say are well researched, but you put a lot of effort into coming off stupid. You might have a lot more enjoyable conversations if you didn't start them off with "fuck you I'm the smartest guy in the room" whil slipping on a banana peel. I engage with you because you are occasionally insightful, but this schtick is fucking hilarious. It's liek the keystone cops of pontificating.
  8. You've made a lot of assumptions about what a flat tax implies. You can do much like Trump did with deductions and define a significant standard deduction, and just have that with a flat tax. Yeah you don't make much, then 10% may hurt, but 10% also isn't large and thus the deduction is more likely to cancel out your tax burden the less money you make. For grins, lets just say that it is the same as 2019 and we leave out the head of household math and ignore kids and dependents. We'll go with the single renter for now. So, $12,200. Lets say you have a flat tax of 18%. Someone making $100,000 a year would pay $5,800 in taxes. Anyone making $67,777 or less would pay nothing or get money back. Theoretically someone making $10 million a year would owe $1,787,800. But for that to be true, you would not have to differentiate between capital gains and income. The problem with a flat tax isn't dealing with the low income people fairly. Most flat tax proposals deal with it one way or another. Either via a deductible, refundable deductible/credit, or by exempting the first X dollars of income. It's that the task of making a simple income tax system is not possible. It either needs to be complex or touch non-income taxes rather thoroughly. An example. Poof, capital gains is income. OK. I'm rich. I just form a holding company, own THAT, and it owns the stocks and investments. It can sell without me realizing a capital gain. Now you have to make it complex, or extend the flat tax idea to businesses. It actually much easier to keep it form being regressive than something like a VAT. VAT is how most "free" healthcare is paid for. Warren buffet may make a bajillion times more than his poor secretary he always talks about but he's never just going to buy enough shit to make a 17% vat place a meaningful tax burden on him relative to a family of four making $52k a year. Which leads to the thing lots of people like ignoring (or just not realizing), which is capital gains is basically VAT, but only for certain things. Most discussions of tax reform are naive because they ignore the fact that you are talking about how to fund a government, Which essentially means you are talking about changing how that government works. We've gotten to a place that is overly complex and messed up. Most people seem to think something needs ot be changed. what I can guarantee is nothing that happens will be simple. It can't be unless your government is simple. And frankly we expect too much off it for a simple system to work. Do you expect roads and a military? Yeah you already passed simple. However, we are at a point where shit has just been glued on that continuing to do so means that broad swath of citizens are put in financial peril every time someone wants more tax revenue. There is a good bit of hostility towards social programs because the anti-pattern we have seen is that poor people have a problem. Everyone is sympathetic to it, then a bunch of millionaires decide that the middle class needs to pay for it. And even if you have a good idea better than the last one, we never seem to dismantle the old money pit to try a new better idea. The middle class has been dealt with in bad faith for decades upon decades. Saying we will fix it by having the millionaires tax the millionaires is just stupid naivete. We've been down that road. They will jsut see it as an opportunity to manipulate voters by threatening that the other guy will take the new thing away and will make a program and shift the cost of it to the middle class. Then you have people who are like fuck it, I'll keep my money, the rich and poor can go die in a fire. Some others are also naive and believe that if they just make the tax say 20%, the goverment will get their fiscal shit together and deal honestly with the middle class.
  9. Depends on the size of your bill. But portable ACs suck for efficiency and until recently the numbers on them were a lie, so odds are you weren't sized right for the space being cooled. My portable AC in my attic office is costing me about $80 a month. I believe that is as low as it is because I figured out the numbers are a lie and bought a bigger unit better matched to the job than last go round. That one cost me about $100 a month to run. But I wasn't running it in April, and my electricity was only up about 5%.
  10. DoL is very much totally FUBAR due to the unemployment stuff. If you want to talk to a human you have to be prepared to make a day of it, and odds are that human won't know what the hell to do with you. Though you'd probably make that person's day as you aren't asking about benefits and where they are.
  11. How many dumps can you take? I guess if you live someplace where the billing schedule for usage is horrible. Or you have decided to spend the lock down become a lawn guy and have been watering your lawn to death or something. Or bought a pool and filled it from the hose. My electricity has gone up from cooling places I wouldn't cool during the day. Gas is up a teeny bit, but that's because summer was usually full of bills where they charge me their minimum amount rather than what I actually use. This year I'm actually using a couple bucks over the minimum with all the extra cooking at home. Sewer and water? I pay the minimum now, and always have. I don't really like lawns and don't feel the need to run sprinklers 3 hours a day or whatever people do to wind up going past the flat rate allocation around here. I know in other places in NJ, the water rates are much nastier. Also I don't know what people do, but they are wasteful a hell with energy. It's why I don't do equal pay plans any more. I got tired of moving into a place and being billed like I crank the thermostat up to 95 in the winter and open the windows, and then cool to 60 in the summer. And as a data point, I don't think it is the utilities. First year I moved into this house, I kept my attic office cooled 24-7 and got whacked with a $500+ bill even with no kid and both of us out at work all day. This year I'm running an extra window unit compared to then for the kid's room, and everyone is home, so there's no turning the temp up a bit during the day and I only got hit for $425 in august. And this is with a house built in 1931-ish.
  12. I'm paying a lot more, but not double. And it's because of working from home and having to cool my attic office. I'm going to guess rates are going to go up in general at some point because it's not like they are powering down the office buildings in general, which means we are probably burning more electricity than they estimated and bid for.
  13. It was the 80s. Jon-eric hexum the series was cover up which was about spies who were under cover as make models. Some real zoolander shit. He was from New Jersey.
  14. I haven't used the newer pretty colored coatings, but I used the moly infused polymer ones. It really comes down to your rifling I think. The stuff would get ever so slightly scraped off where the lands andgrooves meet and make a corner resisting rotation. That stuff became VERY hard to remove. But it depends on how much you shoot. I got to that point after 40-50k rounds. A lewis lead removal kit probably would have gotten it out. I just switched to plated.
  15. OH how we forget. Last big run on 9mm during a panic we hit $70 a box for.380 despite overall prices not getting nearly this bad. The machines making.380 can make 9 with very little down time, so it's the first one to go out of production completely. It'll be the last to come back of it goes like last time.
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