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  1. Uspsa does multi gun as well. Which is what the obrpc matches are when they happen. We don't do them often anymore because they require more work, have higher consumables cost, and get lower attendance.
  2. You dont need to go to a classifier match first. If you don't have your manual of arms and gun handling down well, you might want to try something with a bit less going on at once than 3 gun to get your feet wet. Steel matches have the timer and commands without a lot of guns and movement. Uspsa had most of the bits but with just a pistol.
  3. Did not know you were running a 1301. The breda seems to be good. I was under the impression that street price on them and the m2 were close enough to be basically the same. I'm also not simply expressing an opinion but extrapolating from samples seen. If you add you i know 4 people running the Beretta and 3 of them are having issues. I was at a match this weekend where the one 1301 on the squad was having issues. Also it is a gas gun and none of them, including the 1301, seem to want to run the whole range of loads in hot and cold without making changes for the seasons. The serial number is also in a really bad spot if you want to really have the port opened up. How many 1301s do you see running with and without problems? Every squad I shoot on is usually at least 1/3 stoegers and I'm not twiddling my thumbs waiting for them to clear jams or deal with problems. Given the number of them I see at matches and the lack of problems, I have trouble believing you are rolling the dice on reliability. They'd have a reputation and people constantly discussing how to get it reliable like the 1100 and 1187 did. The only thing I have found they don't like out of the box are low recoil slugs traveling to slow. The fiocchi 1oz low recoil slugs at ~1100 fps are the only ones I know of that fit that description. The only thing literally everyone does to it is replace the factory follower because it is plastic garbage and won't play well with a tube extension. But this is not unusual for all shotguns when you put a mag extension on. And even if you were rolling the dice, get a high rate mag spring from Nordic, a benelli extractor, and a reduced power action spting from MOA and it should run everything 3 gun relevant. If super paranoid get a spare inertia spring. All easily installed diy, and will set you back about $80 total with shipping. Your 1301 is going to need a mag button shroud out the gate. The nice version is gong to cost you about $70 shipped. There just aren't heaps of people pulling their hair out trying to get them sorted. And even a full MOA worked gun is price competitive with the 1301. Technically the gas guns are less harsh on recoil and cycle faster. But are they winning? If they aren't winning for the best shooters and the best shooters aren't migrating for that advantage, what good is it going to do for your joe average new shooter? Hell Google 1301 problems and Google stoeger m3k problems and read. Apparently the 1301 is rolling the dice too. Except Apparently more and without good known fixes. And you can't open it up a lot. And you have to put on a shield or worry about bopping the bolt release and getting 2 on the lifter. Been there and fine that with the 930. If rather spend half as much. But that's me.
  4. Don't get the beretta 1301. I don't think I've seen one not have issues over a fairly short period of use. Not so much you aren't going to get through a match, but expect to be needing with it over a busy match season. I shot two seasons with my stoeger and it started having issues in the third season. It just needed a new magazine spring. The inertia guns won. Don't pay double for gas gun problems. I've got a 930 with about $1000 in it trying to make it run right. It gathers dust since I got my stoeger. My friend is looking at ditching their 1301 for a stoeger. IMO there's really two sensible choices in terms of a value proposition. Go for best bang for the buck and get the stoeger. Our decide you want the pinnacle of three gun shotguns and just go straight to Roth performance. By the time you are done having someone dick around making a benelli just right, you are most of the way to the price tag on the Roth. Pew Pew isnt right about the m3k. Yes the 3000 needed a little tlc on some guns. I know about a dozen people running them box stock. Some people swap out the extractor for a benelli one, but you don't really need to.
  5. If you keep it to the right velocity you are zeroed pretty close at 200. I'm not saying it is perfect but it works for most. You can go be pedantic all you want but the point of my post is what you can get away with as good enough to not be totally wasting your time.
  6. I was at that match with you. Also shooting a dot. Most of the red dot people did not fare as well as you. I argue you need exceptional vision as you need a dead on zero at range. Which most people are not capable of with a dot due to his much detail they need to see vs. their visual acuity. I didn't do so hot on the 600 target because my zero was less than perfect and ended up hitting to the left of it until I timed out. Most people with average vision, can get a decent 50 yard zero. Then they can use the dot itself to do holdover and hold under out to 250-300. Even if it is only 250, most targets are suitable for using the target itselF for holdover. And you don't even need access to a 200 yard range to do it. However once holdover for an acceptable poi ceases to be on or abutting the target, you are just guessing on holdover. This is usually not the case with an lpvo. So a steel uspa target or a steel a/c target you can likely do out to 400 just by holding high on the target So depending on the match yeah your can shoot it with a dot and be able to pull it off if you do your part well. Regardless, for most people it's a place to buy a massive boost in performance. In your visited stage iirc I got the 460 after a lot of tries with a 3moa dot. Same location with a 1-8x lpvo i cleared a 200 400 and 450 target in less time than I spent on that 460 with a dot.
  7. 18 inch gets more velocity and also has lower gas pressure at the port which means softer cycling. I like a mid length 16 more than a mid length 18 for feel. But it is pretty easy to get a rifle length 18" running. I like the 16" form factor better, and an intermediate gas length 16 is even a bit gentler than an 18 rifle length set up. But it is a pita to get running reliably. You can also get pre built rifle length 18" uppers. Intermediate length 16" uppers not so much. But cutting the gas impulse combined with a good comp and a reduced mass carrier and buffer help keep your sights on target through the whole recoil cycle.
  8. Red dots can be good under 200 yards. Once you need to do significant hold over it won't cut it. The AR needs to be accurate and not too heavy that you won't over swing on transitions due to inertia. The real place where money pays significant dividends for rifle is the optic. A good low power variable optic is a game changer. Vortex razor 1-6, trijicon 1-8 ffp accupower or whatever they recently changed the name to, or the Bushnell 1-8 ffp are all in the sweet spot of quality and price. All a bit over $1k and you'd have to spend a LOT more to get much better. IMO bang for the buck setup with readily accessible accessories. Decent AR with one of the above scopes a decent barrel and a decent trigger. Stoeger m3k Sig p320 x-5 legion with a trigger that let's you dial out overtravel.
  9. You don't want cert if you think you will just lose. Honestly I'm wondering if the problem was always roberts. Everyone says Kennedy was the wishy washy one. But he designated his hair apparent,and they had a pretty good 2a record. I'm thinking roberts was always the problem.
  10. raz-0

    50BMG ?

    I've shot a Barret model 82. Very effective brake and recoil system. Id say it's less punishing than shooting 3" magnum slugs from a 12 gauge. However you also get a serious pressure wave from it. So you get the recoil plus a sensation akin to someone tossing a light fluffy pillow at your face.
  11. My guess is regardless of a ruling the gym is screwed. That being said, the two cases aren't even remotely similar. The gym has no constitutional claim and no federal guidance that they were considered essential services. My guess with the indoor range is that they get to reopen as soon as the state would have to justify anything in court. So that looks like July 2. Practically that means July 3 or 4 at best. So two days before summer camps and about a week after malls. I don't think any satisfactory legal precedent will be set other than we can and will fuck with you as long as we can defer the consequences.
  12. The soros quote isn't real.
  13. As far as I know the range suit is still an ongoing thing.
  14. As long as your use involved turning it off and on frequently, you could get it “stable”. When running servers, you needed to bounce them a lot depending on use. Where you travel doesn’t really mean much unless you are plugging into strange networks. Because the main threat to machines is the network and the person at the keyboard doing something stupid.
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