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Krdshrk's Feedback

  1. ogfarmer left Positive feedback   

    easy meetup as usual, thanks

    Krdshrk was Trading

  2. Silphidae left Positive feedback   

    Great transaction and good communication.

    Krdshrk was Trading

  3. n4p226r left Positive feedback   

    Great buyer. Very trustworthy.

    Krdshrk was The Seller

  4. Turboprop21 left Positive feedback   

    Perfect and smooth transaction. Stand up guy and thanks for being so helpful.

    Krdshrk was Trading

  5. Ray Ray left Positive feedback   

    He is an honest guy, and a friend.

    Krdshrk was Trading

  6. Ray Ray left Positive feedback   

    Good guy, thanks dude

    Krdshrk was Trading

  7. [email protected] left Positive feedback   

    Communication is excellent and shipping is fast!

    Krdshrk was Trading

  8. effd27145 left Positive feedback   

    Pleasure to buy from! Thanks Again!

    Krdshrk was The Seller

  9. Blake left Positive feedback   

    Excellent transaction - very quick shipping!

    Krdshrk was The Seller

  10. 70gto left Positive feedback   

    smooth easy transaction, good guy

    Krdshrk was The Seller

  11. liquidskin left Positive feedback   

    Pleasure to deal with, thanks.

    Krdshrk was The Seller

  12. tkfal86 left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for the bag!

    Krdshrk was The Seller

  13. locochinoloco left Positive feedback   

    Great guy to deal, accompanied by an awesome deal.

    Krdshrk was The Seller

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