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  1. It would be nice if enough people who live in the area go there often enough to more than cover the fine.
  2. I have no idea how to attach to here from you tube, but any Les Paul fans should see "three guitars and a tractor"
  3. I have a Kimber 1911 45ACP and was taking it apart to clean and compressed the spring, but turned the barrel nut CCW instead of CW and it is jammed so much that I am afraid of breaking the barrel nut wrench. Is there a trick to getting out of this problem? Thanks in advance.
  4. I'm 69 years old, I don't have time for baby steps. I took a giant step and crossed the Delaware.
  5. Just heard of this and signed up to donate to puppies behind bars.
  6. Richburg is only an hour further than Cornelius, and if Howard is driving and his wife is following with three dogs I don't think he will be going for any records.
  7. I use to drive to FL twice a year with my dog. Stop at the welcome center of the state you plan on stopping at for the night. Most have a list of pet friendly motel, pick one where you want to stop and have them make the reservation for you. Most motels only have a few rooms dedicated for pets so make the reservation at the welcome center so if plan "A" fails you can go to plan "B". I use to take 81 to 77 and usually stayed in Cornelius NC, but I don't remember the name of the place.
  8. My move with Allied went well. The rep that came to my home said no problem shipping firearms, unloaded and no ammo. I packed the long rifles and shotguns in TV boxes and the pistols in one of the close to two hundred other cardboard boxes, I have lots of tools so it weighed about the same as the other boxes. I watched it go on the truck and checked it when it came off, There is no way the movers are going to go through a loaded truck to look for guns or anything else. Has anyone ever heard of a reputable mover being charged with theft of firearms? I think some of you guys need to get out of NJ a little more often. Most gun owners in other states leave a pistol in their console, they can also pump their own gas, ride their motorcycle without a helmet if they chose to do so and buy ammo without filling out a bunch of paperwork. Took me a while to get use to all those "freedoms", (about a week). Spoke to the sheriff and was told it will take about 2-3 weeks to get a carry permit. My only regret is that I lived in NJ for almost 70 years. Get out while you can, cause if you think it is going to get any better in the next ten years, ask yourself, is it better or worse now that it was ten years ago?
  9. I am moving on April 2 and I am using Allied Simonik out of Bound Brook. I'll let you know how it goes after they unload and I see how they did. They are picking up on April 2 and delivering on April 6th. Some companies charge extra if they are busy to have a delay like this, so check with them. Good luck.
  10. Welcome from another warren township guy, for another month at least if all goes well.
  11. I too was 18 and in boot camp in Great Lakes. We were not told of the Tet offensive but were told of the taking of the Pueblo. I was one of the lucky ones who got stationed on the east coast and had to defend Bermuda and the Caribbean Islands.
  12. I'm surprised this state even allows us to handle a firearm, after all they already think we are not even competent enough to pump our own gas.
  13. Would FOPPA cover an out of state person traveling through CA with ammo bought in another state? My guess is if this was a NJ law the out of state visitor would be spending some time in jail.
  14. Just my 2 cents for what it's worth. IF the house and senate pass a CCW bill and NJ residents could carry on an out of state CCW, tell me why in hell would any NJ resident get a NJ CCW? Knowing NJ's feeling on CCW, I'm sure they would over charge, over regulate and just generally make it as tough as possible on us as they can, more forms, additional background checks, more references, photos and possibly a letter from your mother. It would only be fitting for all NJ residents to get an out of state CCW's and deprive them of our dollars for at least as long as they have been denying us the right to carry.
  15. happens to me also, have to hit the refresh icon to continue. I have no idea how to correct this glitch as I can barely do anything on the internet.
  16. I have a 2006 2WD ford F150 with the V6 with a 5 speed manual trans. Just turned 100k and no issues, but the V6 is very under powered if you are going to be carrying a lot of weight or towing, anything over a 1000LBS and a hill is a problem. I'm getting 18 MPG overall and plan on keeping it forever as they don't put stick shifts in them anymore.
  17. I'm more concerned with availability, I'm driving to Colorado tomorrow and it would suck to have to wait in long lines.
  18. I do not attend, nor do I watch football games, so I have no direct influence on the NFL. What I have done is wrote to: 1. Pepsi (maker of Gatorade) and told them I will now be drinking PowerAde (made by Coke) instead. 2. Visa and told them I will now be using Discover card. 3.Campbell's and said I will now be buying Progresso. 4. FedEx and said all my shipping needs will be handled by UPS or the post office. Maybe if enough people who are fed up with this BS did the same, the sports stars(?) singers and actors will change. As was said in a song from the 60's "Money doesn't talk it screams"
  19. Good to see the Czech's are getting a second amendment, maybe New Jersey will get one some day.Hope I live that long.
  20. I know someone who was moving out of an apartment and was told he could not get his security deposit back until the nail holes in the drywall were spackled. I didn't know colgate made spackle.
  21. During the 1980's I was one of the ones who set up the broadcasts form the capitol theater to WNEW when they were broadcasting the shows. Saw most of the bands that preformed. Back to back weekends seeing the Black and Blue tour( Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult) and then the Outlaws and Molly Hatchett is probably why I am wearing hearing aids today.
  22. I used them last month, and was very happy with their facility. About the size of the lockers, I used a small locker, about the size of a tall gym locker and it held three long guns and six pistols. The long guns were in soft cases and the pistols were in the hard shell cases they came in, and they just fit in with a little effort. I would suggest having your pistols in the smallest cases you have, or doubling up two pistols in a case if you can. Also the lockers are rented by the month only, but it was still worth it even though I was only going to be out of town for two weeks.
  23. I used Dr Mark J McBride about twenty years ago for elbow surgery and he was excellent. He explained everything beforehand, from the amount of time it would take to be 100% even the amount of pain I would be in after. Google him and read the reviews.
  24. Up to 159 cosponsors now and finally a representative from New Jersey climbed on board. Rep. Thomas MacArthur R-3 signed on yesterday. Eleven other representatives, four of which are republicans need to join him. I have written my representative ( a republican ) three times and have yet to get a response. Maybe someone with a set will run against him in the next primary election.
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