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  1. STOP worrying, just answer NO! You are reading too much into the question and therefore falling into their unconstitutional trap!
  2. Ryan, I used to belong to and support the S.A.F. I like what they do but not so much how they do it. The called my house and inundated me with junk snail mail and emails to the point where I had to end it. Besides the NRA, I have decided to focus on more NJ groups like Rosey's CNJFO.
  3. Given the obvious slant the reporter had going into this story. I would say that OUR SIDE, Rosey, Bach and Nappen hit a home run on this one! The common sense and logic they presented almost swayed the author to our side. All in all, a fair article!
  4. A P.A. is acting for the physician so that does not matter in my opinion, you were seen by a doctor. I would also not call insomnia or mild anxiety necessarily a psychological or psychiatric condition. I would answer NO and go on with your life. Others will chime in but I would say NOT to overthink question 26!
  5. Regardless of DC appealing or not. There is still a conflict in decisions by several US Circuit Courts. SCOTUS has to settle that I believe.
  6. Good news...........For once!
  7. I carry my Sig P938 when I go to PA or Delaware. It holds 6 rounds of 9mm in the standard mag and 7 in the extended mag which includes a pinky rest that really makes the gun feel better.
  8. I think I found your spider..........Here is a link. http://www.spiders.us/species/steatoda-grossa/ False Black Widow.
  9. That's what I googled when I decided to go get some!
  10. DAMMIT! All this damn Scrapple talk made me have to have it. I just got back from Acme and the scrapple is cooking in the pan as I type!
  11. Oh I just LOVE Scrapple egg and cheese on a roll with lots of ketchup!
  12. It is! I'm jus messin with the Taylor Ham vs. pork roll crowd!
  13. Since pork roll is Canadian bacon and you are adding regular bacon. You now have a double bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. Sounds good!
  14. Some here seem to feel that Hornady Critical Duty and defense are GTG and not considered HP ammo in Jersey. It's what I carry when I go to PA or Delaware. Others will chime in on the legality of this ammo in NJ.