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  1. Semi Auto so more like the SKS. Still, these are way different than an SKS.
  2. H.E. Keeping in mind that not all cops are as 2A minded as you are, How would YOU suggest we handle a car stop if asked do you have any guns in the vehicle? I often travel to PA or DE with my handgun properly stored in my trunk. I am not going to a range, but to a state where I am permitted to carry. If asked I probably would answer yes and say I am on my way to a range in Philly. How should I handle this?
  3. Wow! Arkansas, Kentucky, Alaska, Georgia, Arkansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, West Virginia and Wyoming. do NOT even offer non resident permits! Arizona, Utah, Florida and Virginia do, but PA does not recognize them. You speak of misinformation and us shutting our pie holes, yet your last post was full of wrong information. Texas and New Hampshire are the only non resident permits currently honored by PA that we in the PRNJ can get. For the Texas permit, you have to go there in person. Go here for your answers. USA Carry This is great NonResidentPermits.pdf
  4. I freaking can't believe this is happening! Why would anyone direct this question to Josh Shapiro of all people?
  5. Luckily, a secretary most likely answered the question! Holy crap, this stuff should be common sense!
  6. We, as I am sure you do sir, thank our lucky stars for the freedoms we have , however few that we have left in this Godforsaken state! We sometimes become alarmed when there is talk of contacting agencies for clarification who have the ability to say "he's right, let's close that loophole right now"! I am sure you can understand that. PM me if you don't know how this applies to the NH CCW.......I will explain!
  7. I thought I was clear in my post above about why we don't contact certain people and ask certain questions. Example: Target has a $2,000.00 laptop on clearance for $1.00. A store shows 1 in stock, you call the store and ask the clerk to make sure the price is good and they have it.........You just lost it since you brought the mistake to their attention! Same effing thing here......... You have something good, then you bring it to the attention of someone who has the ability to take it away you just lost it! Eventually. you learn to keep your mouth shut!
  8. NO NO NO! The PA AG is a very busy man with his anti gun agenda.! PLEASE do not turn his attention this way! It would be very bad for us! Call Scott Bach at NJRPC, (Gun For Hire). He did a radio show on this subject. I carry in PA often with my NH non res CCW. You are fine.
  9. I predict they will take the case and rule on it! It may be bounced a few more times before they take it on however!
  10. This is SUPPOSED to be a pro 2A forum, yet we completely trash, 2nd guess and piss off every 2A organization that attempts to reach out to us! Especially NJ2AS and ANJRPC. Considering how few pro 2A organizations we have, perhaps we should throw our support behind them and put our money where our mouths are! Regardless of whether we all agree of their tactics, they are on OUR side! I support NJ2AS and am now putting my money where my mouth is and joining Rosie's group. The CNJFO! We have very few friends in the PRNJ. We need to support them!
  11. They do come here..........Then we chase them away!
  12. My town is like yours. Two weeks for permits. Our CPD is very pro 2A and I had a long talk with the Lieutenant and I asked how the rank and file cops feel about our 2A rights. He said They are pro 2A and "they better be if they want to work here"! Gotta love it!
  13. I am hoping SCOTUS puts Federal restrictions on the books that define 2A to the point where states like the PRNJ can't just willy nilly redefine our gun rights to suit their needs.
  14. Anyone who knows anything about ARs knows you don't buy the other 20% of an 80% lower. You remove the other 20% to make it a 100% lower. This guy is a troll!