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  1. Weil McClain isn't what it used to be - I have one, I know. I'm recommending Lochinvar these days.
  2. This information, as I understand it, is also confirming the locations of all the gun crimes in NJ, almost all of which occur in declining urban areas run by Democrats.
  3. If you're going to answer "yes" to question 26, which you should do if it's true, you should also concurrently submit a letter from the doctor who treated you saying that you're fine now. If not available, see another one in the same profession who can review the file and do this. It's common, even for police officers, to have had such treatment and in their case (I'm told by a psychiatrist friend) it's handled the same way. SD
  4. I love Tire Rack. I usually buy my Michelin Pilot Sports from them. Have bought winter tires/wheels combinations in the past.
  5. Law says they can't be loaded (hunting excluded).
  6. Here's to New Jersey one day having it's ass handed to it like that and having a big damn party!
  7. M249 SAW is really cool to shoot. Have done it indoors at 25 yards (frangible ammo).
  8. Here's some really great related news (on Duncan vs. Becerra - CA magazine 10-round ban): https://www.nraila.org/articles/20180717/federal-court-upholds-decision-to-block-california-s-magazine-ban Here is the ruling: http://michellawyers.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Duncan-2018-07-17-Memorandum-Affirming.pdf
  9. Warrants must be specific. That's why police may not necessarily have one. They must describe what is being searched for and where they are looking. Lots of case law on this. Example: Warrant states they're looking for a person. They cannot look in drawers that a person would not fit into, or the evidence found will be disallowed in most cases.
  10. I have been a CERT member for around 4 years. Basically, FEMA makes Fed funds available to counties and they've done quite a bit of CERT training in NJ. I've participated in all of that training. The goal is to have better emergency training at the local level. Clearly some of the training is 'wasted' on individuals who move away, aren't committed and so on. I'm a ham but they weren't really interested in that. Training has generally been good, very little practical application and I guess that's a good thing. OTOH, you never know ...
  11. Remembering, of course, that they DO have our prints
  12. Two of us (wife and I) on Sunday - 450 rounds of .22 and 200 rounds of .40 - 650 total. She's a crack shot with the .22 (Ruger Mark III Hunter).
  13. I'm hearing from a recent applicant that our town has added a character reference requirement to the employment verification form. Large employer HR department refusing (rightly) to comment on character (can you imagine, say, for a new hire)? PD refuses to show applicant a copy of the form (suspicious). OPRA request? No response from NJ2AS or ANJRPC on how to address this. SD