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Who sells good inexpensive gun leather?

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1 hour ago, 10X said:

Surely you don’t put those gorgeous revolvers in kydex holsters.  That’s just wrong 

Some of them I do - and there is no more finish wear (maybe less) than in a leather holster. Kydex for competition - which means those guns see hundreds of draw & reholster cycles, with negligible wear. 

I recently had a holster made that is the best of both worlds - leather lined Kydex. Tried this once with an AA holster and it sucked - leather in that one was suede and it hung onto the gun. Major tug to dislodge. Recently got a Garrett Industries holster with a smooth leather lining. Easy draw and positive reholstering. Not cheap, but good things seldom are.



Pizza Bob

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1 hour ago, pasu0115 said:

Desantis makes excellent reasonably priced leather holsters.

I have DeSantis holsters I've been using since the 80s. They are still reasonably priced.  My favorite is the Speed Scabbard without the thumb break. A good leather holster will last your lifetime with minimal care.

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On 10/28/2019 at 8:16 AM, W2MC said:

Looking for good, serviceable gun leather that doesn't cost a mint.



Check out the Dillon catalog.  That's where I got my very comfortable Mitch Rosen Kant-Forward OWB holster I wore all weekend when we worked together at the Rod of Iron Freedom Festival.  That Officer's .45 ACP just molded right to my strong side :) 


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    • Yeah, that's great. But let's face it Bob... you're never going to sell them for a profit! Nice to see a man truly happy with his hobby.
    • I've never had a cancelation, but a lot of  10+ day waits for something to ship. In fact the only things I have ever gotten from them in a timely manner were rcbs items back when they would have sick discounts on their stuff. 
    • Thanks to OGAM I sometimes get a little backed-up at my dealer. I have two guns in OGAM limbo right now so it will probably be early October before I'll be able to get my latest. However, I do have two more in my sights, so to speak, and if they come to fruition, I'll just file for a Multiple Purchase Exemption and bring all four home at once. I bought this at auction and whoever did the catalog goofed big-time. This is a S&W Model 29-3 from 1985. It is an Elmer Keith Commemorative - if you are under 50 you may be saying, "Who the heck is Elmer Keith?" Elmer is the father of the .44 Magnum and he was honored with this special issue one year after his death. These guns have special serial numbers starting with his initials - EMK. They made a run of 2500 guns - EMK0001 through EMK2500. Guns 0101 to 2500 had smooth Goncalo Alves Magna style grips. They were embellished in gold leaf with his picture on the side plate, titles of his books and the town where he lived on the cylinder, between the flutes, and some scroll work around the roll marks on the barrel. Guns 0001 through 0100 were special. They still had essentially the same embellishments in gold leaf, only much more elaborate and they were equipped with pre-ban elephant ivory grips. The auction house had three Keith commemoratives in the auction - two of the wooden gripped guns and one of the first hundred specials. The auction estimates for all three were the same. The special one was sandwiched between the two regular issue guns and when the first one hit the block, it went for a fair price of $100 over the high estimate. That kind of dashed my hopes. The special came up. I didn't have to bid as I'd submitted an absentee bid. When the hammer fell it went for a $100 LESS than the regular one that preceded it - which meant that I had won it. The Standard Catalog of S&W (4th Edition) which is the bible for S&W collectors, states that the first 100 guns are worth two to three times as much as the regular ones. WooooHooo. Without further ado, One of One Hundred Adios, Pizza Bob
    • WTB/WTT for a Troy "Other" 9mm 10.5" model.  Thanks
    • Applied 7/5 - approved by state 8/5 - picked up @ Old Bridge PD 8/11. 
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