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    Your Parole Officer know your on here......?????
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    Don’t be afraid to make it better. I usually spend an hour cleaning up stafford. Leave it better then you found it
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    This is last memorial day weekend , two pork shoulders, a turkey, beef ribs, pork ribs.
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    3-2-1 method? Built my own 55 gallon drum smoker. Bought a Rec-Tec Bull Pellet smoker last may- its so good I gave the drum to a buddy. I don't do ribs very often, my wife is not a fan and if I am smoking I am filling it all the way up Mostly pork shoulder/Butt, Brisket, and Jerky. Plenty of experimenting though. That's either a trick answer or you don't have a smoker, I will confess that I only do baby backs ribs in the oven, but that is because I only make giant mc-rib style sandwich and its much harder to do that outside.
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    He wants to stop school shootings cause lets face it, he does have a vested interest in the health and welfare of school girls.
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    Just wait till you try my bbq sauce.
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    Yeah. Just have to stay 500yds away from that school.
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    There are no trash cans there now. So you bring it in...you take it back out with you. I think I have a brass catcher around here someplace.
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    From the short description of the circumstances on the above complaint, the wrong statute was used by the patrolman and was never corrected by his supervisor. It probably should have been the imitation firearm statute.
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    They have paid crews that help clean up the facilities... but cleaning up after yourself (and after those who choose to leave trash everywhere) should be encouraged...
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    Hey Bud, I think I can help! If you can be satisfied just shooting pistol, rifle & scattergun leagues, for just $20 per "ride" (per league visit) you can shoot at Old Bridge w/o paying ANY dues & be under ZERO obligation for work hours...I'm a discipline chair (ride operator, lol). If you want to come & go as you please on your own schedule, including at ZERO DARK THIRTY for indoor hand gun calibers, then joining a private club (Old Bridge or Central Jersey) is whatcha wanna do. CJ has a $600 initiation fee and Old Bridge is just half that ($300). Commercial ranges at Lakewood (Garden State Shooting Center) & Brick (Sure Shot) allow walk-ins, but then you may need someone to buddy with you (since you're male) depending on range rules since suicides have happened at commercial ranges. So check policies PRIOR to just showing-up without a NJFPID card! I'm at your service, so if you wanna chat to bounce questions & ideas off me, just shoot me a PM so we can exchange phone numbers. Rosey
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    I believe air soft is legal because it is not designed to injure. There was a court case in NJ when paint ball guns first came out in the 80's. NJ originally defined them as firearms, someone sued the state claiming they are not designed to injure and won. Thereafter they were no longer defined as firearms and could be bought and sold without regulation.
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    I think i could manage something a little more sophisticated, besides,For like 150 bucks i wont have to worry about burning something down lol
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    I had never seen it in person before, and watching it go down wet is impressive to see the amount of color in the paint. It reminds me of a super metallic gun metal. Another color that I used on a previous build was Mutli Regional Earth, and it too had a heavy metallic under tone, but they both dried very flat... I was worried at first, Im not into the "bling" of paints but rather ones that have a natural feel.. I also go on the light side of the hardener 20:1 which puts me between a satin and matt finish. I will have to invest in an oven now, I saw electric smokers worked well that went up to 300f. The wife just shut down my operation from stinking up the house.
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    Agree. Buy a p320 and Come to the shotgun shoot outs. Afterwards, a 15 minute ride to TTC and you can shoot your new Sig.
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    You are so wrong but, welcome, anyway.
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    @Zeke Well some say plants have feelin's so I eat both to piss off everybody! Tell ya what...if you can't shoot your hog, I'll "murder" it for ya; all you gots ta do is PAY for the hog, butcherin' & some raffle tixx. Last Sunday I raffled-off a certificate for an AR lower worth $120! You want IN? Or maybe a friend of yours? Cause @Ray Ray ain't sharin'
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    Looks better then @Displaced Texan gruel
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    Take it to a few ranges with a huge for-sale sign on it.
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    There was no autorotation. Low level scud running into rising terrain. Most likely inadvertent IMC (instrument meteorological conditions), loss of control or CFIT (controlled flight into terrain). Although the pilot had his instrument rating, I’ve read he never flew into a cloud. As other instrument pilots here know, flying instruments is a very, very perishable skill. Even with experience, regular currency is required. Compare to airplanes, it’s hard to get actual instrument time in a helicopter. I have 2000 hours in S76B, C+ & C++ helicopters and they are a good IFR helicopter, but many helicopter pilots who don’t fly in the clouds, will generally do everything they can to stay out of them. This isn’t the first crash for these reasons and unfortunately won’t be the last. The fact that they were a only approved for VFR operations should’ve had no bearing on declaring an emergency and climbing above the fog and low cloud layer. Better to deal with the consequences of that then ending up dead and killing 8 other people.
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    Dear Vegans, I killed this hog because it was eating your food. Your welcome.
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    @Zeke, @carl_g, @124gr9mm, @Lakota , @Bully & @Rob0115: Ok guys, I finally received all of the parts for and have completed the assembly of my "Frankenstein Glock". As I indicated in an earlier post in this thread, I had decided to take my very first handgun, a factory stock Glock 17, Gen4, 9mm and perform a number of modifications. I substituted a number of major and minor OEM Glock parts for upgraded after-market parts, as well as added a couple of major accessories. The trickiest part was finding the RMR adapter plate that is the correct size and configuration to fit on the ZEV slide, since it is different from the Glock RMR milled indentation. This exercise was primarily to see if all of these modifications and additions actually improves the feel, usefulness and most importantly, the accuracy of this handgun, as well as secondarily the shooting experience on the range and possibly even the so-called aesthetics of this handgun. I plan to put several hundred rounds through it over the next several weeks to zero in the red dot sight in correlation to the elevated Trijicon Suppressor Night Sights, as well as to see if anything else needs tweaking. Again, here is a list of the parts and accessories that I substituted or added: ZEV Technologies Z17 Citadel Stripped Slide w/RMR Plate, Black ZEV PKUPPER9 9mm Stainless Steel Parts Kit for ZEV Slide Aimpoint ACRO P-1 Red Dot Sight Trijicon RMR to Aimpoint Acro Red Dot Sight Mount Adapter Plate Trijicon Suppressor Night Sight Set - White Front/Black Rear SureFire X300 Ultra 1000 Lumens Ultra Weapon Light in Black Wilson Combat Stainless Steel Match Barrel ZEV Technologies PRO Flat Face Glock Ultimate Trigger Kit Tungsten Guide Rod & Spring Extended Aluminum Magazine Catch Zev Technologies Titanium Extended Slide Lock Lever Stainless Steel Pin Kit (4) with Titanium Gold Finish Magpul GL Enhanced Magwell Beaver Tail Backstrap Kit Chambermax TA-1 Charging Handle Since you asked for them, I am including a number of photos of the resulting build. The AimPoint ACRO Red Dot sight is big... really big! It looks like a bread box, (yeah, I am that old....), on top of a brick (Glock). I do not think anyone would call it aesthetically attractive.... as if a Glock can ever be considered truly attractive, but what the heck. This has been an exercise in experimentation of sequential improvements in two phases, mostly functional in nature. Let me know what you think.... Thanks AVB-AMG
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    ^^^^Where no animals were harmed before parts of them were shrink-wrapped, lol

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