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    Just say......NO.... Thia is nothing.... the real sh*tshow is coming...and soon. Secession is being talked abt.... Extreme violence... Opening act of civil war 2.0.... ur going to need those guns...go retrieve them from the deep blue sea..
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    1. Force? Fuck him 2. Have to? Fuck him 3. Fuck him 4. Fuck him
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    Sounds like you two need to get a room
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    I would have been tempted to say "Shooting bullets. I wouldn't use a gun to flip burgers, would I?"
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    sooo? they're still trying to give credit to 44? there were some rumblings of it in jan. i ordered a pack of n95 masks and a full face mask with extra filters. my shop supplier thought i was nutty. middle of the summer, he recalled that, and mentioned that apparently i was slightly ahead of the game
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    Vodka? Blech.... Good whiskey or bourbon.... No commie crap..lol
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    It doesn't matter I am no longer complying with additional gun laws. I lost my guns when NJ forcefully reduced our magazine capacity to 10 rounds. I don't care what they say and do anymore and I know many Americans feel the way I do.
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    Only with a lot of friction.
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    Oh it can be tried. Like you said they did it with bump stocks. But those are far closer to actual NFA items then semi-autos are.
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    Tonsil-rectum-y with a cactus. but on the subject. The executive doesn’t have the power to create a new tax. That has to be done through legislation. So I don’t think he could do #3 and 4 unilaterally. He could try to reinterpret NFA to cover semi-auto firearms for #1 and 2 but I think that would be tough.
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    I still like this one!
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    this. times a thousand. or they go out and buy that half million dollar house that they can't really afford. or they buy that mercedes they can't really afford. i see people with a half dozen credit/debit cards in their wallets. they never have cash on them for whatever reason. most are living in perpetual debt. i don't want to hear "there's good debt and there's bad debt". debt is debt.
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    But they can easily come up with $800 for a new iPhone thingy, or a $500 Play Station while ordering dinner through Uber Eats.
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    They do they whole shebang over again, except the morphotrack part. That includes the mental health check. This is the NJ government at work. You didn't expect efficiency did you?
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    I'd respond with my true feelings, but we're not in the 1A Lounge.
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