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    Agree. SBRs and suppressors should not be NFA items
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    Wow…. Both of those guns are inherently capable of scoring 100% on a HQC - Meaning they are mechanically accurate enough to get scoring hits at 25yards. I have qualed with a JFrame and a Ruger LCP with no issues. Instead of wishing for an easier test, practice harder to be a better shot. It’s a win-win.
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    If they go over the 90 days they can go for 120 days total. In reality there’s no time limit as the state isn’t going to enforce anything.
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    Yeah if you want to see the potential hazard you'd need to see it from behind. It varies with light/gun combo and how each holster is made. They don't expose the triger visually, but effectively leave a tunnel on each side that things can get in. The gap is pretty significant with some holsters for some gun/light combos.
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    Bumping this gun, I’ll throw an extra 50 rounds of quality .40 ammo in (for a total of 100)
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    Welcome to the forum. I think you meant to post this over in https://www.njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/forum/74-competitive-amp-fun-shoot-discussion/. You do realize this is the New Jersey gun forums? Anyway, you ask a lot of great detailed questions. In my 3-gun experience, 6x or 8x is more than adequate. I don't think I've shot a match in NJ that was over 200 yards. As for pump shotgun, yes that will slow you down. I guess some chance, but I would say certainly don't expect to be near the top. You'll likely be near the bottom but probably not last. When I started out I looked at it more as competing against myself at first, looking to get better each match, versus trying to compete against the more experienced shooters. Have you shot any USPSA/IDPA type competition before? Simple advice to start is have a plan of attack for each stage, be deliberate and don't rush. Speed will come with experience.
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    You should really check out and join Brian enos forum (it's free). It's all about uspsa, 3 gun, ipsc, idpa etc. This is a forum just for new jersey and all the competition shooters left long ago. To answer a couple of questions though, scopes are a personal thing dependent on what your a fan of but more than half of the shooters at a level 2 will have the Vortex razor HD gen 2 1-6 with the JM reticle. Yes it is 2nd FP but you don't want FFP for 3 gun, FFP is slower for this type of shooting. I can go wayy into it but I'm not so just take my word for it and everyone else that makes the top sixty percent of every match. No one uses FFP. As far as your other guns they are fine to get started with. Go shoot some matches, see how stuff is working for everyone else and what you think would work best for you before you start wasting money. The most important thing for your first matches is to have fun and be safe. Be 100 percent aware of muzzle direction at all times. I've seen dozens and dozens of new guys come out for their first match and get DQed for breaking the 180, especially with the shotgun, get upset and never come back. It's part of the game, everyone gets DQed eventually if not their first match. Make sure your comfortable with your surroundings at the match. If the RO is an arrogant old asshole you can request a different RO. It's not as daunting as think, just run what you have now. People at the match will be extremely helpful and loan you anything you might need. Do you know about practiscore.com? That's where to find matches. When your at the match, network, that's how to find more matches.
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    As promised in my earlier post I am sharing my observations regarding the Pistol Storage Device sold by Pistol Mounted Solutions (pistolmountedsolutions.com). A few disclaimers/caveats up front: - IANAL, I repeat IANAL. - I am not trying to promote this product. Just sharing information for your awareness. Do your own due diligence. The "2A Edu" Youtube channel did a review of it about one year ago. That is where I first learned of it. - I purchased it out of curiosity and wanted to assess whether it could be adapted for use on our Others. - Aesthetically it is better than just living with a bare buffer tube. Plus, it does offer some practical benefits. Installation instructions and their 2016 ATF letter are available on their website. So, ASSUMING the Brace Rule withstands the many legal challenges in progress and ASSUMING removal of the brace is ultimately legally viable for NJ owners of Others; then for me this is the option I will go with at least for short to medium term. I have included three pictures: The first with a 10 round PMAG inserted. The second with the Troy 10 round long mag (which came with the firearm) inserted. The third shows how out it extends past the buffer tube by approx 1/2 inch. I have had several email exchanges with their representative. The bottomline is they are of the opinion that they have their 2016 letter from the ATF, their product is not a brace, and therefore this rule does not affect the use of their product. The last paragrah of their 2016 ATF letter: "Based on FTISB's examination of you device, FTISB finds that your device is designed to be attached to a pistol and hold an additional magazine. Providing the modifications are made as described above, the PMSD would not be designed to support an AR-15 pistol from the shoulder of a shooter during firing. Consequently, the attachment of your PMSD would not change a pistol's classification to a "SBR.'' Nevertheless, it is now 2023 and I am uncomfortable using the PSD as is given the criteria in the ATF Brace Rule having to do with extending LOP and providing rear surface area with which to shoulder the firearm. To mitigate my concern, I suppose a potential modification would be to cut 1/2 inch off the front of the PSD so that the buffer tube protrudes out the back a small amount. Note that doing so may necessitate also removing some material from the bottom front corner of the wings so they do not dig into your hand. - Installation was easy. You can see in the pics where I chose to insert the screws through the wings. - Holds the magazines securely in place. I have not yet applied Loctite nor fired the firearm with it mounted. - Given the Troy "rifle style" buffer tube has the ridge running along its bottom, I had to omit the "Part B- Buffer Spacer". OK to do so per the instructions. - Especially with the longer mag, the ability to rest/press the mag against your forearm does provide another contact point with which to steady the firearm. - And of course, it holds an extra mag. Lastly, the manufacturer's instructions state "Please don't be an idiot with our product by doing idiot things with our product". I don't think anything I stated above constitutes being an idiot.
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    Sorry, but that's not what I'm seeing... I'm seeing that, yes, Col. has a "bodily limit" above which you can be "charged" with DUI (though I'm seeing 5 nanograms btw?), but it remains controversial because THC is metabolized much, much differently than alcohol, and there doesn't seem to be much direct relationship at all between THC levels in the blood and actual impairment. To complicate things more, for frequent users, much higher levels of THC than that bodily limit can last (yes, even in the blood) for DAYS even if they haven't done the drug in that time. So, although the blood test is one more piece of info a prosecutor can use, it's not the same kind of slam-dunk that an alcohol blood test is. So, apparently, they are still relying MORE on field sobriety tests in court... and researchers continue to search for a better test that would be as accurate as the alcohol blood tests. The entire situation makes these cases VERY difficult to prosecute apparently. If I were a defense attorney and my client was charged with DUI, I'd have a FIELD DAY with this situation! If you have better info, pls send links... I have ZERO medical/legal expertise, so I'm merely relaying what I'm reading. I am always happy to learn something new!
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    SAF has filed for a TRO in Connecticut challenging the Brace Rules impact on Ct owners of AOWs and Others. See below. Am left wondering if the need a NJ specific lawsuit like this. SAF FILES FOR EMERGENCY TRO IN CHALLENGE OF CONN. GUN LAW The Second Amendment Foundation and its partners in a lawsuit challenging a Connecticut gun control law have filed an emergency motion for a temporary restraining order because a new rule published by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on firearms designation places thousands of Constitution State citizens in serious legal jeopardy. SAF is joined by the Connecticut Citizens Defense League and three private citizens, Jennifer Hamilton, Michael Stiefel and Eddie Grant, Jr. They are represented by Connecticut attorneys Doug Dubitsky of North Windham, Craig C. Fishbein of Wallingford and Cameron L. Atkinson of Harwinton. “When ATF published its new rule, redesignating a class of firearms known as ‘any other firearm’ or simply ‘others’ as either ‘rifles’ or ‘short barreled rifles’ depending on the barrel length, all of those guns suddenly fell within the state’s definition of an assault weapon,” noted SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “This immediately put thousands of owners of previously-classified ‘other’ firearms in harm’s way legally because now their possession is a felony.”
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    This is exactly the problem and it's ridiculous, as is the idea that you're "modifying" a pistol with something immaterial to its function. They should just remove SBR from the NFA. Pistols are harder to buy than rifles (eg. age, permits, etc.) so nobody's getting around anything by "turning it into a rifle." If the argument is that SBRs are concealable, well, so is a Desert Eagle.
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    Hmmm? Am I the only one in this thread with real concerns about this? Isn't the part I bolded above an ongoing problem with pot right now, even with driving? My understanding is that unlike alcohol (where there's a pathway for proving guilt by way of a blood alcohol content level that can be measured), it's not so with pot. Someone could have smoked 24 hrs earlier - or - smoked 30 min before they grabbed and used their firearm... but they'd still have THC in their bloodstream without a definitive, measurable way to show whether or not that level of THC made them impaired. (If I'm wrong, I trust someone will come on and correct me). Perhaps roadside sobriety tests (you know those "close your eyes, now touch your nose" tests) carry more weight in a court of law than I'm aware of? Because I would think a good lawyer could make mincemeat out of those roadside tests - "my client was tired after working long hours... he also had a recent inner ear infection... of course, he couldn't walk straight, your honor..." etc. (Isn't that likely why cops follow-up with a breathalyzer or blood test in the first place? To have evidence that is harder to refute in court?). It's bad enough if someone drives (or carries, etc.) when they're drunk... at least you can definitively, measurably prove that... and if nothing else, justice will be served after-the-fact. I just don't see how you can ensure the same result if someone is high. And I hate like hell the thought that some dumbasses will have some "bad shoots" while high, thereby giving our anti-2A opposition MORE ammo to use against us. I just don't see how this is a positive development... besides, I feel like our society is self-medicating at a rate that's growing alarmingly fast. I don't see any of this as a social good.
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    What years were they only shooting to 100 meters? Since the 50’s it was 5.00- 300 meters for riifle ….As a Marine we busted army guys balls for only having to shoot to 300 meters…..”expert or right below that” ??…… not sure what badge you earned? I’ll help you out for next time you spin the tale….marksman, sharpshooter, expert.
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    I spend the winters down here in Florida. Florida has NO qualification score. We do have a safe handling and a live fire. There are now over 2.6 million CWFL's issued. I've yet to see any news about a CWFL holder shooing random bystanders in helping others being attacked. The only time I see that happen is when the NYPD is involved. My wife and I live in a place in Florida that has a few older residents and new homes being built. We decided to have a party for our new neighbors to meet some of the older ones. We were happy to see how many came armed. Both men a women. I told my sister about it who's a card carrying liberal from NJ. She was shocked. Her husband's brother was chief of Police in our hometown who believed only the police should have guns. They threw a fit when I bought my nephew a BB gun when he was a kid. My wife and I had no problem with everyone being armed at our house. I really believe some gun owners in NJ suffer from the Stockholm syndrome when it comes to the 2nd amendment. Its not a privilege like driving, its a right. If you do wrong with carrying a gun you will be punished, Especially in NJ.
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    This makes no sense. If you are already struggling with being robbed and beaten, how does being shot by a good Samaritan with bad aim help you?
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    100m is very different then the "more then a few feet" you mentioned earlier. I'm not quite sure why you continue to rationalize how it's responsible to suck at shooting while carrying. If you can't hit a target at 10 to 15 yards with zero stress then you're a liability to yourself. The only thing keeping you from being able to pass this test is probably 1 class and a bit of practice. Dry fire nightly for 20 minutes, work on your grip, sight picture, trigger pull etc.
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    Plenty of people think the government shouldn't be requiring it. However, you won't find many arguing against having, and maintaining, a high level of proficiency with the weapon you'll be carrying.
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    This is a terrible attitude. Carry a gun you can actually shoot.
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    I'm not a lawyer, but you would be wise to abide by the rules of an order you were given by the court. If you don't agree with the stipulations in the order or if you feel that there is new legislation that renders the stipulation in the order moot, then you should contact the court and get THEM to provide you with an updated order (or a letter indicating the order is rescinded). You can't ignore a court order.
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    For those of you with Troy A4 Other firearms, recommend you follow the Facebook page of Techops International, the distributor of the Troy A4 Other here in NJ. A link to their Facebook page is below. I spoke with one of their representatives this afternoon regarding the implications of the ATF Brace rule. I don't think the ATF Rule has been posted into the Federal Register yet. So things are still subject to change and are in a state of flux. However, with that said, Techops and Troy themselves are in close collaboration concerning the brace rule and its various potential impacts. I came away feeling quite reassured that they will be offering us various modification options/kits that will enable us to retain our Others and remain legal. I don't want to elaborate and speak for them. Let's see what they officially communicate over the coming days and weeks. https://www.facebook.com/techopsintl
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    Obviously, it's stupid and makes no sense - was more directed to the brainiacs that come up with this nonsense, should have clarified better. Also totally aware that 99% of firearm restrictions have zero impact on criminals gun possession. There should be stiff mandatory minimums for illegal firearm possession - excluded person with a gun - 10 years, felon in possession during the commission of a crime 25 no parole one the gun charge alone. It would be a step in the right direction, except the liberal judges & and bail reform BS would just let them out anyway.
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    Patterned shirts are also better than solid color shirts.
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    These were given to me by the estate of my friend and mentor - the late, great Pat Rogers. This S&W model 38 was his BUG when he worked NYPD: Looks like the whole gun was coated in NP3. Pat and Freddie Blish were good friends so it was probably sent to Robar for some custom work as well. The trigger is amazing. This 1911 was his off duty carry for a few years: Colt frame, Unknown slide. Has a fitted Bar-Sto barrel and some custom parts. Again, based on how this thing shoots, it probably has custom work done, but I don’t know by whom.

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