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  1. I have a few of the short 10 round mags in stock
  2. Federal law allows an FFL to refuse to sell a firearm to anyone for any reason. Suing the dealer will go nowhere. That said, if this store wants to have stupid policies, that's their loss.
  3. You don't need the confirmation code for the dealer to execute the E-permit. The dealer can find it in the system using your SBI # and DOB
  4. That price would be for installing a zone or three to a sprinkler system including zone valves and new lines. If it's only for replacing four sprinkler heads it would be grossly over inflated - Rain Bird heads are $8 + - each, service call to replace them should be $200 or so.
  5. The FIU sent out emails explaining how the system will work from the dealer side with step by step instructions on how to do the E permits and E exemptions.
  6. There is a way to do non FFL transfers with E permits through FARS for qualified transactions. I didn't look into how it's done since that wouldn't involve me.
  7. The data reduction unit enters all the info into the database. I've had them call if something is missing or doesn't seem to jive with what it should be. Looks like those people will be loosing their jobs.
  8. I've shipped handguns to dealers in NY for people who were moving there. From what I've been told, they will sit at the dealer there until you have your permit approved - that could be several months. The good news is you should be able to get a carry permit if you're far enough away from NYC. Not sure how CT works with people moving in....
  9. Yeah, that was my point LOL, active duty cops are exempt from needing a carry permit. They carry on their credentials
  10. They also are saying you need a "permit" to OWN a firearm in NJ. I would like to know what they think someone who owns a firearm without "permit" would be charged with............. I would also love to see what an active duty police officer's "carry permit" looks like?
  11. The muzzlebrake (call it a flash suppressor if you like) is required to be on the rifle to launch grenades. If it was removed the remaining ring would be incapable of launching grenades and you would be left with one evil feature - a threaded barrel. So the ring in itself is not an evil feature. There is only one device on that rifle that is an evil feature. I don't bother looking a California's ever changing regulations since they are very different from what the other anti gun states regulations are - Yugo 59/66 SKS rifles are illegal in CA because of the grenade launcher.
  12. Detachable magazine is a qualifier not an "evil feature". The muzzle device is a compensator/grenade launcher, so that would be only one evil feature at best. The rifle is NJ legal in it's original configuration. I have PPU 7.5 French ammo in stock.
  13. Last I talked to him he was living in Massachusetts
  14. Same here............I've had quite a few people tell me that the PD mailed them the FPID card and PPP with instructions to sign the documents in the appropriate places and either do the fingerprint themselves or that the PD will do it when Covid settles down.
  15. By some miracle I didn't loose power at the store or my house (though I have Sussex Rural at the house). Lights were flickering really bad yesterday and I was expecting it go out at any minute. Somehow, it didn't, and I'm really glad because JCP&L would probably have taken a week to get it back on again. The light a Reservoir Rd on Rt 23 was still out tonight.
  16. These came from S&W. Apparently they where holding on to them as replacements for PD guns that were sent back to the factory that couldn't be repaired. The distributor that was selling them was told to sell them as "used", but they are unfired factory new in the case. I have one 5906 left for sale if anyone is looking for one.
  17. Classic is a bunch of "why don't you just move out of NJ" douche bags - as though it's that simple for many people. I refuse to accept transfers from them. Between their "since you live in NJ, you deserve to be screwed over" attitude and having them ship guns to me without ANY paperwork - therefore needing to Google the return address on the shipping label to figure out who sent the firearm and then spend a bunch of time getting them to tell me who the gun is for - I had enough. Everyone should avoid Classic.
  18. If a cop ran your DL it would come up a still valid, even though the physical document shows it's expired. You cannot buy a gun using an expired DL as your government issued photo ID, but the NICS checks for those whose ID is automatically extended due to to Corona are going through.
  19. I did a tour of Atlantic Canada some years ago and all the trucks up there had them. Whenever I see a truck on 287 with those bumpers it usually has New Brunswick or Nova Scotia plates.
  20. I don't know for sure but I suspect they figure that if you already own guns you are not helpless in a home defense situation, which is what is driving a lot of the sales right now.
  21. Apparently the NJSP FIU has been pushing new applications through faster than address changes and additional PPP requests
  22. When the application process was on paper, this was relatively easy to do. I was told by my town that with FARS it is not possible to change the number of permits after the application has been submitted.
  23. I have this ammo in stock. I haven't had a lot of trouble finding it. Winchester makes it as well as Remington.
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