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  1. If they get away with all mail in ballots, they will cheat again just as they last November.
  2. Not to get political here. This is just an observation of the actually party breakdown in the Senate. The reality is that the republican party, particularly in the Senate, is divided. There are really three parties. The Democrats, the Republicans and a ReDemricans. That 3rd party being comprised of Collins, Romney, Murkowski, Sasse, Toomey and a few others whose names I can recall right now. McCain was among them. With this three party system in the Senate, where each generally stays unified, the Republicans haven’t has anything more than a super slim majority when there were 40 dems and Scott Brown won his seat, giving the Republicans and a Redemricans a combined 60 seats. The problem was that 3rd party, the Redemricans usually voted with the Dems.
  3. All that is true. I think for an R to win....it is more of the D blowing it. Murphy may be hated enough... but maybe not. I do think Rs are apathetic in NJ. I also think the Rs do not go after the black vote. They wouldn’t get a majority but they can get a decent amount. They just don’t try in NJ.
  4. I’m glad we are done with Drexel. Political theater indeed. Utter nonsense is another way to describe it. Schools should be forced to explain the logic that students must be vaccinated and the staff is not required to be vaccinated.
  5. I’d say do it. You are 23. You could also get supervisory or mgr jobs in retail that pay a little more than you are making now and only have to work 40 hours. Netting pretty close to where you are at now. Just as an example of alternative. The factory job may be more attractive. Jobs where you are dealing with retail customers can have its own issues. The change you may make seems like it will not be a financial risk. And it will give you your life back. Nothing more valuable than getting your life back. Missing time with your kids is something you can never get back. Keep that in mind. Edit: saw you are 33. But I maintain the same opinion. Good luck!!
  6. I recall reading a lot of Indians do not vote and those that do, lean heavy Dem. if thats true, Mr. Singh may move that needle. Also, Murphy has endeared almost no one. That pendulum could swing right if Murphy runs again. But NJ does suck. Do you recall when it was considered a heavy Independent state?
  7. IANAHVACG.... but this is the most likely issue. If you see ice building on the evaporator coil or the low pressure (cold side) line outside, that makes it more likely to be a refrigerant issue. But there are other issues, like with valves that can also be the issue. I end up dealing directly with a lot of hvac guys where I work and picked up some basic knowledge over the years. No mini splits but the systems have a whole lot in common. If it is low refrigerant, they should also locate the leak.
  8. Heard him today on Breitbart News Saturday. Seemed pretty decent as a candidate. Says he has been and is a big Trump supporter. The others seem like RINOs. We don’t need another Chris Christie.
  9. Its much more than a theory. And it Is intimidating the court. Search... 2020 Presidential Election supreme court. There was a particular reluctance to take any case or even hear the facts.
  10. Yes. They write laws with the wording... ”The Secretary shall ......[insert unconstitutional bureaucratic action here]” Mike Lee wrote a book about. “our Lost Constitution”. Senator Lee has lost his way to some extent, but he isn’t wrong.
  11. These people are no longer our government. We didn’t leave them. They left us.
  12. They won’t redeem themselves. They are afraid of Biden and the Dems packing the court. So they will go along with whatever they have to in order to demonstrate they will bend to the will of the legislative and executive branches. Then one could ask..why follow an unconstitutional executive order?
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