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  1. Ha.. was thinking more. .. TBI.... good stuff though....
  2. I saw it at a McD’s in Lawrenceville, Georgia a couple of weeks ago but it I wasn’t totally into it at the time.
  3. I realize the benefit is long term, but at least one company taking that path. Maybe they’ll have an easier time with regs in TX. Can’t avoid the feds...but less grief from the home state may be helpful.
  4. I was hoping for more than just season 6 but I hadn’t seen anything specific talking about how many they had planned. Seems like they could do a spin off of sorts that that’s place in the time gap in the series. If the series is making money, why not do it? But thats always the issue. Or...if Bezo’s still likes it...he can do as many seasons as he likes, just because he wants to. Hell..if I were him...I’d do it. Bar change for him.
  5. A ways back in a discussion, it was mentioned by some with some experience here in the semiconductor industry that it would take too long and cost too much $$$ to build semiconductor fabrication plants in the US. This article seems to contradict that view. Was wondering what the semi industry people thought about this project by Samsung. sorry but wasn’t specifically directed at you, thought it reads as it was.
  6. I thought you semi types said building chip factories was something along the lines of pointless?
  7. Looking forward to S6 for sure... 6 episodes. Dammit.. I think 10 is too few. Still working on Book 2....
  8. Unless they manufacture “prop” guns with special chambers that can not fit a round with a bullet, I suspect they are capable of firing live rounds. But if its possible to have metal fragments lodged in the barrel, someone needs to design new prop firearms. Or do really complex CGI.
  9. I’m thinking......he is as guilty as Derek Chauvin.
  10. Its the equivalent of the...yellow copy? ..of the old style paper permit. It will be in an email literally minutes after you use the online permit.
  11. Data Centers do this with N+1 generator arrays. I don’t deal with those kinds of systems, but they are likely expensive as hell and way too big for a residential generators. As I think about it, they probably feed the generators in the very big inverters, which is where the sine wave out is controlled. 3 phase in their case. Also accepts a feed from batteries to maintain power during the generator start process. This may be a problem requiring too much stuff for a typical house. It may be easier to break out the panel to be fed by two different generators. One for lights and similar loads plus critical stuff like a fridge. Then the other larger gen/panel for well pumps, AC units, furnace blowers, etc.
  12. Indeed. Bayonet lugs can not be controlled. Extremely dangerous to the general public.
  13. Drop the TV portion of cable and all of the set top boxes. Add Hulu Live for $55/ month. But if you still want a phone line, their lowest priced triple play may be the cheapest option. Maybe as low os $65 but for high bw internet, cld be $100+. we went from $265/month for cable with a bunch of stuff we didn’t need to 75 for cable without the premium crap and 55 for Hulu. Hulu isn’t the only choice. There are also a couple of free options though I am not familiar with those services.
  14. I only watch Fox every now and then and its via Hulu. I have not seen anything like that. Maybe Optimum gets their Fox feed via Satellite and they have an issue with that feed? Tough issue to trouble shoot. A lot of points at which something could interrupt the stream.
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