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Thompson Center TCR-22 - Ruger 10/22 Copy? Video Premier 3PM, giveaway

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Letting the inner Slav continue to come out.  Second video will launch today at 3PM Eastern.  

To help grow the Slavness, have a few companies helping out with giveaways.

Subscribe if you have not done so yet, like the video and share it with your friends, hashtag #slavguns.

One person will be selected at the premier and another over the next 24 hours after launch!  A very cool AR-15 accessory and some stuff from previous Shot Shows.


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5 hours ago, Scorpio64 said:

Love the track suit. 

Was quite tough to find a classic Addidas... especially in that color. 

At first I felt really wrong and dirty wearing it and wife would not talk to me.... but it is comfortable. Lol

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Nice vid!  So a Hogue overmolded stock or an Archangel QBD stock would work?!  I'm sold on the trigger and sights.  Based on what you said the Archangel QBD would/could make it a take down and could also use a bull barrel, but that might be awkward with such a small and light stock and a heavy barrel.  I'd stick with the tapered, short carbine one.   I am sure that the Thompson will come out in some other colors besides OD and be quite popular with its stock features.   Thompson should offer a twofer discount and these would make nice gifts.   I will have to check out that video you mentioned that compares the two as the Thompson's  ability to tap into the 10/22 aftermarket products will make it quite versatile.  I wonder when the Mini 14 and Mini 30 patents are up.

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3 hours ago, Underdog said:

Nice vid!  So a Hogue overmolded stock or an Archangel QBD stock would work.  I'm sold on the trigger and sights.  Based on what you said the Archangel QBD would/could make it a takedown stock and could also use a bull barrel but that might be awkward with such a small and light stock.  I am sure it will come out in some other colors.   These would be perfect for  Christmas.  Thompson should offer a twofer discount    I wonder when the Mini 14 and 30's patents are up.

Whoa... did not know about the ARchangel QDB.... going to reach out...

So TC did announce a few other TCR22s at NRA... They have the Blued with FDE w/ Black Grit finish and also a very nice hardwood stock one.  Brings up the weight to 5.1 lbs from 4.4

There is also the performance center version... 



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I wanted a take-down Ruger but didn't want to spend the cash on one.   I was pleased when I saw Promag's new stock.  I have a QBD stock that I picked up for $105 at CenterFireGuns (https://www.centerfireguns.com/promag-arch-qd-breakdown-stock-10-22-blk-aaqbd.html) and it isn't perfect, but I like it for what it is; it is well-made and works well.  To have a take-down for a Benjamin I couldn't be happier.   I have seen it at a lot of prices from $130 up to about $190.   I don't think I would pay more than say $130 for it...  It is on the smallish side, but hey, that's what a take-down stock is for.  If I lived in free America it would easily fit in a backpack when venturing out and it seems to have a smaller footprint than a 10/22 Take-down with a carbine 10/22 barrel.   A mounted scope holds its zero when broken down and put together.   Those two little bolts that hold the barrel on can be a pain to take off the stock Ruger. 

I will be interested in seeing if and what the second generation QBD stock will be like.    Many online vendors don't want to ship it to NJ, as they consider it a "folding" stock.   I would have thought that it would have been more popular by now, and, it is perfect for "recycling" an old 10/22.    It is suppose to function equally with the bull barrel or tapered carbine, but I think the shorter carbine barrel is more suited to its little footprint and purpose.   A take-down 22, whether this or a Papoose, should be standard in anyone's battery of arms.  Maybe the new AR7s by Henry are OK, but the older Charter Arms ones aren't too good.  Lastly, there are millions of regular 10/22s and maybe not as many take-down ones, and I am not sure if all the parts are similar and the standard 10/22 would get my vote with MORE parts availability. 

Thompson should connect with ARchangel on this.   And if they do well, maybe they can send me a copy of their joint product to test. :)

The Hardwood Stock version on the TCR22 might be nice and I would be interested.  If  i was in the market for a  Ruger 10/22, I would definitely opt for the TCR22, as you certainly could not get those upgrades on a standard Ruger at that price point! 

The QBD might not be as comfortable as the standard Thompson stock, but would work nicely for specific applications. 

Many people don't like the rotary Ruger magazines, but I love the fact that they are flush.  I love the fact that the TCR22 also uses them ad that you also haven the bolt-open option with their magazines and that there is a place to ad a bipod.  

They need to stop coming out with new guns and/or I need to find a better way of replacing older ones.  :)


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